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Titty Pills 4 Sissies

Friday, November 22nd, 2013



youre looking pretty slutty but I want to kick this up a notch… so I give you Hooter Helper Pill, which will pump your body full of estrogen and make you have huge tits! YES, now I can charge more when I pimp you out!!!
In AMAZING FEMINIZATION POV, I slowly feed you titty pills and then pour half the bottle down your throat – OMG youre going to be a bitch with tits after all these Mistress fed pills!
If feels so real, your tits begin to grow by watching this clip… LOOK how beautiful my hads look, you become more Femme just from me feeding you breast pills
enjoy me femming you out while chatting about me pimping you out because all the guys will want to suck and play with your new big titties

3 Minutes / $6.00