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Black-magic Control

20 June, 2013

Black-magic Control – Casting a spell of love & money

A mystical mind fuck, a REAL curse which I cast upon you… making you smell potions while my dialogue of trickery and wicked words ENCHANT and bewitch your life…Threatening you by the powers that be to hex and punish you in torturous ways if you try to resist my spell…
watch your cock stand up while your heart begins to race with excitement and fear as you physically feel my magic working on you…Be over taken by my oujia board, magic potions, candles and my sinister voice and dialogue.
I cast a spell on you for you to fall in love and be over taken by love and obsession for me while needing to give me what ever I want… and threaten you with your voodoo doll with bad curses and misfortune if you even try to resist!

8 minutes long / HD / 1280×720


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Ritualistic Compulsions

17 December, 2012

Ritualistic Compulsion Training
This “assignment is more of a cult like training program with a fetish femdom spin that causes you to Lose Your Sanity & become a perv-bot slave

Think of this as Cult Mindy, or a serious deep level mental dis-configuration assault. You will be treated as a lab rat, have your mind corrupted and disassembled. People spend thousands of dollars and years to battle against the kind of fucked up and perverse mental disposition Im about to program into you!!!

Fuck society anyway – it never accepted you… join cult Mindy now and become a ritualistic addicted pervert who is unable to resist his compulsions. All your compulsions will be tailored to serving and entertaining me… your rituals will be cock hardening and humiliating acts of idiocy and profits for me.

Think you have issues now? Just wait until you see what I do to you in this… My little lab rat, you will mystify your next shrink – all in the sake of my beauty, entertainment and profits!

The fact of the matter is you’re seriously in need of a life make-over and learning how to be an OCD type of addict with compulsions and rituals that all revolve around worship Me and paying me… because that would make you part of something awesome… it would make you one of my owned and addicted slaves. Another slave Iv owned and brainwashed for my own sexy fun! You wildest hot dreams!

Do this NOW & learn how to be a compulsive addict with hot humiliating perv rituals which will change you on a cellular level,  rewire your pleasure sensors and make you total drone!

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