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3 day Forced Bi Public Humiliation

Product Category: Gay Slave, Humiliation, Sissy

This INSANE, Hilarious, humiliating and totally to the 10th degree EMBARRASSING in the most gay and homo way possible!
This is a public humiliation assignment that will have you out being super gay, doing super gay/skanky/sissy gay type things

BUT – its nothing that would be offensive to anyone, or illegal – This is a super genious and harshly humiliating, unique and very creative HOMO public humiliation idea – — I list everything, step by step tell you how and why to do my orders and laughing at you along the way in the descriptors… PUBLIC HUMILIATION for homos, gays, sissies and in the closet queers!


Imagine being pointed at and laughed at.,.. Imagine all the girls knowing youre a homo and the guys looking a you like a freak… Im talking Big Time Humiliation losers… this is one for the big idiots!


This awesome graphic below has nothing to do with the assignment… its just a random graphic I made


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Customer Reviews

Gay fag sissy losers you need this assignment to make you feel better bout yourself . You want to be made to feel as low as low can be thn this is the rush – Mistress Mindy stories again – awesome

By Jay Gleason on April 13th, 2016 at 9:44 pm

Dear Mistress,
You have inspired me! I cross dressed like a slutty school girl and met a man in his hotel. He laid back on the bed and I gave him a bj until he came in my mouth.I gently squeezed his balls as he came. After he came I showed him is come on my mouth, I gulped it down not wasting a single drop.
Thank you!


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