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5 tips to cum faster like a loser

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Imagine if you were only able to jerk off or have sex for SECONDS at most – you would be SO HUMILIATED and jerk off sessions would make you feel like an even more pathetic loser than you already feel!
Well, I have 5 amazing tips which are like training techniques to make your ability to penetrate and pump a woman or even your own hand get reduced to mere minutes or even seconds… you won’t even have a sex life after doing this for a few months…

Do this loser training now and watch your ability to jack off get ruined by your premature ejaculation problem that turns into a sex life ruining humiliation! hahaha enjoy loser!


Sissy Homewrecker VM

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

This is a realistic voice-mail style mp3 you should leave on your home voice mail/answering machine for your wife/gf to find and listen to… Its devilishly genius… It starts out sounding like you had an affair – A cute and sexy voice, eluding to something sexual. She will be PISSED in the first part of this voice mail… she will be so hurt as Im obviously a sexy young Minx! My voice sure sounds like someone she should be jealous of. The things I say will make her want to cry with jealously… BUT THEN, near he end of the voice mail, it takes a turn in another direction that will leave your wifey/gf totally MIND FUCKED!!!!

What she thinks is a HUGE mistake on your part in having another hot woman, leaving a “I had a good time message on the wrong number// turns into some sick and perverted mind fuck that will leave her baffled as to what kind of weird pug you might be?!?! Mind fuck your wife/gf now with a hilarious, bratty homewrecking voice mail that just might cause a massive blowout in your relationship!

Buy this NOW & let it play on your home voice mail!

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Homewrecking $$ Control

24 hour wanker addict assignment

Monday, November 4th, 2013

This 24 hour jack off wank-a-thon assignment is full of slave details of how you will spend your 24 hours! Obviously you will be on a dick jacking assignment which lasts 24 hours but you WILL want and need the details which you must purchase to do…

Cuming will be allowed but ONLY if you can wank to my cum rules and cum the way I say and exactly when I say…

Do you like masturbating and jerking your pecker off? Endure 24 hours of jacking that dick with tease, torture, worship and more… then have your addict cock wanked (if you can) to try and meet the cum goals…

Of course this is all to be in servitude to Me… knowing that I know you’re cock will be put through the test, jacked off to the point of agony which makes me giggle and smile! Jacking off to my orders, rules and guidelines feeds my power trip and objectifies you all at the same stroke & time!

The effects of this assignment will be felt for many many days after hahaha!

Buy this now & get the details to the craziest 24 hours of your life! Serious jack off slaves only!


5000 Gay Sucks

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

This is a highly gay and very homo pervert thing to do – so consider this a warning, you must LOVE sucking cock, gay assignments and even gay cumming to do this dick jacking assignment! OMFG 5000 gay sucks will be made with your mouth and potentially 5000 gay dick stokes with specific gay instructions that will lead you down to a small dirty countdown which gives you a small window of opportunity to cum… it will be an ulltra pleasurable gay cum which you will be anticipating the whole way through!

I give specific details on how you’ll fulfill the dirty homo tasks and in the end theres even a gay compassion chart.. how gay are you? what do the results show for you?! Have fun jacking off while sucking all the way to 5000 and end in oe dirty gay cum fest which then will tell you & I just how much of a gay cock muncher you really are!

Buy Now it now, homo! suck suck suck!


Your Wifes Sex Quiz : quiz

Friday, July 19th, 2013

This is a SNEAKY sex quiz your wife/gf will take and unknowingly send YOU ALL the results! Find out what kind of man she REALLY wants, does she secretly want a big black dick? Is she an in the closet vag licker or has she already cheated on you or does she want to?

I give rules and the How To’s to attempt a sneak and risk free way to get your wife to take this deviant sex quiz and send you all the results… she wont have any idea! You;re probably itching to know how this could possibly happen, but you’re going to have to pay for this crafty idea… and if you’ve ever wanted your wife to cuckold you then you better buy this right now!

This quiz is just for your wife or gf and asks a series of questions that are asked quiz style… she wont have any idea its all staged. Want to have a hotter fetish sex life with your wife? then take this quiz and learn what really makes her panties wet and if someone else is getting them wet for her right now!


