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Date Night 01

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Date night series is an ongoing MP3 only series in which I create long and candid mp3 sessions which dupe as bad dates or dates gone wrong or dates with a terrible GF or dating your Mistress’ content.

Thats right, you cancel and ruin dates with real women in the real world and zone out on My long bratty but candid sessions which has a feel of you hanging out with me… being abused in some way hehe 😉 *BUY THIS DATE NIGHT 01 FIRST AND THEN OTHER MP3s IN THE SERIES*

So next time youre feeling lonely or you want a date or you have a date that you would like to fuck over for me… buy this and welcome to your new way to spend nights alone in your room.


Date Night 01 includes a detailed explanation on my vision for date night and then I jump into getting you naked and following my humiliating orders.

*please note this is only an mp3 and not a clip, not everything translates well with a clip. This is most effective as mp3 only.*

30 minute mp3 / $30 /

Sissy Homewrecker VM

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

This is a realistic voice-mail style mp3 you should leave on your home voice mail/answering machine for your wife/gf to find and listen to… Its devilishly genius… It starts out sounding like you had an affair – A cute and sexy voice, eluding to something sexual. She will be PISSED in the first part of this voice mail… she will be so hurt as Im obviously a sexy young Minx! My voice sure sounds like someone she should be jealous of. The things I say will make her want to cry with jealously… BUT THEN, near he end of the voice mail, it takes a turn in another direction that will leave your wifey/gf totally MIND FUCKED!!!!

What she thinks is a HUGE mistake on your part in having another hot woman, leaving a “I had a good time message on the wrong number// turns into some sick and perverted mind fuck that will leave her baffled as to what kind of weird pug you might be?!?! Mind fuck your wife/gf now with a hilarious, bratty homewrecking voice mail that just might cause a massive blowout in your relationship!

Buy this NOW & let it play on your home voice mail!

$5 /

Homewrecking $$ Control

Homewrecking $$ Control

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Homewrecking Financial Control MP3

This ultra cute & mega bratty, deviant MP3 is in Princess conversation style while I explain why I have to keep calling your house and justifying forcing you to send me cash… I mean, you did sign my contracts, so, what did you expect? haha

Listen to me, with the hottest brat devil voice in a matter of fact but super deviant way explain this world of  homewrecking, financial control… I dont like the word “blackmail” but I certainly put your balls in the grinder and exude forceful financial control over you… or I could always tell your wife how much you love me!

Fetishes: Homewreking, wife humiliation, Princess voice, financial control (blackmail), slave contacts

Length: 8:15 / MP3 / $5 /

How 2 Pimp Out Your Wife

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

do you fantasize about pimping out your wife or girlfriend or her fucking a bunch of random other men? Buy this MP3 NOW and hear just how sneaky I am and hear my EASY and perverted dirty plan which will “accidently” turn your wife into a slut and prostitute! The best part is all the fun you’ll have before I turn her into a ho!!! Yes this is FUN, DIRTY & Real… buy now/listen now and turn your bitch into a cash making hooker! 🙂

MP3 Length: 4:40

$7.77 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Or Free In My Members Area

Hot Girl Homewrecking Manipulation mp3

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Im such an uppity, arrogant cruel little Princess in this mp3 – I sound like such a deviant vixen.. (more…)

Homewrecking chris & lisa MP3

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

This EVIL 11 minute MP3 is a sick, twisted & terribly bratty Home-wrecking piece which was made for chris and his wife lisa.
Hear me talk about My beauty compared to lisa’s gross looks and chalk it up to Darwinism and survival of the fittest… Sorry bitch your hubby is mine, your divorce is set in motion & guess what rump roast? – he buys me gifts too!– This is the nice stuff I say…

Listen now and get a SHOCKING 11 minute ear full of cruel home wrecking bratty, WIFE BULLYING… AND THEN I say a few things directly to her about how shes let herself go… and then I tell her how Im in my prime with nice boobs, long legs,a nice ass and a beautiful face too… I let her know she cant compete, not even in candle light!

THIS IS REAL BY THE WAY – chris is a new slave whos bough me jewlery, spends cash and complimets me all day long while he says the WORST shit about his wife… TRUST ME slaves you WANT to hear this BRATTY COLD HOMEWRECKING MP3… its HOT!!!


***chris paid $200.00 to listen to it and here is his feedback***

chris s: “Omg that’s out of this world &  Amazing. You sooo are….an evil one at that”

*** 11 Minutes of WIFE HELL & HOT WOMEWRECKING & its real!!!***


Mindy VS wife Manipulatrix MP3

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Mindy VS. your Wife/gf Home-wrecking Manipulatrix MP3

5 minutes of me talking so great about myself, trash talking your wife/gf…humiliating her AND THEN…
I use light, genius manipulation tactics against you… I convince you that you dislike her even more then you already do… AND THEN, I point out all the bratty reasons and real reasons she sucks… then I brag some more… comparing Me to her… I make her look like shit… Im OBVIOUSLY trying to home-wreck you and Im making your bitch sound like a total flea-bag… Listen now and hear HOW MY GENIUS and bratty and so deviant mind works… hear the shocking things I DO actually dare say.. Hear now & get a GOOD sense of my style & hear just how deviant this mind can get – trust me, after hearing this… you’re one step away from being single! ***Keep THIS in your MP3 player or ipod!!!***

5 minutes long / $5.00

[light mind games, humiliation, wife humiliation, self-edification, home-wrecking, manipulation & deceit ]