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Moonlight Masturbation addict spell

Friday, March 13th, 2020

This powerful magic spell has a penis stroking ritual that will leave you totally addicted to jerking off for the rest of your life.
All you have to do is stroke your penis to these magical instructions and take part in the JOI ritual and watch how My magic has you totally addicted to masturbation with black magic!

$15 text instructional ritual spell / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

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How to visualize powerfully

Friday, March 13th, 2020

This 5 minute MP3 will transform every single black magic, hypnosis, and mind fuck content you have ever purchased… Learning how to properly visualize will change EVERYTHING!!!!
Imagine all your kinks and fetishes around all the hypnosis, black magic and mind fuck content becoming REAL… all you need is the magical action of proper visualization and this mp3 will teach you how!

$7.77 / 6 minute mp3 /

Gay Ass Magnet RITUAL

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Doing this black magic ritual will result in you become extremely horny for cock in your ass, and wont let you stop seeking cock for your ass… you will be putting things in your ass while following black magic steps which will be leave you craving having your ass penetrated by anything… dick, strapons, and even random things around your house. You will cum to a black magic ritual after doing many dirty things to yourself while in the dark magic zone… Get ready to become totally gay, and have things/dicks up your ass for the rest of your life!

black magic ritual task / $25 / black magic witchcraft voodoo fetish spells

gay black magic ritual spell fetish

Enchanted Larger Penis

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

She has a very enchanting voice, you follow her and realize you’re gazing upon a mystical Female with great powers – she can even grant unworthy, lowly you wishes.
You have nothing to offer her in trade of your wish for a larger penis… not to worry you do have something she could amuse herself with after-all – your soul! How bad do you want your little problem to be fixed?
This is a femdom fantasy story told by an amazing storyteller with the most diabolical Feminine voice. This intoxicating voice is a new addition to Mindy Land and she can really spin an audio web that you will get lost in. Buy now and trade your soul for a bigger penis. *Fantasy Curse Audio*

10 minute high quality mp3 | $14.99|

man torturing sorcery

Monday, June 18th, 2018

A modern day Siren who wields ancient tools of sorcery and practices old rituals, against you…

She’s dangerous, a seething devil spawn and she loves to sink her teeth into men…. A high level practicing Wizardess of the dark arts and with just ONE LOOK she can put any man into a trance.

Her dagger pierces so deep that it cuts into the reality of your real life.

3 minutes / $7.99 / 


Penis voodoo curse

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

If you have ever watched any mind fuck type clip then this penis voodoo clip will be very potent for you and will HEX your cock and ruin your sex life for the rest of your life…
Premature ejaculating curse is set upon your pathetic slave cock and makes it so you just cum in your pants all the time… If you even try to have sex you’ll just embarrass yourself and cum before you even get it in… This penis voodoo doll might look like its just for fun but its a certified voodoo doll which I can destroy your sex life with.
Watch me stick a pin in your balls and cause you to be hexed with premature ejaculation, along with your interactive stroking and blackmagic cum

9 minutes long / $35 /

Full moon collective power exchange spell

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

This amazing opportunity gives you the chance to be drained and sucked from your energy and personal power, every full moon for the rest of your life as youre converted into a real life human stepping stone – The goal? My ever growing ABUNDANCE, POWER, Filthy stinking rich continuously growing fortunes and My compounding beauty which keeps on magnifying!!

This is almost 10 pages of cult like reading which merges real science with the powers of the universe to soak and snuff every last vibration from your energy field leaving you a fully wilted limp being with nothing but drained of your energy reservoir and worth nothing… while I become more and more rich and powerful all from the collective offerings from YOU and all slave participating in this sexy ritual… its the ultimate sacrifice.

Will you offer up your very own protoplasma, your energy, your manhood and allow it to be taken for My world domination?? Learn what your mind and body are capable of while you enjoy ALL this reading which traps and entices you into the vortex… You will be dazzled with my words and before you know it – BOOM – you’re in the beam totally magnetized and having My personal energy vampires take your force from you… slowly but surely and give it ALL to Me!

This is not just some quick slave task… this is a sort of cult that will effect you in your mind, cock and energy sources… You will feel real sensations AND you may be active and collectively participate with 100s of other slaves right from your own bed every single full moon… Just imagine having a reason for living, finally… your boring life will now have a HUGE reason for existing

**this is REAL, FUN, AND VERY POWERFUL – dont miss out**

10+ pages of text / $19.99 /
Create REAL MAGIC by My guidance and join the other bewitched zombies who have been woo’d by My vast knowledge of the laws of the universe and my ability to so playfully weave together a master plan to see to My best ever possible reality… all while you dwindle and become even more pathetic… become a stepping stone NOW – join the cult. Dedicate your full moons to this magic spell and forever be an entranced transmitting slave under My evil irresistible spell now!

approximately 10+ pages of reading with perfect descriptions of how to exchange power under the full moon

Mind fuck expansion lessons

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Imagine your mind fuck, hypnosis, brainwashing or magic experiences being infinitely and immeasurably more powerful Of an experience… Imagine if I could train you with some steps to open up your mind so wide that when you have magic or hypnosis powers used against you in clips or MP3s that it’s magnified in a way that sends you into a mind fuck state that’s more like an explosion of a new world right inside your own mind.

These mind fuck expansion lessons are Pages of in-depth and Powerful text that will show you how to make all of your favorite hypnosis, mind fuck & magic clips turn into powerful and potent new experiences that will fuck you for the rest of your life!

