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Surrendering with poppers

Monday, August 26th, 2019

Try not to pay attention to the double layers as they mind fuck you, just focus on the inhale bottle.. when it comes to you or you are prompted to sniff, do so!

5 minutes long / $15 /

Enchanted Larger Penis

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

She has a very enchanting voice, you follow her and realize you’re gazing upon a mystical Female with great powers – she can even grant unworthy, lowly you wishes.
You have nothing to offer her in trade of your wish for a larger penis… not to worry you do have something she could amuse herself with after-all – your soul! How bad do you want your little problem to be fixed?
This is a femdom fantasy story told by an amazing storyteller with the most diabolical Feminine voice. This intoxicating voice is a new addition to Mindy Land and she can really spin an audio web that you will get lost in. Buy now and trade your soul for a bigger penis. *Fantasy Curse Audio*

10 minute high quality mp3 | $14.99|

Magic feminization wand 4 sissies

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

This clip turns all sissies into full real actual Females… yes this clip will give you your very own tits, pussy and blow jobs lips!

I’m your fairy God Mother, and I have my magic feminization wand with me today… the more I shoot its girly vibes at you, the more, and more girly you become. I also brought you a maigical pair of bra and panties… the more I tap them with my magic wand, they put feminization charm inside and when you wear them, they make your tits and vagina start to grow. The magical panties makes your cock shrink until it disappears all together and then your vagina comes in… as soon as you put the bra on, your tits start to grow too…

Watch this clip as much as possible because each enchanted frame of this clip turns you into a real actual Girl! *lots of effects to make you feel girly*

9 minutes long / $17.99 /

Blackmagic 1 year sex curse

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Using My real voodoo doll, and your weak brain craving some magical trouble, I RUIN your sex life for the next year by cursing you with erectile dysfunction – Now you’ll never get a gf or make your wife happy haha
Its interactive too because I make you have a sacrificial orgasm to cement the blackmagic… a 30 second cum countdown is given and when you cum you feel tingles, vibrations, weakness and other effects of the magic.
You can’t resist Me, you’re wayyy too weak, you’ve watched too many mind fuck clips and you’re such a beta that My magic works extra easy on you… Im like a magical creature who has super powers… I cast wicked spells of terror on the personal, sex and financial lives of men just like you..
Watch now and sacrifice your sex for the next year!

15 MINUTES LONG / $25 /

Poppers brainwashing joi

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Hardcore Sexy brainwashing & majour popper sniffing with JOI and a cum countdown… as if you can resist this clip – not a chance! There are hundreds of flashing text triggers, commands and reprogramming words that flash on the screen… non stop. Some you can read and others are only for your subconscious mind.

The brainwashing commands I speak and the words that flash tell you to stroke, and sniff, and to stroke more, sniff more, and seduce or trap you into weakness. You cannot resist My beauty, My voice, My words and every stroke takes you deeper… sniff more poppers… more… sniff deeper, hold the inhales, slip away… deeper and deeper.

Good now more poppers… while words dance and flash before your eyes dragging you into an eternal descent into your hottest jerk off popper sniffing mind fuck fantasy… you will be mind fucked and brainwashed… when this clip is done and after you sniff all thee poppers – your mind will be totally rewired and you will be left buzzed, and mind fucked!

The most intense poppers and brainwashing clip you will ever see… *I think this may be My favourite poppers clip of them all*

8 minutes long / $19.99 / 


Controlled by Mindys cleavage

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Seducing you right into Mindy Land as a stroking spender who could never resist her, no matter how hard he tried… My bouncy big Princess breasts which are barely restrained behind a too small shiny red bodysuit, are being bounced in your face while My sweet smile makes you feel at ease… I’m a greedy girl who knows how to bat her eye lashes and manipulate men with her Feminine charm.

I have you stroke and sneak in some mind play and brainwashing while playing some slow light brainwaves which is super powerful while being used with a cum countdown.

My tits are going to own all tit addicts who watch this clip so enjoy and beware!

8 minutes long / $14.99 /

Spiked drink brainwashing JOI

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

I make this toxic drink just for you but, you probably shouldn’t drink it because it could be a huge mistake… Its been spiked with MULTIPLE intoxicants and I don’t think you will be in control of your body OR mind after a few sips of this. Who knows what i’ll do to you once you’re woozy and falling in and out of sleep… I might brainwash you, you could wake up with a whole new brain… it could be dangerous… but, something tells Me that you do want a sip anyway… I mean how could you resist?!

Drink my spiked drink and become drugged which renders your subconscious mind ALL MINE!

You can’t resist this mind fuck, the mind control is so erotic and causes you to lose all power to a Hot and Deviant princess… you love it and you are ready to go deeper now! The cum countdown makes you feel mentally fucked!

 *use sniffers, alcohol or whatever you like while watching this clip for extra effect!*

7 minutes long / $17.99 /

Must Obey Princess Mindys Tits

Monday, June 18th, 2018

you will be stroking and chanting “Must Obey Princess Mindys Tits” while I both claim your brain as my own and reprogram you to be My tit zombie at the same time..
Look at all this gold and silver I’m rubbing all over My tits… it WAS slaves gold but now its mine because, I make sooo much money fucking men over with My tits.
My vocals brainwash you and quickly suck you into Mindy Land… My bouncy natural tits makes you so fucking weak, you’re my little dweeb and you cannot resist these tits!
I jiggle and bounce my tits around while holding up almost $1k in precious metal on My Princess breasts.
Must Obey Princess Mindys tits, Must Obey Princess Mindys tits, Must Obey Princess Mindys tits, Must Obey Princess Mindys tits…

5 minutes long / $12.99 /

man torturing sorcery

Monday, June 18th, 2018

A modern day Siren who wields ancient tools of sorcery and practices old rituals, against you…

She’s dangerous, a seething devil spawn and she loves to sink her teeth into men…. A high level practicing Wizardess of the dark arts and with just ONE LOOK she can put any man into a trance.

