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Pisces Princess

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

This is My portion of a joint clip made with Princess Lyne & Miss Lexi Luxe. We have decided to team up and take advantage of you losers during OUR birthday month! All three of us are so bratty and hot, and we know exactly how to treat a weak loser like you. Each of us will be selling our portion separately, and then the full clip with all 3 Goddesses, will be released on March 2 in each of our stores. Ready to be passed around like the whore you’ve always dreamed about for three PERFECT PISCES PRINCESSES? Ooh, you better be ready, it’s going to be one wild ride, bitch!

5 minutes / $9.99 /

The Magical Amplifier

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

My magical amplifier makes me more and more beautiful, powerful and irresistible every time I use it…
WATCH me before your beady eyes become more and more powerful with each flash of my red & ultraviolet high frequency lights… you can actually see me grow more beautiful and powerful right before your eyes

It amplifies ANYTHING its turned on… so, if youre sexy, it makes you sexier BUT if youre weak or pathetic, it just amplifies that – SO Of COURSE, I turn my magical device around on you and fuck you right over by making you weaker and weaker and weaker…
Watch this clip now to actually watch me get more and more hot, sexy and in control while YOU have the lights turned on you and become soooo weak and pathetic.
warning: *this is tesla technology used for bratty Femdom evil & it works*

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My tight blue date dress

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

like tight dresses on hot women? You will love this!you live in my closet and I ONLY let you out when I want you to look at me in an outfit and get your opinion. I have a hot date tonight and I plan on prick teasing him in this dress – hes a real man, not like you. youre a me show off with lots of hot effects which show off my hot tight sexy blue dressgoddess worship, curves worship, hotness, bratty, middle finger, slow mo effects so movements are hypnotic more than sexy – even tought theyre mega sexy too!

3 minutes / $10 /

Blackmail by JS Socks

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Blackmail by My Jessica Simpson Knee High Socks

youre a weak little sock addict… and I know you cant resist my dirty Jessica Simpson knee high socks…
Im using my socks against you, making you smell them, while in my cute lil baby voice encourage and guide you through sending me all your info for REAL blackmail!
Watch my socks & obey my words = you will get blackmailed! (12 minutes)


Jean Jacket & Black Boots

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Iv had this denim jean jacket for soooo long… I thought it looked pretty hot with my nylons & Holt Renfrew leather/sued mix boots!

25 large Hi-res photos


Brown Sugar Nylons Princess

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

21 hot photos of Me in a very tight blue dress and brown sugar nylons… hot hot hot!

Fetishes: nylons, Brat Princess, Goddess Worship, Leg Worship, Jewelry, Tall Princess Body

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Tight Foil Dress Photos

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

13 sexy cam snaps of me in an expensive short and very tight foil dress… Adore my tall curvy body, my jewelry, long legs, heels and my arrogant sultry personality which intoxicates and addicts you through the photos!

worship my sexy expensive cleavage as Im mocking you wacking off, or fall deep in love with my shiny foil ass when its shoved in your face… Classy, Playful, Devious Goddess Humiliatrix Photos

You adore expensive clothes on a well manicured Goddess like me and so you should pay more to adore!

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Tight Sparkle Dress Photos

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

38 powerful and highly intoxicating photos of me in a super mega sparkle shiny glitter dress which is both Tight & Short! Showing off my curvy muscular tanned long legs…

These glitter Jessica Simpson pumps which match my dress will make your pickle drool… just look how powerful and irresistible this deviant Minx is!!!

Oozing personality, these picture showcase me telling you “Nope!”, with my finger in the air being a playful brat, you on the floor gazing up my shiny ass heels, up my long legs to adore my dress and Princess face and MUCH more… Lots of poses & shots displaying playful deviance, total control, sexy Minx and more! After adoring these cam snap pics you’ll be putty in my bratty Goddess Hands!

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Juicy Thighs & Tight Pink Dress Pics

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

This amazing hi-res large photo set showcases the juicy, curvy Me, my hot long legs, amazing perfect skin colour and my trendy style. Adore this creamy biracial skin, bubble butt which is slightly exposed in a super tease peeks, HUGE cleavage and my tall goddess stature. This tight pink dress and sexy bootie style heels are going to make you VERY addicted to me when you see these in hi res. Plus one captioned photo.

Fetishes: Long juicy thighs/legs – ass worship – biracial girls worship – long hair

11 large hi res pictures

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Velvet Dress, Stilettos & Wolfords

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Short Black Velvet Dress, Stilettos and Wolford Nylons

When you see My hot long strong legs in this uber tight, short black velvet dress, these hot high and powerful heels and my Wolford shimmering nylons,
you’re going to be hooked instantly and putty in my hands! My body looks so curvy,tall, bratty, powerful and tempting… you desperately want to see that black velvet hugging my body tightly in Hi-Res… you will fall on the floor and become weak and hypnotized by these long legs.

Look how arrogant and spoiled I look… Im totally showing off in these pics and you can tell by the looks on my face that I really think Im “something else” But I am something else… just look at Me!  you love it and the fact that Im THIS into myself is one of your fav things!

Purchase these hot photos this instant and worship your biracial bombshell greedy homewrecking Princess now!

Promo Pricing $10.00 (to hook new fresh meat haha!)

Fetishes: tease, nylons, brat, arrogance, curvy, thick thighs, long legs, tight dress