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Starvation hypno MP3

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Skinny slave hypno MP3 & Starvation Diet Schedule
you get TWO Mind Control Hypno Items with this!!!

(1)This mp3 is a simple mind control piece of magic that will help turn you into an anorexic starved and bone rack boy slave…This mp3 will make you not hungry and seduce, mind control and trick you into becoming a starved and NEVER hungry shrinking skinny slave!

(2)A diet or food schedule that was actually made for another slave but has been added here with my hypno MP3 for extra effectiveness! – – – Doing this diet with my MP3 is sure to make you NEVER hungry again and have you make a massive sacrifice… become a bone rack boy slave

$25.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

After listening to the hypnosis/brainwashing mp3 which ill control and reprogram your mind into hardly ever being hungry and not wanting to eat and doing this diet… you will make a REAL sacrifice… getting fat is easy – lets see if you can hack this!