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weak vulnerable man quiz

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Hi slave,

I have a fun and very accurate quiz that I would love for you to take. You see, I love having lots of slaves, it makes me feel powerful and sort of feeds this deviant side to Me. The only problem is some slaves don’t make the cut – you know, some slaves are struggling with the fact they are more submissive than not or are hanging on to the idea that maybe one day, just one day maybe they might be an Alpha man… I know, silly right?

Slaves should just go ahead and enjoy themselves even if it is on your knees with my foot in your mouth while I  wink at you and tease you while cleaning your accounts out… how can this happen if you’re still fighting with the wannabe man bits left inside you?

How about My good boy slaves who are happy to be totally obedient to Me, sometimes they need me to help them discover who they are and learn about themselves. Of course there are also other good reasons one might need this quiz and if just for fun or curiosity alone by the end of this quiz you are going to learn just how weak and vulnerable to a deceptive sexy vixen like Me who often prances all over the backs of men…

Are you weak and easy to you? A total beta or do you have a few manly fibers in your body?? Take my quiz now and find out how much of a real man you are… or are not! (this is not a clip its a quiz)


The Brain Dead Quiz

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

This quiz is made up of 20 questions which you will get a score to at the end. This is a 100% accurate and humiliating, dick jerking, cbt, degrading, shaming and interactive quiz which will tell you if you are brain dead or not!

Its mixed with real quality questions, humiliating questions, psychological factors and even guided jacking and humiliation to help get the perfect result. Of course I make you feel like shit when you read your score at the end. But dont worry, I know exactly how to help the losers who have brain dead results!

Are you stupid, really stupid, half brain dead or totally fucking brain dead and pathetic??? Take this awesome 20 question quiz now!

Theres 4 possible scores to get and your results along with humiliation will e determined based on how you answer… find out now whats wrong with your pea brain!

Quiz / $20 /

The slave divorce quiz

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

This homewrecking quiz will help you determine if you are ready to be ruined and homewrecked with a divorce or breakup and even help show you how much more you would rather worship me than be with your wife!

Taking this quiz will make your cock hard and then Ill use it against you so that while you are answering my hot homewreking questions, you have no choice but to let your cock do the talking!

Take the quiz now and find out if you should be or are ready to be homewrecked!


Homewrecking $$ Control

24 hour wanker addict assignment

Monday, November 4th, 2013

This 24 hour jack off wank-a-thon assignment is full of slave details of how you will spend your 24 hours! Obviously you will be on a dick jacking assignment which lasts 24 hours but you WILL want and need the details which you must purchase to do…

Cuming will be allowed but ONLY if you can wank to my cum rules and cum the way I say and exactly when I say…

Do you like masturbating and jerking your pecker off? Endure 24 hours of jacking that dick with tease, torture, worship and more… then have your addict cock wanked (if you can) to try and meet the cum goals…

Of course this is all to be in servitude to Me… knowing that I know you’re cock will be put through the test, jacked off to the point of agony which makes me giggle and smile! Jacking off to my orders, rules and guidelines feeds my power trip and objectifies you all at the same stroke & time!

The effects of this assignment will be felt for many many days after hahaha!

Buy this now & get the details to the craziest 24 hours of your life! Serious jack off slaves only!


Financial Astringent Level 1

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

When I become your “Financial Astringent”, you agree to embark on a journey which is similar to being in debt to the bank. You are “lended” a type of resource or service and will repay me with staggering indisputable fees. Of course when you become a financial astringent client of mine, you will also be able to purchase additional complimentary services like “slow down the compounding tax fee’s please!” options and other great wallet diddling features offered! They will help you along your way along this expensive ball soothing spanking…

Though this financial assignment, or experience is not about destroying slaves or blackmail of some kind, just like a bank would do, Ill take everything from you and clean you out thoroughly if you  attempt to renig on this!

The cards will be stacked in my favour and you will enter this financial exploitation assignment knowing theres only one goal, which is for me to profit as much as possible as fast as we can and thats it!

The only thing that would be considered unfair is if I didnt drain enough from you to be brag worthy! That would be highly unfair and I would have all right to seize any sort of asset you may have… financial, tangible or digital… anything I want, until I am satisfied!

