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Cum eating human atm machine training

Friday, July 19th, 2019

Cum eating human atm machine training includes SO much perverted financial stroking in very unique, and creative ways which results in you jerking off for upwards of hours in a money slave way… You will end up eating your cum and possibly out in public too.. You will stroke to financial games which result in cum eating orgasms which may or may not happen in public in a findom way- yes the details are epic and extremely mind reprogramming and pleasurable!

Photos, gifs and lots of JOI, and CEI instructions are in this training assignment… if you enjoy financial domination this is a highly exciting task with huge thrills – even if you don’t actually spend youre going to become trained into being a cum eating, Findom jerk off junkie who cant get hard at porn, only paying me! Watch how easy it is to follow my financial perverted steps and how easy you get converted into a spend-robot! Get ready to eat that cum and spend that cash! *keeps you busy for 1 – 3 hours*

Detailed text slave training assignment / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

ATM Machine slave MP3

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

MP3 Description: you’re an ATM machine, you CRAVE real FINDOM and so you love to pay extra to hear all about how you’re not even a person any more… just a cash dispensing atm machine.
You dont have a mouth, just a slot to shoot 50’s and 100s out of… no eyes just an interface for me to demand more cash..
Listen now to have your cravings of being milked financially totally aroused… you love being a cash dispenser!

$49.99 / 4 minute mp3 /


Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Hi, wallet. some of you are reprogrammed ATM machines while others need a little training to fully embrace your life as a spend bot, so I have created a 5 part school for Financial Training.

This is class 1. The findom training gets more intense and expensive as you move through them. 1. is for beginners.

3 page pdf / $4.99 /

Money making machine slave

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

if you were making more money you would be so much more interesting & useful. You spend so much time sleeping and eating that if you cut that in half and lived like a money making machine, you would be a lot more useful. I dont think you really need that much sleep anyway, in my opinion you should work for me 24 hours a day. *this might actually make you tons more money*

So, now that you understand youre just a bank machine for me I think you should starting making me 5 times the amount of money you make now… Im going to help you turn into a cash making workaholic

I have some valuable business advice for you and after you read this 3 page post & see the captioned findom pics, you’re going to turn into a cash-bot slave… Watch how you will turn into a more efficient ATM machine with even new ideas on how to take on even more work so you can make even more money for me – if you like financial domination, being used and viewed as a pay slave, greedy Princess talk  & get off on my bratty business ideas, This IS For You!!!

Buy this now and have me motivate you to work more, take stimulants and pull all nighters working, quit socializing and get another job and other amazing ways to turn you into a hardcore cash making robot. The MP3 included will make you rock hard and ready to work more and more and more! 

$20 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

fetishes: financial domination, edging, sex control, food and sleep control, reprogramming, addiction creating, money fetishes, Goddess worship, greedy, bratty business advice

Real black magic obedience

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

This is a professionally produced MP3 which is embedded with REAL black magic
Listening to this will control you in a unique and dark way which – you will even physically feel sensations and energies and my powers while you listen to this… you will be forced by my black magic to obey and surrender to me… you will be too scared to disobey me!

This MP3 has 4 layers to it… 1) The magic layer. 2) the subliminal layer. 3) The brainwaves layer. 4) The control layer

Listen with headphones on as there is deviant and well produced layers which sometimes can ONLY be heard by the right or left ear.

I use the dark powers, transfer of REAL energies and your weak mind against you in a very real black magic enchantment

(I give you a quick intro with about 10 seconds of listening time with a quick countdown t the enchantment. you get 10 seconds to listen freely before I start the “spell” – so buy it and get a taste or hear the whole thing and lose ALL control to me and be forced by my powers into total surrender!!!)

MP3 audio / 15 minutes long / $15.99  

Louboutins at the hyatt pics

Monday, December 14th, 2015

If you love a bratty Princess in expensive designer clothes and admire style and fashion you will love these professional photos of me.

At the hyatt with the feel of the downtown girl who clearly has more going on than you – I look powerful in some, model-esque in others AND some are captioned as well.

The captions on the photos range from bratty findom to mean, foot fetish shoe licking orders, hypno suggestions and even caption tasks.

christian louboutins, paige, rich & skinny, rebecca minkoff & kathy flesch jewelry

19 photos / $12 /

Captioned Fairmont Goddess Pics

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

8 photos of me in the Fairmont. Most captioned with mean, bratty, findom, foot fetish and even homewrecking captions that will make you worship my photos and also get your worthless dick hard at my evilness!

looking sexy professional

$11.00 / 8 pics /

(captions on paid photos)

Downtown Trendy Brat

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Bratty Me downtown showcasing My hotness in a slave paid expensive designer outfit.

Drool over my long strong legs, my $345 SET leather pleated skirt, spiked Schutz pumps, $325 Rebecca Minkoff print leather blend jacket, a Gucci watch, Rebecca Minkoff clutch &  Honora freshwater pearl bracelets.

Wearing glasses which makes you extra turned on and weak for my perfect style… these pics will make your wallet fly open in record time!

