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Loser tasks 4the ULTRA LOSER

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Loser tasks for the ULTRA LOSER!

5 loser tasks for serious losers who don’t deserve o be treated well… some are private tasks, some are sort of public, and this could take you all day long to complete which will keep you in Mindy Mode all day long, serving Me.

The fetishes are chastity, JOI, licking, public, humiliation, homewrecking, and punishment

If you really want to be a good loser slave you have to earn it through humiliation and slave duties… lower yourself even lower now and do these 5 tasks to entertain Me and your expense.

$8 / slave assignment /

Old man destroyer

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

I totally ruin, and fuck over the old guys… I destroy them and take all their cash while turning them into jerk off, spending addicts who cannot resist My beauty and need to jerk off to it daily…

I make you stroke faster, and faster while I laugh at how weak and stupid you are… aww its so easy to rob the old guys of all their pensions and 401k plans… you NEED My body to adore or you wont get hard… you need to hear me talk about using you and taking advantage of you.

My cum countdown makes you ever so slightly mind fucked and feeling extremely weak… Will you be My next old man slave victim? Stroke now and see what happens

9 minutes long / $15 /

Controlled by Mindys cleavage

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Seducing you right into Mindy Land as a stroking spender who could never resist her, no matter how hard he tried… My bouncy big Princess breasts which are barely restrained behind a too small shiny red bodysuit, are being bounced in your face while My sweet smile makes you feel at ease… I’m a greedy girl who knows how to bat her eye lashes and manipulate men with her Feminine charm.

I have you stroke and sneak in some mind play and brainwashing while playing some slow light brainwaves which is super powerful while being used with a cum countdown.

My tits are going to own all tit addicts who watch this clip so enjoy and beware!

8 minutes long / $14.99 /

Princess makes u spend

Friday, August 10th, 2018

“Princess Makes You Spend So Much”

YAY I can’t believe we’re in Vegas together… I’m so excited, I’m going to spend SO MUCH of your money this weekend too… You can’t say no to Me, you have no will power with me because I’m too pretty and fun.

Do you like My Kim Kardashian style of dress? you can see through it and its pretty sexy… you’re lucky to be here with Me, I look really good.

You can’t say no to Princess, I make you want to spend and spend… you’re totally going to be spending sooo much this weekend. I’m so expensive. Yay, lets go! :))

6 minutes long / $9.99 /

Addicted to adult biz Girls

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

You are so hooked on minxy Women in the adult business… you don’t like normal girls at all, you like Women who lure in men, prey on them, then taunt and exploit them with their femininity and Female bodies.

You cannot stop stroking and touching yourself to big Princess bouncy round boobs like mine… My curves make you so weak. You can’t stay away, you need to give in to My clips like this. You have to, you have to pay and stroke.

Drool away and stroke while you worship My curvy body and big Princess tits being bounced in your face..

6 minutes / $8.99 /

Blackmagic fishnets, poppers JOI

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Black magic fishnets & poppers JOI

Using poppers, stroking, fishnets and black magic, your life is locked in Mindy land while you obsesses, chronically stroke, and become mesmerized by my fishnets ass… .
Left and right mind fuck audio tracks making you feel so as addicted are added so for EXTRA magic effect, use headphones or good speakers. .
Take one sniff of My attraction black magic oil and you will fall for me and become weak… popper sniffing cues are also loaded as well stroking orders… Ass you follow the wanking, sniffing and magic commands you won’t even notice what My bubble butt is doing to your cock… You’ll be in such a trance that you wont even notice how I’ve got you stroking your mind away… Have a candle ready to light when starting the clip as this has interactive magic commands which makes you participate in multiple ways.
This is a real mind fuck and black magic spell.. This ritual will turn you into a ass addicted, Princess butt sniffing slave who will stop at nothing to be a good puppet for My ass

9 minutes long / $14.99 /

Too many hypnosis clips

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

you’ve watched way too many mind fuck clips and now your brain is garbage.. Great, now Im here to capitalize on your easily programmable mind and seduce you with mind fuck, tease and dominating Femme Power that no beta like you can resist…

Uh Oh, there might be some hidden and obvious subliminal messages and mind control image drops… never mind those, just focus on that pretty face of mine.

Yes focus on my tall exotic perma tanned body and my long perfect biracial hair and face… Im so perfect its so easy to fall under My Goddess spell!

13 minutes / $15 /

2 minutes to own your brain

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

In 2 minutes I will own your brain, mind and your life from here on after… actually you have no choice but to become a mind controlled puppet for Me because My perfect exotic beauty is way too much for a denied beta like you to resist!

