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Blackmail Voodoo Spell

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

This magical and real voodoo blackmail magic spell comes with detailed reading plus a voodoo image with details for you to load on your phone as well.

This blackmail voodoo spell takes several hours to finish so you will be busy stroking in ritual to blackmail for hours… when its all done you will have released and sent me your info to very diabolical black magic way.

This is real blackmail and real black magic as well.. You can’t resist, buy/stroke now!

Blackmail Instructions / $50

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Gay Ass Magnet RITUAL

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Doing this black magic ritual will result in you become extremely horny for cock in your ass, and wont let you stop seeking cock for your ass… you will be putting things in your ass while following black magic steps which will be leave you craving having your ass penetrated by anything… dick, strapons, and even random things around your house. You will cum to a black magic ritual after doing many dirty things to yourself while in the dark magic zone… Get ready to become totally gay, and have things/dicks up your ass for the rest of your life!

black magic ritual task / $25 / black magic witchcraft voodoo fetish spells

gay black magic ritual spell fetish

Voodoo Princess Magic fx

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Clip Description: You’ve watched way too many of my enchanted clips and now all I have to do to trap your mind and life in My voodoo doll is get you to watch this clip… so, watch this clip and see how easy it is with REAL magic visuals, to make you willingly put all your energy into this voodoo doll.
You cannot resist My beauty, and I look so bewitching in this outfit… as a modern day siren who preforms black magic on men to make them fall in love and become her puppets…
Watch now and stroke while you witness My perfect Princess control over you.

10 minutes long / $30 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Enchanted Larger Penis

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

She has a very enchanting voice, you follow her and realize you’re gazing upon a mystical Female with great powers – she can even grant unworthy, lowly you wishes.
You have nothing to offer her in trade of your wish for a larger penis… not to worry you do have something she could amuse herself with after-all – your soul! How bad do you want your little problem to be fixed?
This is a femdom fantasy story told by an amazing storyteller with the most diabolical Feminine voice. This intoxicating voice is a new addition to Mindy Land and she can really spin an audio web that you will get lost in. Buy now and trade your soul for a bigger penis. *Fantasy Curse Audio*

10 minute high quality mp3 | $14.99|

Quick Powerful Curse

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

a 40 second MP3 which is a mix of a witchy  spoken curse and a sort of witchcraft dark power music which invokes a quick powerful spell on your which only *I* can reverse.

Any ear that listens who has once played in mental games and mystic enchantment and has not fulfilled his slave obligations… listen to this for a hard, fast and very REAL quick mp3 curse which packs A LOT of punch in its small time frame!

1 minute mp3 / $25 / 


Chronic Wank Hex

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

The dark Feminine powers of the universe are assisting Me in HEXING YOU with a jack off wank compulsion hex that will turn you into a total wank addict who cannot stop wanking his slave dick.

Head phones with this clip will give maximum effect but they are not needed… however there is magical diabolical right side audio layers that fuck with your subconscious mind while the magic sucks you into your wank hex…

Focus on the audio and even listen to this without watching… Audio only is often more powerful but visuals have been provided for those victims who need visual stimuli also…

This is REAL!!! Listening to this enchanted clip will unlock the powerful dark Female universal energies and they will turn you into a hopeless wank off addict!

4 minute clip / $12.99 / 

(mp3 audio only $8.99  )

Power exchange full moon clip

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Imagine if EACH full moon you became more and more impotent, premature ejaculating, a wilted beta whos energy is DRAINED from with each full moon.. All the while *My* Power grows and grows, My beauty gets more and more beautiful, I get wealthier and wealthier, My empire expands to impressive measures… I become a powerhouse bombshell!!

Every single full moon YOU are taken from and your personal power and manhood are used as sacrifice to My perfection… You’re nothing more than a living source of fuel for My Personal satisfaction and power hahaha You’ll be stroking and using your pea brain to offer up any hope YOU ever had at being more than a beta and giving it away to Mindy land so that *I* can keep on growing and advancing.

Stroke to My magic words and give up your first offering in cum and sexual energy with a spell casting CUM COUNTDOWN you cannot resist… I pierce your cum energy with my magical dagger which locks you into the Power Exchange Moon Spell for the rest of your life!

Participate with 100s of other slaves every full moon – THIS IS REAL and I am very pleased with this ritual which will give you so much purpose and meaning to your life like never before… wait until you see how good it feels to be used like this and how amazing it feels to help grow My power at your cost!

10 minutes / $19.99 /


Full moon collective power exchange spell

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

This amazing opportunity gives you the chance to be drained and sucked from your energy and personal power, every full moon for the rest of your life as youre converted into a real life human stepping stone – The goal? My ever growing ABUNDANCE, POWER, Filthy stinking rich continuously growing fortunes and My compounding beauty which keeps on magnifying!!

