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Swindling the family fortune

Hi hun, welcome home after long hard day and night in the office while busting your ass to pay our bills… Like how Im dressed, baby? Sit down, we need to talk… and I want to talk about your mom & dads big fat family fortunes! 🙂
You’re going to help me rob mom and dad blind… now, dont even think of trying to stop me from getting my greedy hands on the family fortune or Ill tell your mom and dad what a disappointment you’ve become – Ill tell them I fuck your ass with big black dildos, you wear my panties at night and your a deranged pervert… do you want me to break their heart and make your mom feel like she failed raising you?
hahahah US have a family? you and I? hahaha no and Im not going to cook you supper and clean our house either… all Im going to do is keep on using you and if you thought I really loved you, well, then aren’t you stupid!
watch me laugh and arrogantly boast how you are going to help me drain your family money until its all gone!
8 mins / $25 /

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