Remember how it felt when you first discovered mind fuck, magical control and fetish hypnosis? This is going to pull back the layers of your mind and give you that brand-new intense rush, feelings and the discovery that fucks with your mind and takes you to another dimension… Are you ready for a powerful life change?  These lessons are going to rock your mind!

$20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Add the password from the paid file to the url below


JOI Mind Fuck MP3

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

this captivates and plays with your mind from the very start. As the mp3 goes on you find yourself enchanted and feeling physical tingles which you will find surprising because you didnt even notice me working my magic on you until its too late.

You become totally vulnerable to my evil ways and my man abusing magical powers… Too bad for you I have a peculiar  charm and fetish for doing bad things to men like you. This mind fuck mp3 turns you into a total mind fuck jerk off addict  who cant keep his hands off his cock.

Watch how my deviant mind fuck powers turn your mind into putty and make your hand seem like its a powerful magnet to your cock.

14:30 minutes long / $17.99 /

18 minute Mindy Vortex Trip

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Take a vibrational ride where you are captivated and suspended in another dimension while you literally are sucked into My vortex…

Playing with power, I have you use powerful mind control, mind altering and cellular reprogramming techniques that make you drift away to a world where your slavery is magnified and your mind is toyed with – just watch how I EXPERIMENT with my powers and subject you to the most amazing state of slave bliss you could possibly imagine…

Lets Play with my amazing skills using the powerful laws of the universe and professional production effects to give you the trip of a life time… addiction… where Im taking you, youre going wayyyy past addiction – welcome to the Mindy Vortex, where your mind is really MINE!


18 minute mp3 / $20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

My Magic Voice

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

7 minutes of using my enchanting voice against you in an enchanting assertion of my total control over your cock, mind and every choice you make…

I tell you what to do, how weak you are for me, how to think and assert my self over your life… ordering you to obey me, spend, and make you focus on your throbbing dick and prove that you are just a slave

Listening to this will make you feel like a little tiny wimpy peon who is owned and controlled by a powerful sexy hot perfect creature who you’ve become addicted to…

watch how I dig my claws in your brain and scratch it all up… you love it!

7 minutes long / mp3 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

magic control and hypnosis mistress domme

Stroke In Mindys Vortex

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

This mp3 will control your mind, reprogram you and make your cock explode all at the same time, all while mind fucking you into the horniest online slave you could possibly imagine!!!

Mindless stroke instructions make you focus on your cock while I implant triggers and addictions of servitude deep in your mind… using my perfect irresistible voice against you and arrange words in a way that leave you totally smitten with Me… uh Oh – you’re about to get in biiig trouble. This MP3 is HOT and powerful!!!

Ready to stroke your cock in My vortex??? once you enter, theres no going back!

(left ear, right ear and vibration effects / listen with headphones on for best effect)

12 minutes long / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Evening Meditation

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

have your mind whisked away with this amazing and powerful audio that will quiet your mind and bring you into total comfort and Zen… Careful though, as I lead you to sleepiness and feeling total relaxation, you are left vulnerable to any of my mind magic.

I take all your anxiety away and help you relax and sleep… using my beautiful voice and even give you count downs and visuals to slip away with but, theres one small caveat – you may find yourself becoming addicted to this mp3, to me and become my slave even in your dreams!!!

*this works* It will put you in bliss mode and may even make you fall a sleep… there are moments of guidance, moments of soothing and even a slow quiet time when a looping magical phrase is repeated while you drift deeper and deeper.

listen while in bed while going to sleep

21 minutes long / mp3 / $35 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Fetishes: meditation, addiction to Mindy, subliminal brainwashing, hypnosis techniques, relaxation, mental play, stops anxiety

hot wax blackmagic

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

It Is an extremely powerful ritual which. Many of the most ancient of rituals used candles during many points of the civilizations on earth.

Having a man sacrifice, according to the most powerful and ancient female practices and female run cults & religions , Is a very powerful act And is done often because of its magnifying and powerful results. It as if the Goddesses and laws of the universe and all powers throughout the universe have a collective awareness and understanding or some kind of law that the man body was meant for sacrifice for the Woman.

Any man that completes the ritualistic steps in this Blackmagic practice will become completely  Enchanted and have an unbreakable hex put on himself until *I*  decide to lift it and free you.

Well completing this hot wax ritual you will actually feel the strong forces enter the room with you and you will feel the power start to take over your body. You will literally feel the hex & experience the powers of the dark magic and their forces around you – You will have an experience you’ve never had before when you literally feel the metaphysical surrounding you and have the realization that you were just a tiny insignificant Object for sacrifice.

Experience black magic now/Buy this now/become magically controlled by Me now!

 $35 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Fetishes: sexual sacrifice, hot candle wax, stroking commands, specific cum details, magical ancient spell, blackmagic rituals, total life control, body and life sacrifice

this is a written spell in detailed enchanted text, not a video. About 3 pages long with photos. extremely powerful

Strong Stroke Magic

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

every single stroke you make sends you deeper and deeper into My spell. Every stroke sucks you in deeper and every stroke burns the images of my hot cleavage in your mind…
This is a very strong magical spell which uses audio triggers and mind control with spoken, read and visual suggestions which all make you go deep deep down the black hole of your perverted addiction to my boobs.
watch how your stroking makes your mind shut off while I take total control with my tits and magic

3 1/2 minutes long / $25 /