This is almost 10 pages of cult like reading which merges real science with the powers of the universe to soak and snuff every last vibration from your energy field leaving you a fully wilted limp being with nothing but drained of your energy reservoir and worth nothing… while I become more and more rich and powerful all from the collective offerings from YOU and all slave participating in this sexy ritual… its the ultimate sacrifice.

Will you offer up your very own protoplasma, your energy, your manhood and allow it to be taken for My world domination?? Learn what your mind and body are capable of while you enjoy ALL this reading which traps and entices you into the vortex… You will be dazzled with my words and before you know it – BOOM – you’re in the beam totally magnetized and having My personal energy vampires take your force from you… slowly but surely and give it ALL to Me!

This is not just some quick slave task… this is a sort of cult that will effect you in your mind, cock and energy sources… You will feel real sensations AND you may be active and collectively participate with 100s of other slaves right from your own bed every single full moon… Just imagine having a reason for living, finally… your boring life will now have a HUGE reason for existing

**this is REAL, FUN, AND VERY POWERFUL – dont miss out**

10+ pages of text / $19.99 /
Create REAL MAGIC by My guidance and join the other bewitched zombies who have been woo’d by My vast knowledge of the laws of the universe and my ability to so playfully weave together a master plan to see to My best ever possible reality… all while you dwindle and become even more pathetic… become a stepping stone NOW – join the cult. Dedicate your full moons to this magic spell and forever be an entranced transmitting slave under My evil irresistible spell now!

approximately 10+ pages of reading with perfect descriptions of how to exchange power under the full moon

Out of body magic spell

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Lift out of your body for a magical spell casting Out Of Body experience by watching my magic pendulum sway back and forth in front of some very exotic and curvy visuals… these too help disarm and weaken you…
You will become a robot, totally mind controlled… your cock will be teased and turned into an object of My use when you see how BEAUTIFUL this hot red lace body suit and robe look on me…
My $1000 Holt Renfrew freshwater pearls are so luxe looking and make this the classiest witchy magic clip you have ever saw.
OMG So many fetishes in this clip:: Foot fetish, ass hole fetish, nylons, blackmagic, mesmerize, leg worship, bratty, mind fuck, real magic, floating sensations, mindlessness, reprogramming, training, remolding, pussy denial & tease, high heels
NOTE: My clip quality is becoming AMAZING & high production value however, this clip is my first time using a wireless mic and my inexperience with it created some background noise in a couple of spots in the clip – for this reason the price is not $25 + which something with this much production value and length should be… so enjoy the deal but please note there is a few sound imperfections from the new pro wireless mic (its not that big of a deal)

17 minutes long / $15 /

blackmagic voodoo spell mistress

Slave Soap

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

hello, slaves

So my slave soap is finally up and ready for purchase. There are currently 2 bars made but I can easily make new bars and ANYTHING you can think of to them. ((Ladies reading this, please dont copy me, find your own new thing to do))

Loser Soap & Magical Addiction Soap

Loser Soap: has my spit and foot dust in it

Imagine every time you have a shower or bath, maybe before work or before you hop into bed with your boring ass wife, you have just washed your body with my spit and foot dust haha

Magical Addiction Soap: Has voodoo oils for attraction & money drawing in it

I added magical oils from the Voodoo shop in this bar of soap. The money drawing oil will make you turned on and addicted to spending. The attraction oil will make you fall harder and deeper and more pathetically into your need for being a slave and become totally under My spell each time you use it. Each time you use this soap you get sucked in deeper and deeper.

Watch me make this soap in this clip… including spitting in the loser soap and pouring my foot dust in it… and putting the magical oils in the magic soap

watch me make the soap in this clip & find out how you can get a bar!!!

12 minutes long / $7 /



Money drawing oil

Friday, May 6th, 2016

My money drawing oil has been irresistible against men all over the world… One sniff and youre going to turn into a walking ATM machine who cant stop tributing me.
When I use my magical wicked ways against you in this clip, youre fucked!!!! My blackmagic oil that I wipe on my chest, your voodoo doll and even put up to your nose, is going to make your cock rock hard over being a walking wallet who is stuck in my web of witchcraft play.
Watch me enchant you and lure you into a spell which turns you into nothing more that a spending working machine!

 length 4:19 / $19.99 /

Be sure to watch “The first spell” video first

Trapped and punished

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Threatening you with magical punishment and reminding you of your eternal entrapment – You’ve become bewitched by my magical ways and perhaps even had a spell put on you… did you forget that, that means I basically own you for life?!

This video is a MUST watch if you even THINK youve been caught in my spell – if you have fallen to my magic, you need this clip too because when you see how sexy I look jabbing youi the heart over and over and over while I tell you all the ways my magic will get you – I know this will make your cock hard and your wallet fly open… This will scare you straight! *if you think you can walk away, you better watch this clip first*

Blackmagic entrapment… want to go deeper?

5 minutes / $30.00 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Watch the First Spell, first