You’ll have a chance to read through the information and, deliver all info and start the process – So feel free to purchase this exclusive, deviant and tasty little Financial Astringent Level One Application and take your time sending me the info… jerk off repeatedly to this cock hardening financial experience and eventually surrender the requested information & content!

This will deliver huge thrill for you, and you’re going to pay dearly for it! 😉

Details: A detailed list and instructions along with my slick text seductions have been left in a nice hot long several page read!

You will be guided and manipulated into sending over staggering details and content to me that will render you 100% at my financial mercy like never before! You should only embark on this journey if you really love to be a used slave, a slave who needs and loves a good Findom draining, a total weak and horny minion who just wants to get worship to the max or even a loser who wants to be totally used… because this is all about Interactive Extreme Financial Domination!

Theres only one rule and thats Mindy Shall Profit! – The rules are sneaky amd slick, I bet you wont even realize youre in my web when youre in the middle of it… Ecstasy of being controlled and vulnerable this way gives you intense mental edging that you’ve been desperate for!

It may take you a couple of hours or up to a few days to get THIS kind of content together and just wait until you and your penis see what you’ll be offering up to me! This is white collar financial domination… a slightly extreme and expensive version! You’ll just adore how Iv made some aspects seem like legal clearances for me…hehe How sexy!

Do you have the fucking balls to do THIS with me? Do you have the sac to cough up THIS kind of information… I mean, I want it ALL!

Warning: This greedy findom stroke of genius is highly intoxication! You may have cum on accident the first few times you read through it which will render you putty in my manicured palm$!

Want to experience a Financial Astringent, a Findom experience that youre expected to pay up well, sign over financial control to me, legally and experience it interactively and even watch me spend, take and blow your cash!


Kinky Fetish Fortune Wheel

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

This Wheel Of Fortune (or misfortune) is a random kinky fetish / Femdom spin… the options you have to land on, which you MUST do, are either entertaining for me, hard for you, gay, or serve me in some way… Many fetishes are used and some are fun while others will be more for dirty losers and may be sexually hard for others haha!

You’ll spin again and again hoping to land o jack off and cum, but theres a chance you may end up doing something else… HOW many spins will you spin to get that cum and what will you have to spend or do before that lucky cum option is landed on???

Sure you may get used buying and jerking, have a hard time beating off to gay or midget porn, or even have fun but the main thing to remember is – what ever the WOF spinner lands on, you HAVE to do it!!!

Feel free to spin as many times as you like too, but you have to do each one! Theres 12 possible kinky or sexually degrading or hot and exciting jerk off and cum options which you may land on.

Take a spin on the kinky wheel! Fetishes: CEI, JOI, Sexual, Findom, Worshiping, Ass Kissing/Flattery


WOF cum or CBT

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

The Wheel of (mis)Fortune!
Do you enjoy having Me control your dick? Want me to be the boss of what happens to your dick and balls for the next few minutes? Well step right up and have a spin…a spin of Mindys wheel of fortune (WOF) could result in you getting some dick release, jacking off OR some ball abuse.

You get one spin on the wheel, you’ll watch the fate of your penis spin for 5 seconds… then it slowly ticks down and lands on either a loser way to jack off and cum OR some CBT type ball/dick abuse instructions!

This is perfect for idiots who want a quick cum or loser task that will let you do what you do best – play with your dick. Its either going to feel good, or hurt… Take a spin now!

$7.77 (perfectly priced… lucky 7s!)


Your Wifes Sex Quiz : quiz

Friday, July 19th, 2013

This is a SNEAKY sex quiz your wife/gf will take and unknowingly send YOU ALL the results! Find out what kind of man she REALLY wants, does she secretly want a big black dick? Is she an in the closet vag licker or has she already cheated on you or does she want to?

I give rules and the How To’s to attempt a sneak and risk free way to get your wife to take this deviant sex quiz and send you all the results… she wont have any idea! You;re probably itching to know how this could possibly happen, but you’re going to have to pay for this crafty idea… and if you’ve ever wanted your wife to cuckold you then you better buy this right now!

This quiz is just for your wife or gf and asks a series of questions that are asked quiz style… she wont have any idea its all staged. Want to have a hotter fetish sex life with your wife? then take this quiz and learn what really makes her panties wet and if someone else is getting them wet for her right now!


