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Captioned Fairmont Goddess Pics

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

8 photos of me in the Fairmont. Most captioned with mean, bratty, findom, foot fetish and even homewrecking captions that will make you worship my photos and also get your worthless dick hard at my evilness!

looking sexy professional

$11.00 / 8 pics /

(captions on paid photos)

Divorce Letter To Your Wife

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

This HOT and extremely mean LONG divorce letter is meant to be given to your wife!!!

Its time to get that divorce and this letter is a nasty, wifey heart and soul crushing letter that will detonate an H-bomb in your soon to be over relationship! Im so fucking mean… I tell her in explicit x rated detail how beautiful I am and how much you are under my spell… When your wife reads this letter it will be an instant end to the both of you – she will NEVER forgive you for getting mixed up with a vivacious Minxy young exotic Woman like me – OMFG her heart will be crushed because when she sees the pictures Iv attached she will know she doesn’t have a shot in hell in competing with Me!


***Free Teaser Snippet of the Divorce Letter***

The Divorce Letter To Your Wife (a free snippet)

“Hello, soon to be ex wife.

My name is Mindy and though you dont know me, I know a lot about you. Truth is, this is an email to you that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to send as your husband was going to say all of this to you and handle it for me. But, from what I understand you can be very difficult to deal with and quite irrational. Gee, lets hope your not menopausal today because this email just might make the last part of your ovaries dry up in an instant.

Ill try to be kind.

First let me tell you a little bit about the kind of young Woman I am and who I am to you, your husband and your family.

Im a young woman in her peak. My breasts are full, round and they bounce all over the place… men, including your husband cant resist them. They either want to touch and suck them, worship them or they’re trying to get these huge future milk machines to walk down the isle with them. Because Im a biracial girl, I have a yearly tanned body with the sexiest perfectly coloured small nipples. My ass is irresistible as its the perfect mix of both worlds… not too big and not too small and a shape thats right in between the two ethnicities.

Admittedly even thought I knew your husband was not single, I did tease him a little in my provocative and expensive stylish clothes… you understand why I did that though, right? I must have been ovulating and I cant help the things I do when my body is making my young fertile pussy wet. It makes me be a bad girl and prey on weak husbands for fun and bratty thrills. Sure, you’re nearly dried up and have never been half as physically appealing as I am, but you can understand, cant you?!

So, naturally your husband couldn’t resist and began to peruse me in a very respectful and submissive way. I know, this part might sting for you as I know he doesn’t put any effort in when it comes to you. (I dont understand this, dont you have any self respect? you think you might go get a real new life with someone who doesn’t act like your invisible?)”

… buy the letter to read the rest. Its a LONG bratty nasty letter & your cock is going to LOVE it! Your wife, not so much 😉

The slave divorce quiz

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

This homewrecking quiz will help you determine if you are ready to be ruined and homewrecked with a divorce or breakup and even help show you how much more you would rather worship me than be with your wife!

Taking this quiz will make your cock hard and then Ill use it against you so that while you are answering my hot homewreking questions, you have no choice but to let your cock do the talking!

Take the quiz now and find out if you should be or are ready to be homewrecked!


Homewrecking $$ Control

Cheating On Drunk Dean

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Princess Mindys Deviant Confessionals

This is a REAL confessional that I dont tell many people at all and is a REAL story that only a bad girl could have and only a story that a pervert submissive peon would love… and you will LOVE this story!

This is a confessional where I give the juicy details about me cheating on one of my boyfriends… The details are so dark and scandalous, I probably shouldnt be sharing this! BUT Princess doesnt care! Im a real life Princess, brat and bad girl and deviant sexy lil Goddess!

The story is set in party mode, when “dean” decided to be a big guy and get all frat boy like with the guys… Only I had a “little” hand in helping dead get more than drunk… what I did to him after getting him wasted is just cold! 🙂



Homewrecked & Loving it! Blog!

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

iloan has resurfaced! Last I heard from him he was in big shit with his girlfriend over how he never has money any more and its causing relationship problems… Which of course Im not overly interested in, Im more-so interested in getting what *I* want 😉

Well it seems he prefers to homewreck himself and keep on serving me, even if it means more fights! haha #Entertaining!


After sending several hundred to me and being privileged to be sent on a hunt to scrape some more together for a sexy BCBGMAX dress on amazon and providing this entertaining photo, Hes totally won himself his spot here by entertainment!

homewrecked-yahooLook at him… you can tell he doesnt have the money it takes yet hes hanging on, clinging and doing anything to try and keep up – even at the cost of destroying his relationship… all for me! haha All to please me! What a smart guy he is! 😉

Here is is being sent to answer a $200 tribute demand which he says thats all he has and as you can see, I dont care at all, I still want it! Oh and yes he managed to send more after!

