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Owned by My shiny body

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

My big shiny bouncy breasts, bubble butt and curvy tall body are here to fuck your mind over in this super sexy Shiny Bodysuit!!

Im so fucking mean to you as I tease and flaunt my hot shiny body… fucking with your head and asserting my control over your pathetic life… hahaha I laugh at how pathetic and weak you are!

I stick my shiny ass in your face, jiggle & shake my big boobs in your face and act like a huge brat while I laugh & humiliate you…

My shiny body owns your ass!

9 minutes long / $9.99 /

Try Not To Cum, wimp!

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Tease & Denial Custom: “was thinking of like a teasing joi file like ridiculously heavy teasing where you dare me to try and last the whole time. The whole time you could have like your voice in the background telling me to cum or asking why i dont squirt when i know you want me to. I have an ass fetish too so you could do things like “you don’t have an ass fetish do you? Oh well try to focus on not cumming instead of this sweet ass in your face – Another thing you could do is like “if you cum before I say you have to send me a tribute” but i mean it doesnt matter too much haha “

3 1/2 minutes / $5.50 /

Homewrecking Games Pt1

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Part one of Homewrecking Games is going to RUIN your sex life with her… youre not going to even have the sex drive to give her a pity fuck or anything!

You’re going to be so busy jacking off to my homewrecking details everyday that when it comes time to be romantic with her… you simply wont be able to.

Buy this now and get wanking to my specific JOI instructions and put a nice huge wedge in between your relationship all for Me! 😉

$8 / Blog Post with captioned photos / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Its time to do more to put Me first and prove you’re a good slave who will do anything to obey his Princess. I have several tasks I want you to do for me that will put you on the fast track to Real homerecking.

Im so much hotter, fun and exciting than your wife/gf is. I deserve to have a huge army of men groveling at my feet waiting for my orders. As soon as you break up with her, your life as a slave is going to be soooo much better.

Rather just homewreck you fast and quick, Id rather draw this out and treat you like my personal ball of yarn. Im the kitten and Im going to bat you around and totally unravel you. Meaning, Im going to use HomeWrecking Games to have lots of deviant bratty fun homewrecking you slowly over time. This will be more fun, you know… watching your house of cards fall and making you not care at all. All the while using you and getting richer off you and your wife AND breaking you up at the same time.. Hot!