Fetish Interrogation Form

Monday, March 11th, 2013

This form is only slightly humiliating yet offers a HUGE feeling of being used hahaha and which by the way slobber-boy, you will be! You get interrogated about your sexual abnormalitioes and fetishes… Im obviously digging just so I can turn around and exploit you!

Yet even knowing all that you cant resist to answer my sexual interrogation questions… It’ll let both Myself as well you sooo much more about you then either of us knew – only you’ll be horny and intrequed while Ill be plotting a special fetish attack on you after… hello penis & wallet!

Get interrogated and answer my sexual questions all for the sake of me exploiting your penis!

5 page PDF / $15.00 /

femdom fetish pov tasks mistress

niteflirt humiliatrix fetish blog

Monday, June 4th, 2012

blueberry got stung again, and had the joy of having my hot sexy venom steal his pea-brain… buying picture after picture at $50.00 a pic… and of course (more…)

Cum Slut Loser Test, Assignment Quiz

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

This quiz is an ACCURATE, interactive homo test that will tell me if you are or aren’t gay cum loving slut…
First Ill need you to jerk off and cum, a specific way which I tell you in the test/quiz… so yes this also includes masturbation & cumming instructions and permission… BUT afer I make you jerk off & cum, THATS when the quiz and test begins… Once you answer these HOMO Humiliating questions, AFTER I make you wank and blow your load a specific way… Ill be able to tell 100% if you’re a cum loving loser!


Are You A Bad Fuck Questionnaire 2

Monday, April 30th, 2012

you are asked 27 strategic questions which some are humiliating, some embarrassing and some you wont be proud of…
ALL which will give you accurate and 100% real answer if you are a bad fuck or not!

Get humiliated and set up for disappoint, AND THEN have me use my questions and your honesty to tell you just how bad you suck in bed!

*** Fun, detailed & semi-interactive! <<<Nothing to download – this runs off a cool script I bought which allows you to use a password and link which are inside!>>> Instant Access / Instant humiliation & fun!



Slave Information harvesting

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Slave Information harvesting & Profiling

Big Sister Project “Slave information harvesting & profiling” is now in effect… and you have NEVER been so dehumanized & grilled like this before…

Be put under my deviant microscope, examined and investigated in every bratty way – NOTHING is left private, nothing remains personal… I will ask it ALL… Fill out my Information Harvesting Form and take part in possibly the single handed most IDIOTIC, yet HOT and cock hardening exciting femdom adventure of your life… The government keeps their big brother eye on you sheep all the time, BUT NOW *Im* keeping the big Sister eye on you and theres NO TELLING WHAT *I’ll* do with ALL this dirty and personal information!!!

Imagine a blackmail application, on steroids…  Imagine filling out the deepest, most private and jaw dropping form you’ve ever seen… HOW DARE I ask this stuff… hahahah loser, you dont mean ANYTHING to Me, but now that I have all your information… lets see how I can entertain myself with you!

***BUY NOW – MUST BUY*** You’ll be wanking to my bratty ball-sy audacity, to the nerve of my obvious ill-natured questions…***

READING this is one experience all in itself… Filling it out will be yet another… Sending it… is not for the pussies, weak or anyone Not ready to become ENSLAVED! *includes a free Hit Send mp3*




How Gay Are You? Quiz

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Just how much of a fag boy are you? Take my humiliating gay fag quiz & find out how gay you are. Then see your score & details answer to what kind of a fag and how much of a homo you are!

You will have numerous questions that also give you point depending on your answer. After you answer the questions, which should be humiliating enough on its own… You will have a final score. With that final score you will see How Gay you are and why with your gay score, and gay results!

Very Accurate, and humiliating!

Price: $25.00

Buy Now

Gay Quiz | Humiliation | Slave Fun

Are U A Bad Fuk? Quiz

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Are You A Bad Fuck QUIZ? *Humiliation SeX Quiz*

slavequizAre you a bad fuck? This LONG detailed quiz filled with a score AND responses to your answers will give you a RARE inside look into the mind of a girl and see what we REALLY judge you on, AS WELL let you know just how bad you are in bed!

Im sure you will be shocked to see just what kinds of things you do and dont do that turn us off… * Find out what kind of fuck you are… and if you’re the biggest loser and score THE BAD FUCK mark*

Price: $17.99

Buy Now

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