All he has to do now is fulfill his next order to send me money in the mail and his mission to prove himself will be complete!

Bye bye bitches! 😉


Greedy Niteflirt Princess Blog Post

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012


a random comment I made in my blog has this weird thing going on right now. ukcock whore and my workhorse I think are in the middle of being “forced” to have webcam cyber sex with each other and then theres a couple random losers I have on yahoo who “offer their help” in being part of this filthy dirty homo sexual transaction… So it seems theres some sort of hot fetish in here. forcing slaves to fuck other slaves – you perverts just never stop amazing Me…I think somehow I should be able to profit from this idea somehow. So if any of you have any good ideas contact me and let me know how you think I can profit from “forcing” you idiots to have webcam sexy with each other?! like, guided sessions? or ???

ANyway ukcock whore has been a good little skank this week. he’s been very entertaining with his wallet and his pathetic ass kissing text. I do have to give it to him. his ass kissing has gotten very good lately!

My worskhorse continues his saga with his quest for My use & abuse. His relationship seemingly dangles by mere threads… but only if this bitch would get a fucking clue, get some self respect and just get the fuck out!!! lol He says shes watching him like a hawk… well watch harder bitch because he’s still buying Me stuff.. like about $250/$300 in new Chanel makeup, more David Lerner lamb leather blend tights, expensive flatware and his most recent $600 tribute. Today we were discussing how to get her to cheat on him. Then she gets ZERO hahaha!

jew boy hasnt been mentioned before but hes someone whos been calling me on niteflirt. When he first called Me and I told him to go tribute Me, he made a comment which I then replied “dont be a jew” haha he loves when I make cheap jew references to him… Today I ordered him to schlep My 200$ tribute button to the check out and pay up! that really got his jewish noodle going… funny one that jew is!

Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on

Heres a few pics…

Me out in lamb leather, sheer, TIGHTS and steve madden moccasins.


woohoo… my favourite moccasins YET!!! I cant remember which slave purchased these but well done!


Me wearing them out…


Me wearing them again! 🙂


My new David Lerner lamb leather blend skirt. fits amazing as always but Im actually shocked at the only “okay” quality of the skirt… not the leather. Its still nice though, just not the usual great quality.


Another pair of moccasins off my amazon wishlist




Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on

So… Last night I was talking to my addicted puppy and stumbled on this great idea… Im quit excited to start on this idea today… stay tuned!  :heellick:

Home-wrecking Roulette Game

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

This HIGHLY enticing and deviant home wrecking game is a nasty little temptation which will ruffle the feathers of your wife/gf like NEVER before
and very well may result in you being a single “man” sooner than later! Imagine going to work one morning and getting a call from your boring bitch, shes pissed of and says shes leaving… OMG Free Pass! All thanks to Me… Fill this quick and short form out and sit back and await for the home-wrecking Princess of your dreams to come and cause all kinds of sexy hell in your life…

Ill do my sneaky investigating on you with the info you provide and if I find your wife then its Game On! I may do it slow and in true princess taunting fashion and I may just go hard and fast and piss that gf/wife right off! This is unlike all my other home-wrecking stuff… You simply fill this out, sit back and wait. Wait and see what I do. Of course you may just get the thrill and have your cold feet soothed by My inability to track down all the info I want and need to really piss off that wife/gf and ruin your relationship!

Remember this is PURE bratty femdom fun… you’re wife has no chance against me and Ill let her know it too! Want to get homewrecked? Buy this Mini homewrecking form now and see if you Get It, or if you get off free and unmarked!

have fun trying to smooth this one over pup haha Hot deviant girls can do some serious damage in a stale relationship… wanna see how? Buy Now! (remember this is a mini little condensed and roulette style version of a Home-wrecking application form… you will not be acknowledged or have any communication with me UNLESS, I get what I want and need and will message you to let you know before I start so you can either pay Me off or watch your home-wrecking unfurl!