You’re owned in 2 minutes!

2 minutes long / $5 /

18 minute Mindy Vortex Trip

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Take a vibrational ride where you are captivated and suspended in another dimension while you literally are sucked into My vortex…

Playing with power, I have you use powerful mind control, mind altering and cellular reprogramming techniques that make you drift away to a world where your slavery is magnified and your mind is toyed with – just watch how I EXPERIMENT with my powers and subject you to the most amazing state of slave bliss you could possibly imagine…

Lets Play with my amazing skills using the powerful laws of the universe and professional production effects to give you the trip of a life time… addiction… where Im taking you, youre going wayyyy past addiction – welcome to the Mindy Vortex, where your mind is really MINE!


18 minute mp3 / $20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

2 pretty 2 to work

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Im so pretty I dont even have to work

arrogant Princess is bragging about how easy she has it while shaking her hot rack and curves in your face… flipping you off while juggling my tits in your face and telling you how I want you to slave and work for me… worshiping and spending while I tease and use you
like arrogant bratty Princesses? well this is full of curves, breasts and lots of arrogant spoiled brat chat which will leave your wallet drooling for a good fuck over 😉
Im so pretty I dont need a job, I dont have to work, clean or buy my own stuff… men like you do it all for me… look, watch my boobs bounce… see, dont you wanna spend now? yes you do!

6 mins long / $6 /

Stupid 4 My Big Bouncy Cleavage

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

watch how stupid you get for my bouncy boobs… I make you abuse your balls while I jiggle my boobies, caress them, look you in your eyes and assert my boobs control over you!
I make you get naked and then tease and taunt you with my jiggly bouncy round big cleavage… All you have to do to get me to ake my top off is… follow my ball abuse commands… hehe
In my bra, I make you bring me your dick.. then I whisper how I want to beat your balls and so, I do! After you punch your balls for my boobs… then *I* punch your balls & laugh! 😉
fetishes: ball abuse, cock play, breast/cleavage worship, goddess worship, tease, bratty mean Princess, light findom

10 minutes/.mp4/$10

Worship My Trendy Outfit loser!

Monday, March 24th, 2014

playful, cute & addictive verbal humiliation while youre made to worship my stylish trendy little outfit!
Im in floral high waisted short shorts, beautiful knit over the knee high socks, trendy spiked booties, a sheer top and a cool cardigan!
youre too nerdy and loser-ish, BUT because Im so full of myself and LOVE to be worshiped, Im going to allow ou to adore my outfit while I mock and humiliate you!….
Drool over my long legs, my clothes and even when I get to showing off my top, you cant see My nipples BUT you can see my sweet little nipples poking out of my black bra which is seen through my hot sheer top! Umm mega addiction coming your way! HOT HOT HOT!
come on loser boy… you suck big time, so get busy and feed my ego and worship this sexy outfit

7 minutes/.mp4


Tell Your Wife I Said Thanks!

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Tell Your Wife I Said Thanks! – Arrogant Uppity Homewrcking

Tell your wife I said thanks… Oh yes, theres LOTS of things to thank her for hehe, like being boring, not hot and lazy and More – because it made it easier for me to slip in there and control YOU!
looking all classy and stylish, tempting and sexy with my sparkly glitter black tight short dress and nylons… Im being all enticing and arrogant as I behave like a Pro Homewrecker Brat who doesnt care about the hearts shes breaking…
Adore Me as I toy with you, play with you and entrance you by speaking slow and sexy while looking right in your eyes, close up… you cant resist me
drool as I show off my nylons and butt while insulting your out of shape wife #Brat!

5 Minutes / .MP4 plays on all devices!

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Tight Foil Dress Photos

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

13 sexy cam snaps of me in an expensive short and very tight foil dress… Adore my tall curvy body, my jewelry, long legs, heels and my arrogant sultry personality which intoxicates and addicts you through the photos!

worship my sexy expensive cleavage as Im mocking you wacking off, or fall deep in love with my shiny foil ass when its shoved in your face… Classy, Playful, Devious Goddess Humiliatrix Photos

You adore expensive clothes on a well manicured Goddess like me and so you should pay more to adore!

$25.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Jewelry Princess Photos

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

These large cam snaps are photos from a hot clip I did showing off some sexy and semi expensive jewelry I was wearing…
Adore my hot face, sexy makeup, long air and my gucci watch, gold cuff, sexy gold ring and my big gold earrings! My dress is pretty smokin too! Classy, Greedy, Super Princess-y and 100% Findom Goddess
8 sexy photos!

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