12 professional photos / $10 /

Money Motivator MP3

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Im in Money Motivator mode – Listen to this on your way to work, before a big meeting or when youre trying to close a deal… I give you the motivation and blue prints on how to put money first, then I ridicule you and demand you be a harder working man and close that fucking deal and make me more money!!!Listen to me rip you a new one and give you more effective closing strategies or criticize you into expanding your business…want to know how to land a hot young Princess Woman like Me? Listen to this MP3 to save your pathetic life and pump you up into working like a mule for me!Hear me demand “get to fucking work” “make me more money” “close that fucking deal and quit being a passive pussy in the boardroom” and MUCH more! if this MP3 doesnt motivate you into becoming rich, you probably dont have a pulse or youre totally worthless!

10 minute mp3 / $12.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Wanking Blackmail Application

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

The Wanking Blackmail Contract & Application is a blackmail application form thats used with jacking off… Ill be using your cock to make you even weaker and more stupid… you wont even notice the things Im asking you for because you’ll be too busy playing with your dumb dick! Dont worry, this blackmail form guarantees to make you weak enough to give me all the info because if you want to cum, you have to do everything I ask and everything I ask, feels SOOO good to do!

This is a real blackmail application contact themed with jacking off and using your cock against you, as a tool to make you surrender all the requested information to me!

Want real blackmail? Buy this, fill it out and await My reply!


Brainwashing you 2 spend it ALL!

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

watch this clip at your own risk… its filled with hypnosis and dollar bill spirals… you WILL get woozy! Edited mind fucking effects are softly added through out… you will loser your mind… you will get wallet mind fucked!

The hypnotic kinda mind fuck dialogue and mind play with enchant you… you will fall victim to this dark talent!

Warning: Highly addictive, listen at your own risk!

4 minutes/.mp4

$4.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

All you need is 2 be u$ed!

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Hi wallet,

I dont need any introduction but, I do love a good intro. So for those of you who may not know…

Im Princess Mindy… a greedy true to the meaning, self serving Brat! Im only interested in my fun, cash, worship, etc! I come first and I know you love little devils just like me! haha Thats good though, I want you to like it because Im good at it… using you, getting you hooked, making you want to go deeper and do it!

You’re going down down down… down that vortex! MMwhaahh! :* *blowing sadistic careless kisses with total arrogance* So far down the findom addiction hole that you wont even remember life before it – it feel sso good on your worthless cock when you spend on Princess Mindy, doesn’t it?! haha You;re probably getting hard right now… I bet you are! lol haha ahh yeah, thats the true sign of a good future cash victim! Just the thought makes it throb and swell!

You’ll find I use a range of weaponry against you… an assortment of irresistible charms that will debilitate you! Make you hot, drawn in… addicted to the max! A drug like effect… nope, you dont want to go anywhere! Totally programmed just to pay me, spend on me and work hard and give it all over to me!

All you need in life is to be taken advantage of by Me… youre so hooked on my beauty and will spend everything you have to adore my perfect mind and exotic beauty!

    $999 | $200



Skimming Off The Top 4 Princess

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

This amazing findom piece of manipulation and findom brainwashing written lines of your future financial abuse is going to be your most favourite PTV purchased yet!

Iv included a quick bratty audio MP3 file for you to listen to after I tell you how to skim from your bills and pay cheques to spend more on me… YES, I even tell you ways to reduce, reuse and cut down, all just for my profits!!! Just wait till you see how you’ll be living and spending…

Then I use my beauty against you with hot pictures and more text which just makes you stupid… leaving you ways to spend and telling you how to do it…

Youre going to be my life long addicted spender boy in no time! Buy this, read it, look at adore and listen… then watch your dollars magically turn into Mine! ;x

$5.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Tight Foil Dress Photos

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

13 sexy cam snaps of me in an expensive short and very tight foil dress… Adore my tall curvy body, my jewelry, long legs, heels and my arrogant sultry personality which intoxicates and addicts you through the photos!

worship my sexy expensive cleavage as Im mocking you wacking off, or fall deep in love with my shiny foil ass when its shoved in your face… Classy, Playful, Devious Goddess Humiliatrix Photos

You adore expensive clothes on a well manicured Goddess like me and so you should pay more to adore!

$25.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Tight Sparkle Dress Photos

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

38 powerful and highly intoxicating photos of me in a super mega sparkle shiny glitter dress which is both Tight & Short! Showing off my curvy muscular tanned long legs…

These glitter Jessica Simpson pumps which match my dress will make your pickle drool… just look how powerful and irresistible this deviant Minx is!!!

Oozing personality, these picture showcase me telling you “Nope!”, with my finger in the air being a playful brat, you on the floor gazing up my shiny ass heels, up my long legs to adore my dress and Princess face and MUCH more… Lots of poses & shots displaying playful deviance, total control, sexy Minx and more! After adoring these cam snap pics you’ll be putty in my bratty Goddess Hands!

$12.99 Buy from Princess-Mindy through