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Welcome to My $ite! It's all about me, you're just here for Me to profit from, and exploit your fetishes. Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on

Financial Domination Line : $4.99 per min+

800 999 100 200 400 600

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nylons, pantyhose, stockings fetish worship, and long legs


slave Taxes

Find the taxes that fit you best and pay every single one of them often, if not daily! 

Loser Tax – Pay this if you’re a loser! ($7)

Sex with your wife/gf tax – Want to have sex with your wife/GF? or did you already? Pay up chump… you have to pay Me for that! ($20)

Small penis tax – This is a huge offense! Icky! You’re paying for that tiny pindick! ($10)

Ugly Tax – Did you get cut out of the sexy gene pool? If you’re anything other than above average in looks, this is yours! ($50)

Cock sucker Gay Tax – Have you fantasized about dick or anything gay? Pay up homo! ($15)

Wimp Tax – Are you a pussy or wimp? ($15)

Web site worship tax – Have you been hanging around my site(s), taking up bandwidth and drooling over my text, photos, etc? Cough up the dough bitch… that costs too! ($15.99)

Mindless Tax – Hypnosis, brainwashed and mind fuck junkies NEED to pay this,  you CANT resist, you Must pay this now! ($25)

Jerk Off Tax – You may touch, play with and stroke your weenie only after paying the taxes! ($10)

Cum Tax – If you would like permission and or need to pay taxes for ejaculating your gross penis – Pay the taxes! ($20)

Fun Tax – Would you like to go out and have some fun in your personal life? Well cupcake, that’s going to cost you! Pay up! ($35)

Sissy slacking taxes – have you been slacking and not wearing panties or staying as feminized as you should? Tax time girly boi! ($8)

Stupid Idiot Tax – Are you slow, stupid, a total idiot or moron? Well that’s a taxable offence so pay this! ($7.77)

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