Sexual Humiliation 4 Attached

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Sexual Humiliation 4 Attached men

I know you’d rather jerk off to my stuff on the internet than fuck your wife which is why this assignment is going to be humiliating for you! Not only will I be using your wife, your sex life and your displeasure for her against you… but Ill also be humiliating you through your wife’s vagina! Or maybe her ass… haha oh yeah bitch – this assignment is going to turn you into a sexually abused husband!

Ordinarily Id never suggest you go have a good time sexually with your wife but since I know you’d hate that so much anyway… thats exactly what Im going to do! haha 🙂 Only Im going to be far more creative than that… you`re going to go on a hands-on cock softening assignment which will violate your own sexuality and being.

This awesome and torturous assignment has surprises, it has filth and it has your total sexual humiliation and violation all planed out! You`ll need your wife or girlfriend for this assignment. Of course you wont tell her anything and she will very much unknowingly be involved.

Buy this deviant humiliation assignment that involves your partner without them knowing… its dirty and you get sexually degraded while shes put to sexual service! hahaha!

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carrot penetration snack

Monday, October 15th, 2012

This ultra rude, funny and pervert assignment is really all about your humiliation. Other elements will go into this as well so this could be a sort of multi dimensional assignment that includes wife sexual exploitation, wife/gf humiliation, husband/bf/YOU sexual humiliation and exploitation… Obviously it involves a carrot but it also involves your wife or girlfriend… This is a sneaky, dirty, humiliating and sexually degrading assignment that sexually violates both you AND your wife/gf!

How you spring the carrot on her and then what you have to do with it and then when its all over how I make you dispose of the carrot are all the dirty, sexually deviant and perverted humiliating details that will have you both have you being violated by me… First your wife/gf will be stunned by “what you do” then she’ll probably like it, that slut – you will hate every second of it and probably love every second too because its a sick little assignment you’re on by My orders!

Buy this now and have a dirty and degrading night with your wife/gf and get the both of you humiliated and violated by me… she just wont know! 😉

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Remember you can session with me, customize this assignment or turn it into training and serve me… All you need is to have your tribute ready and contact Me!

I can make it so both you and your wife/gf are my dirty little servants and she wont have a clue! haha 😈

Gay Outing Roulette Game

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Doing this AWESOME, super risky yet deviant fun and semi safe “Gay Outing Roulette Game” is the perfect way to have the rush and thrill of being exposed, with a good
chance you wont be… ONLY this roulette gay homo outing will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for and exactly what you need.

you’ll be slightly teased with my gay questions and one cock hardening easy demand which will make you face just how gay you REALLY are… disclose a number of personal things to me, secrets, REAL info and a few other things. Not too much but a little – The idea is you give me only SOME of the information I would want and need to expose you and have my fun in what ever way I wanted – YET a lot of the info I need and want is NOT asked, which means Myself as well you have a 50/50 chance at being the winner!!!

Will you get exposed? will this turn into a huge gay session? will you end up humiliated and mocked? Or will you get the THRILL of a lifetime while your gay-ness stays private and you dont get exposed? Will you discover that you’re More Gay than you even thought?!?! Will I some how MAKE you more gay and end up “dicking you around”? hahaha

*** Sit back and twiddle those gay thumbs bitch because this is an experience which will surely give you the hottest gay experience with all the idiot feelings you love best… like suspense, a Princess doing as she pleases and maybe even a bit of gay exposure fear… all at the hands of a hot Princess who may or may not track you down and EXPOSE YOU!


Iv only made the cost of this $20.00 as all my Roulette forms are easy and more than fun for me to do while possibly causing a little ruckus  in your life! Usually interaction like this would cost $100.00 just to start! However considering this is Roulette and I dont have to talk to your boring ass and I may get some hilarious content out of you for my blog during your gay outing… I make more giving this away for an inexpensive price! haha So please do treat yourself to this “heck of a deal”… bite the bait homo, you know you cant resist 🙂

Fair warning… if you get caught.. Im doing what ever the F I want to out you for My personal fun and giggles! 😈