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Feedee Binge Eating

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

I’m sending you out to order so much fast food its going to be terrible because you might end up 15 pounds heavier and looking so greasy and gross to Women. This task is to help fatten and gross-en you up so everyone is repulsed by you and you can be the blubbering huge blimp you’ve always wanted to be.

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fat food eating slave mistress

*Check out the CEI cum eating version of this assignment!*

Food Binge CEI Challenge

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

This mega food binge eating task has Cum Eating mixed throughout the fat slob task.
You’re going to eat so much out in public and its going to be EPIC… its going to be tough to eat, jerk off, cum, eat cum and repeat this much… but just wait until you see how much fatter and gross you get just from this challenge.
Ready to be a big huge fat slobbering cum eating pig for Princess? Good boy!

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fat food eating slave mistress

*Check out the no cum eating version of this*

Get Fat In 30 Days

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Iv come up with a 30 day menu which will probably turn you into a huge fat slobbering loser. Warning though, I think doing this would probably be very bad for your health so you will do this at your own risk. Personally, I think it will be entertaining to watch you turn more and more pathetic because Im a bratty Princess like that 😉

Of all the feeder/feedee fat loser assignments iv done, this one is the most intense and I dont actually know if anyone is stupid and piggy enough to do this? Its so unhealthy, its so much eating and it will pack the pounds on anyone!

some of the items you must eat must be ordered from fast food places and some you can make yourself or just order at a restaurant. Have fun & get eating!

– 30 days of eating & I list all the things you must eat for 30 days in a fattening daily menu! (includes a few jacking off and eating cum off your food orders)



Huge Fatso Diet

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

This is a custom fat feeder/feeder assignment which Iv decided to share with other slaves… My slave has a high metabolism and needs something EXTREME to help him get fat, so he paid me to make him something terribly unhealthy that will make ANYONE become a grotesque blubbering unhealthy fatso pig!!!

This is probably a terrible idea and it lasts ONE MONTH long… you WILL gain weight and this is sort of like punishment as the food is super unhealthy and non stop – it will be difficult to eat this much!!! But then again, if you’re a pig you may enjoy being ordered to binge this way…

Ready to get fat? Ready to binge like never before? Ready to be turned into a well stuffed blubbering fat ass? Are you pig enough to eat ALL THIS crap??? Buy This now & get FAT!

(15 pictures included of the things I want you to add to your diet and times of when I want you to eat them)

1 month long / $20 /

Fetishes: feeder/feedee/fat slave/extremely unhealthy 

artery clogger 4 losers

Friday, December 6th, 2013

This assignment includes careless instructions I gave out on social media which I didnt think anyone would actually do… However I received photos from a slave who actually did this artery clogging challenge. I didnt think it would be hard but HE failed and I bet you will too!

You have to be obsidian, stupid and willing to clog your worthless arteries just to entertain me… become a lab rat for me and verify, at the cost of becoming nauseous and or fat for me… This is simple in details and instructions but according to the first slave who failed, its quite hard to do… Its certainly VERY UNHEALTHY do to. haha who cares, its just you!

Hungry? you wont be after this task! Photos of the first losers failed attempt included too! This is a perfect way to do something fun, dumb and stupid which will give you zero reward but plenty of suffering & plenty of giggles for me!



10 ways to go fuck yourself 2

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Loser Make-out Points Ill give you fair warning, this private & public assignment should only be done if you’re a total idiot. In fact, maybe even then, it shouldn’t be done because not only is this highly degrading, but some parts are outright humiliating and will make you a bigger idiot than you are… and a huge perv too!

With that said, this is a fun and challenging pervert assignment which is pretty simple with simple instructions and maximum loser effect! Simple as in, all you need is your dick, a bit of balls and lots of stupidity… the stupidity and dick you have… so do you think you’re up to mustering up the balls to try and do all 10 of these different ways you can go fuck yourself?

Some are fun & risky, some dumb & disgusting, some exciting and some even down right loser-ish… Take part in an entertaining loser assignment and sacrifice your weenie and possibly much more all for your servitude to Me!