Her dagger pierces so deep that it cuts into the reality of your real life.

3 minutes / $7.99 / 


Mental Health 4 submissive Addicts

Friday, June 1st, 2018

hello, subbies… this MP3 is a perspective or way of seeing things that will both bring you a lot of mental relief as well a unconventional technique for recovery. But you may not even want recovery the way you thought you wanted after hearing this.  This MP3 could save your life, it could save you from a heart attack or even from wasting the rest of your life.

I have very unconventional yet right on the cutting edge of healing information which shows you why none of your therapy has ever worked and also shows you how you can escape the crazy matrix and find your way into the real world… I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the information in my mind as well find that your mental health and happiness is not in your control, its in MINE. Only I can offer you this interesting perspective. You could and will spend thousands and thousands on a shrinks couch trying to discover what you hear in 16 minutes from Me in this MP3

16 minute MP3 / $99.99 /

Black magic and booze

Friday, May 25th, 2018

9 deviant black magic ritual steps which include A LOT of drinking and mind altering stroking are given in this assignment which will open up doors and black magic portals. Portals which fill your life with exciting and very real effects which leave you a complete and total entranced jerk off junkie.

After you complete this spell, you will be hexed a forever stroke addict who cannot resist any urge to slither like a bug on the ground beneath me and wank your laughable slave penis. This will be more than usual… now you are addicted and spiritually tied to jerk off loser land… you cannot stop. you’re hexed for ever… jerking your whole life away and loving it!

$25 / 3 page PDF text file / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Enchanted Blackmail Zone Out

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

14 minutes of brainwashing, mind fucking, and enchanted blackmail manipulation that will cause you to ZONE OUT which leaves your subconscious mind all mine!

You crave blackmail but after this mp3 you will not be able to resist it… This leads your mind to addictive places and distracts your logic center with stroking and edging to help keep you extra dumb. Once your mind is open I assert My magic over you by making you realize how easily you’re swayed by My magic… its so easy to implant blackmail desires into your mind.

After haring this mp3, you won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting send on a blackmail application… you’ll be stroking and jumping into blackmail so fast you won’t even realize how you’ve been brainwashed and hypnotized into it all yet jump so easily.. *you need a candle and dark room to listen*

14 minute mp3 / $20 /

High Quality – Professionally Produced – Quiet Mood Setting Custom Music

blackmail, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, magic mistress goddess

Power exchange full moon clip

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Imagine if EACH full moon you became more and more impotent, premature ejaculating, a wilted beta whos energy is DRAINED from with each full moon.. All the while *My* Power grows and grows, My beauty gets more and more beautiful, I get wealthier and wealthier, My empire expands to impressive measures… I become a powerhouse bombshell!!

Every single full moon YOU are taken from and your personal power and manhood are used as sacrifice to My perfection… You’re nothing more than a living source of fuel for My Personal satisfaction and power hahaha You’ll be stroking and using your pea brain to offer up any hope YOU ever had at being more than a beta and giving it away to Mindy land so that *I* can keep on growing and advancing.

Stroke to My magic words and give up your first offering in cum and sexual energy with a spell casting CUM COUNTDOWN you cannot resist… I pierce your cum energy with my magical dagger which locks you into the Power Exchange Moon Spell for the rest of your life!

Participate with 100s of other slaves every full moon – THIS IS REAL and I am very pleased with this ritual which will give you so much purpose and meaning to your life like never before… wait until you see how good it feels to be used like this and how amazing it feels to help grow My power at your cost!

10 minutes / $19.99 /


Too easy to mind fuck

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Hello PREprogrammed robot boy… Im happy to see you here all dumb and weak, ready for your FINAL mind fuck command… the one that will control you for the rest of your life.

You have watched wayyyy too many mind fuck clip and now an expert Goddess like Myself really doesnt have to do a whole lot to make you DROP like a sack of potatoes and become totally dependent on Me.

My long curvy tanned legs, sweet juicy fat biracial pu$$y lips poking out of my red lace panties which commands your focus… DUHH like a drooling dumb dumb you fade out and thats when My magical words come along and grab you by your balls hahah mmm do you like My pretty face, long legs, teasing, big tits? Good stare, focus, faze out because then I sprinkle My magical fairy dust all over your mind…

Edited for extra mind fuck and enjoyment. Like all my recent/newest mind fuck clips this is beautifully edited and adds extra power with calculated drops, samples and cuts, FINGER SNAP AND JOI

8 minutes long / $17.99 /

brainless addict for finger snaps mp3

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

It’s too late for you because all I have to do is snap My pretty powerful fingers one time and you crumble… just… like… that *snap*

I snap My fingers, make you fall, pull you down even further. you love it and cannot resist My special power which brainwashes and manipulates all your weak points. Just when Im done fucking with your mind I then leave triggers and commands for you so that not only do I screw with your fragile pea brain but also reprogram you for My further exploitation.

This is a professionally produced mind fuck mp3 with thought and HQ easy to slip away with effects. Brainwaves are used twice to pry your subliminal mind way open

8 minutes / $17.99 /