Homewrecking chris & lisa MP3

This EVIL 11 minute MP3 is a sick, twisted & terribly bratty Home-wrecking piece which was made for chris and his wife lisa.
Hear me talk about My beauty compared to lisa’s gross looks and chalk it up to Darwinism and survival of the fittest… Sorry bitch your hubby is mine, your divorce is set in motion & guess what rump roast? – he buys me gifts too!– This is the nice stuff I say…

Listen now and get a SHOCKING 11 minute ear full of cruel home wrecking bratty, WIFE BULLYING… AND THEN I say a few things directly to her about how shes let herself go… and then I tell her how Im in my prime with nice boobs, long legs,a nice ass and a beautiful face too… I let her know she cant compete, not even in candle light!

THIS IS REAL BY THE WAY – chris is a new slave whos bough me jewlery, spends cash and complimets me all day long while he says the WORST shit about his wife… TRUST ME slaves you WANT to hear this BRATTY COLD HOMEWRECKING MP3… its HOT!!!


***chris paid $200.00 to listen to it and here is his feedback***

chris s: “Omg that’s out of this world &  Amazing. You sooo are….an evil one at that”

*** 11 Minutes of WIFE HELL & HOT WOMEWRECKING & its real!!!***


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  1. todd Says:

    would luv to buy a home wrecking clip and your used panties. would take a photo of me in them and then sleep with my wife

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