Fucking yourself in MANY ways… literally, your mind and if you get caught, well you could get fucked over! 🙂

To add to the craziness, you also have the chance for this to become interactive with me and be exposed with all your perversions on my blog!!!

Fetishes: degrading jerk off, public jerking, public bathroom play, ass invasion, degrading eating, ass play, findom, humiliating staining and messy pervert play, humiliation, cum instructions, ice play and more!


Fatty Jack Off Training

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

10 unhealthy eating habits This is a very detailed 3 day, slightly fucked up, yet highly pleasurable and challenging food binge style assignment. The idea is to make you my own personally fat blimp slave. I merge binging on some of the most unhealthy and yummy food with edging and wanking and cuming together in a very specific way! Which ultimately not only makes you get fat but also starts to recondition and reprogram your mind to associate eating, getting fat and perverted bad food habbits as a good pleasureable thing in your mind.

Watch how your stomach will be stretched to the limit and how you wont even care that Iv got you pumped up on sugar and fat because, dont forget, you’ll be wanking on my orders the whole time… You’ll be beating your slave meat for 3 days… Theres even FORCED cumming included because yes at one point you’ll be fresh out of cum but bossed around into doing it… while other times I leave you aching for release but all you can do is eat and edge – Iv said enough already – for the FULL detailed instructions which are creative, yummy and challenging… buy this now, fat ass!

Theres a few other fetishes that are hit in here but, Im keeping those a surprise!


10 unhealthy eating habits

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I personally eat as clean as I can, I eat real foods, whole foods… almost everything I eat is 100% vegan and I try to eat as vegan as I can… its very expensive to eat as healthy and as well as I do. you however are not going to experience that kind of health and wellness… nope you’re a simpleton slave boy so you’re going on a lifestyle change that will not only make you a little bit fatter quickly and over time… this will also make you a bit of a PIG!

Use these 10 unhealthy eating habits as new sexy guidelines for your life… start them right away and get used to the new piggish you… and trust me you WILL be slowed down, sluggish, lazy and even more stupid JUST from these 10 changes I want you to make in your life… These are REAL, serious and do these at your own risk because #1 this is not healthy and only meant for losers, fatties and general idiots… and #2 this WILL make you even more pathetic than you are now because THESE 10 unhealthy habits WILL turn you into a slow absent minded drone with a growing gut!

Buy Now & be transformed into a glutton,slob and or sluggish loser and probably get a fat ass too! explanations on why are included… so you know just how poor these choices Im making for you are! haha

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for even more fat ass fun, contact Me with your tribute ready of course and lets chat about putting you on a personalized schedule or how to make you totally fat!

Feeding Schedule 4 idiots

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

For the next 7 days, you’re under my thumb and for the next 7 days Im going to stuff you like a pig and put you on a feeding schedule that is controlled in every way!
Not only is this a detailed insane schedule of what you must eat and when, its also an assignment… Just getting the food and what happens if you forget something and how you have to buy the food is an amusing and task all on its own!

The point of gorging yourself to the TYPES of food, good and bad and the charted times is all so you can be under my control… Some of you idiots will be feedee slaves who will worship this Good-Year blimp making schedule and enjoy binging on the orders of a sadistic girl. Im sure every idiot who subjects themselves to the idiocy, humiliation and dick and ball abuse in this assignment/schedule is thrilled about getting a few pounds extra added to your stupid body… 

This fatty feeding schedule isn’t just for feedee‘s or idiots who will do anything… this is perfect for slaves trying to see what else they might be into… test the waters and see if you can actually do this… you fucking pigs with penises think you like to eat? haha well just wait till you see how much of it you’ll be doing!

Lastly this sick food shedule is more like a journey or experience… you’ll be pushed to the physical food limit and somehow Iv even managed the chance for slight public humiliation while out on that awesome first food run!

Full & detailed 7 day food schedule with the times and foods.


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humiliation feedee grazing assignment

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

This DOUBLE awesome assignment is both Humiliating & also plays with the feeder/feedee fetish, or for the loser slave… forced feeding and humiliation…