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Sparkly dress popper sniffing captioned pictures

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Photo set description: 16 pictures of me in a long classy sparkly white dress which has popper sniffing instructions on half o the photos, while the other half re Goddess worship mode…

16 pictures/ $10 /

Gay Ass Magnet RITUAL

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Doing this black magic ritual will result in you become extremely horny for cock in your ass, and wont let you stop seeking cock for your ass… you will be putting things in your ass while following black magic steps which will be leave you craving having your ass penetrated by anything… dick, strapons, and even random things around your house. You will cum to a black magic ritual after doing many dirty things to yourself while in the dark magic zone… Get ready to become totally gay, and have things/dicks up your ass for the rest of your life!

black magic ritual task / $25 / black magic witchcraft voodoo fetish spells

gay black magic ritual spell fetish

Interactive Blackmagic Application

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Apply to be My next blackmagic victim with this real and powerful Blackmagic Application… You will be so hard and weak just reading the magical instructions to have you trapped in a very real curse…

This application gives you two amazing and deviant curses to pick from… you have to stroke and experiment in magic with stroking to find out which curse should be used on you. You love being a blackmagic lab rat, and having My powers focused on your while you get real physical sensations when the magic is on…

Dare to be hexed in a blackmagic spell that will leave you helpless until the spell is broken.

3 page application / $25 /

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Mind fuck expansion lessons

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Imagine your mind fuck, hypnosis, brainwashing or magic experiences being infinitely and immeasurably more powerful Of an experience… Imagine if I could train you with some steps to open up your mind so wide that when you have magic or hypnosis powers used against you in clips or MP3s that it’s magnified in a way that sends you into a mind fuck state that’s more like an explosion of a new world right inside your own mind.

These mind fuck expansion lessons are Pages of in-depth and Powerful text that will show you how to make all of your favorite hypnosis, mind fuck & magic clips turn into powerful and potent new experiences that will fuck you for the rest of your life!

Remember how it felt when you first discovered mind fuck, magical control and fetish hypnosis? This is going to pull back the layers of your mind and give you that brand-new intense rush, feelings and the discovery that fucks with your mind and takes you to another dimension… Are you ready for a powerful life change?  These lessons are going to rock your mind!

$20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Add the password from the paid file to the url below


Money making machine slave

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

if you were making more money you would be so much more interesting & useful. You spend so much time sleeping and eating that if you cut that in half and lived like a money making machine, you would be a lot more useful. I dont think you really need that much sleep anyway, in my opinion you should work for me 24 hours a day. *this might actually make you tons more money*

So, now that you understand youre just a bank machine for me I think you should starting making me 5 times the amount of money you make now… Im going to help you turn into a cash making workaholic

I have some valuable business advice for you and after you read this 3 page post & see the captioned findom pics, you’re going to turn into a cash-bot slave… Watch how you will turn into a more efficient ATM machine with even new ideas on how to take on even more work so you can make even more money for me – if you like financial domination, being used and viewed as a pay slave, greedy Princess talk  & get off on my bratty business ideas, This IS For You!!!

Buy this now and have me motivate you to work more, take stimulants and pull all nighters working, quit socializing and get another job and other amazing ways to turn you into a hardcore cash making robot. The MP3 included will make you rock hard and ready to work more and more and more! 

$20 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

fetishes: financial domination, edging, sex control, food and sleep control, reprogramming, addiction creating, money fetishes, Goddess worship, greedy, bratty business advice

Trapped and punished

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Threatening you with magical punishment and reminding you of your eternal entrapment – You’ve become bewitched by my magical ways and perhaps even had a spell put on you… did you forget that, that means I basically own you for life?!

This video is a MUST watch if you even THINK youve been caught in my spell – if you have fallen to my magic, you need this clip too because when you see how sexy I look jabbing youi the heart over and over and over while I tell you all the ways my magic will get you – I know this will make your cock hard and your wallet fly open… This will scare you straight! *if you think you can walk away, you better watch this clip first*

Blackmagic entrapment… want to go deeper?

5 minutes / $30.00 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Watch the First Spell, first

The First Spell Video

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

This video will change your whole life – you will lose control of yourself while I cast a spell on you which will leave you at my mercy for the rest of your life (or until I agree to let you go)
This is “The First Spell” in part of my spell casting, charming and bewitching series… watch this one first to have magical powers take control of you.
This clip is a magical spell in which I use the most brilliant intense and enchanted dialogue To cast a spell on your tiny little man brain…This i s a 100% real Magic spell and will Transform you into the controlled, addicted and bewitched slave I want you to be. Using my very real and amazing spell casting powers along with suggestions, your subconscious mind & hypno brainwashing techniques to completely and utterly enchant you for ever and ever!!! After watching this clip you’re going to be amazed at how powerful this actually is – after you listen to this you will be ready to listen or watch any other of my clips or MP3s for the other magic and spells. This should be listened to first before you buy watch or listen to anything else. This is 1st first spell, the one that absolutely will have a black magic on breakable immutable effect on you… Listening to this will be just as if I sprinkle magical fairy dust above your head or had you drink some magic potion… Nothing is more powerful than this. The sound of my voice and the use of my words & the effects of my power are going to take you far far away. watch now!

