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Financial Astringent Level 1

When I become your “Financial Astringent”, you agree to embark on a journey which is similar to being in debt to the bank. You are “lended” a type of resource or service and will repay me with staggering indisputable fees. Of course when you become a financial astringent client of mine, you will also be able to purchase additional complimentary services like “slow down the compounding tax fee’s please!” options and other great wallet diddling features offered! They will help you along your way along this expensive ball soothing spanking…

Though this financial assignment, or experience is not about destroying slaves or blackmail of some kind, just like a bank would do, Ill take everything from you and clean you out thoroughly if you  attempt to renig on this!

The cards will be stacked in my favour and you will enter this financial exploitation assignment knowing theres only one goal, which is for me to profit as much as possible as fast as we can and thats it!

The only thing that would be considered unfair is if I didnt drain enough from you to be brag worthy! That would be highly unfair and I would have all right to seize any sort of asset you may have… financial, tangible or digital… anything I want, until I am satisfied!

You’ll have a chance to read through the information and, deliver all info and start the process – So feel free to purchase this exclusive, deviant and tasty little Financial Astringent Level One Application and take your time sending me the info… jerk off repeatedly to this cock hardening financial experience and eventually surrender the requested information & content!

This will deliver huge thrill for you, and you’re going to pay dearly for it! 😉

Details: A detailed list and instructions along with my slick text seductions have been left in a nice hot long several page read!

You will be guided and manipulated into sending over staggering details and content to me that will render you 100% at my financial mercy like never before! You should only embark on this journey if you really love to be a used slave, a slave who needs and loves a good Findom draining, a total weak and horny minion who just wants to get worship to the max or even a loser who wants to be totally used… because this is all about Interactive Extreme Financial Domination!

Theres only one rule and thats Mindy Shall Profit! – The rules are sneaky amd slick, I bet you wont even realize youre in my web when youre in the middle of it… Ecstasy of being controlled and vulnerable this way gives you intense mental edging that you’ve been desperate for!

It may take you a couple of hours or up to a few days to get THIS kind of content together and just wait until you and your penis see what you’ll be offering up to me! This is white collar financial domination… a slightly extreme and expensive version! You’ll just adore how Iv made some aspects seem like legal clearances for me…hehe How sexy!

Do you have the fucking balls to do THIS with me? Do you have the sac to cough up THIS kind of information… I mean, I want it ALL!

Warning: This greedy findom stroke of genius is highly intoxication! You may have cum on accident the first few times you read through it which will render you putty in my manicured palm$!

Want to experience a Financial Astringent, a Findom experience that youre expected to pay up well, sign over financial control to me, legally and experience it interactively and even watch me spend, take and blow your cash!



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