$25 / Clip Length: 7:42 / Video version / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


The Brain Dead Quiz

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

This quiz is made up of 20 questions which you will get a score to at the end. This is a 100% accurate and humiliating, dick jerking, cbt, degrading, shaming and interactive quiz which will tell you if you are brain dead or not!

Its mixed with real quality questions, humiliating questions, psychological factors and even guided jacking and humiliation to help get the perfect result. Of course I make you feel like shit when you read your score at the end. But dont worry, I know exactly how to help the losers who have brain dead results!

Are you stupid, really stupid, half brain dead or totally fucking brain dead and pathetic??? Take this awesome 20 question quiz now!

Theres 4 possible scores to get and your results along with humiliation will e determined based on how you answer… find out now whats wrong with your pea brain!

Quiz / $20 /

Real black magic obedience

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

This is a professionally produced MP3 which is embedded with REAL black magic
Listening to this will control you in a unique and dark way which – you will even physically feel sensations and energies and my powers while you listen to this… you will be forced by my black magic to obey and surrender to me… you will be too scared to disobey me!

This MP3 has 4 layers to it… 1) The magic layer. 2) the subliminal layer. 3) The brainwaves layer. 4) The control layer

Listen with headphones on as there is deviant and well produced layers which sometimes can ONLY be heard by the right or left ear.

I use the dark powers, transfer of REAL energies and your weak mind against you in a very real black magic enchantment

(I give you a quick intro with about 10 seconds of listening time with a quick countdown t the enchantment. you get 10 seconds to listen freely before I start the “spell” – so buy it and get a taste or hear the whole thing and lose ALL control to me and be forced by my powers into total surrender!!!)

MP3 audio / 15 minutes long / $15.99  

Louboutins at the hyatt pics

Monday, December 14th, 2015

If you love a bratty Princess in expensive designer clothes and admire style and fashion you will love these professional photos of me.

At the hyatt with the feel of the downtown girl who clearly has more going on than you – I look powerful in some, model-esque in others AND some are captioned as well.

The captions on the photos range from bratty findom to mean, foot fetish shoe licking orders, hypno suggestions and even caption tasks.

christian louboutins, paige, rich & skinny, rebecca minkoff & kathy flesch jewelry

19 photos / $12 /

Money Motivator MP3

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Im in Money Motivator mode – Listen to this on your way to work, before a big meeting or when youre trying to close a deal… I give you the motivation and blue prints on how to put money first, then I ridicule you and demand you be a harder working man and close that fucking deal and make me more money!!!Listen to me rip you a new one and give you more effective closing strategies or criticize you into expanding your business…want to know how to land a hot young Princess Woman like Me? Listen to this MP3 to save your pathetic life and pump you up into working like a mule for me!Hear me demand “get to fucking work” “make me more money” “close that fucking deal and quit being a passive pussy in the boardroom” and MUCH more! if this MP3 doesnt motivate you into becoming rich, you probably dont have a pulse or youre totally worthless!

10 minute mp3 / $12.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

4am blackmail chaos

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

a few paragraphs of a short and descriptive blackmail story which tells of a sobriety hard cock reality which involves you in full on expensive REAL blackmail.

WARNING: this is seductive and will tempt you into sending me your info as I’ve so cruelly added links to my blackmail stuff throughout the story… it makes it so hard for you to not give in. you WILL give in! 😉

Just to make it even harder for you to resist this story which will make your dick throb and your mind become dumb, I’ve also been a doll and added some irresistible photos with the text as well. So now you have a HOT story which will be your reality, photos and links to blackmail stuff to get you when you’re weak… PLUS, I added stroking commands with visualization commands to burn this eventuality deep into your mind!

You’re going to want it, need it and wont be able to resist it after this! #Blackmail

$4.75 / text story / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

25 HOT shiny foil dress pics

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

25 large, hires professional Goddess worship photos of Me in an expensive foil dress!


Fetishes: shiny, legs, goddess worship, Princess, sexy heels, middle finger, seductive, bratty

Breasts in blue & Boots Photos

Monday, May 26th, 2014

20 beautiful & professional, Big Breasts In Blue Photos

A photo shoot of Me in a bustier, a blue bra, blue jeans and leather black buckled boots. Adore my massive cleavage as it almost spills over my bustier, my pretty devious and sexy face, my curves and of course these powerful black boots!
All with gorgeous photography!


Jean Jacket & Black Boots

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Iv had this denim jean jacket for soooo long… I thought it looked pretty hot with my nylons & Holt Renfrew leather/sued mix boots!

25 large Hi-res photos