Greedy Spoiled Greedy Princess Blog

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

So it turns out My worskhorse went quiet because he had sent Me and email about how hes going broke and he needs a couple months break to get his finances back on track as hes put himself in a position after giving me all his bill money, extra money and some of his wifes money for months! haha! I read that yesterday and deleted it and never thought of him again… UNTIL
– I was updating My wishlist and seen this David Lerner skirt I really wanted… (I really like David Lerner… he has amazing lamb leather blend items with amazing quality) The skirt was down from $248 to only $128.00… and thats when I thought of My worskhorse again lol as soon as I wanted something, as soon as I wanted to use him for something else. Totally disregarding his financial position and attempts to go lick his wounds, I messaged him on yahoo messenger and let him know… I want something else and said to “make it happen”

xxxx: Have ordered the skirt Mistress despite my email – it seems I want to be destroyed

BOSSY BRAt: haha woohoo~


xxxx: You do it every time – have just asked wife to transfer last of savings

BOSSY BRAt: that skirt os going to look so fkin HOT on me!

BOSSY BRAt: haha!

BOSSY BRAt: last of savings on Me! nice

xxxx: Well your worth it Totally Mistress

So hes been privileged to hand over $600 earlier in the week and then proclaims he needs to recover from months of my greedy fun, he then cant resist still and buys me a sexy $128 skirt! Looks like I win some more! If you ask Me… he isn’t going anywhere for long, if at all!  :spank:

haha I got a very interesting blackmail application in a few days ago from a Finnish ass admirer and bi curious. I went on my Princess P.I work and discovered that the Finnish pup had a world of info just sitting there for me… Cha Ching! I sent him a $200 tribute link to click and within minutes it was sent… I followed with several other $200 tribute links which he took care of very fast. Next thing you know his wallet had been relieved of $1500 in tributes and another $200 on amazon! :money2:

The very next morning I decided he was ready for round two… :handcuffs: So I sent him a very sweet email reminding him of the things I sort of threatened him with the night before and what do you know? haha he had that $200 tribute sent lickity split! I knew what that meant… The gravy train was rolling through again!
We had so much fun… I threatened to tell his family he wants to fuck people he shouldnt and hes actually already a full fledged gay guy deeply in the closet and doesnt know how to come out. As you can see to the left, I even have proof of it all… just look at his sweet little gay picture. I made him pay $400 to look at that picture… in which he replied back laughing his ass off and sending a $999. tribute to Me! He had the un-blurred version but Iv blurred it out for obvious reasons! What was funny is, after awhile he would say things like “no one is going to believe that!” Because Id threaten to tell some pretty outlandish and shocking lies about him… hahaha As if I cared if one or many believed Me, at first 🙂 This weird shit isn’t the kind of shit you want floating around out there… Id say its safe to say he got the bang for his buck when he bought, filled out and sent to me his Russian Roulette Blackmail form! haha At the end of that little session which was no more than an hour, my new bitch had been privileged enough to have coughed up $2300 in tributes and some amazon as well. Over 4k in two mornings, about 2 hours in total… I like mornings like that!  :money2:

UK Cockwhore had the privilege of paying to watch my socks on cam!!! haha seriously I have to say – he is such a lucky slave to have been able to give Me his hard earned money to look at MY socks!

Oh and speaking ukcockwhore… My workhorse sent me a Yahoo message about my last blog post and said if UkCockwhore wants to fuck him that he has to pay Me for that! lol Okay I think this is a new fetish… Home-wreck men and then turn them into gay prostitutes! haha Finally my tableware from the UK arrives!!! Holy shit that was a long wait for that delivery and when My workhorse said the box was heavy I didnt think he actually meant THAT heavy! no wonder it cost him so much to ship it haha


a dress and sweater from one of my fav amazon sellers… they threw in that box of hair repair stuff lol


6 ounces of pure silver


Jessica Simpson *steel toe boots* boots the Finnish boy bought Me


More expensive Chanel make-up from My workhorse


Finally! My new cutlery from the UK


Getting my nails done


Having a Canadian at a pub




guess its time to sell these VERY worn tights!!! (contact Me for purchase $200)


woke up to a big bang… one of my shoe racks fell over!



Okay thats enough for now… Im off to go have a bubble bath and get ready for my Sunday!

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$$$ Wallet Tribute & Financial Servitude $$$

Remember… your worth is 100% dependant on how well you please & $ati$fy Me!



Monday, September 10th, 2012

I found this comment waiting for approval on one of my pages from some angry hateful “woman”… Id like to address her and also make an example out of her. (click the pic to maximize)

“I found this site on my bf’s computer. This is so fucking lame. What you do is wrong on every level! And believe me honey, your not even that pretty. Every dog has their day, and I hope I live to see you have yours bitch.


First of all, I dont nor anyone else who do these fetishes twist the arm and force these “men” to pay us, serve us and in case it over looked your pea-brain… the “men” are not being held at gun point at their computers and being forced to have boners while they LOOK for this!

Second of all, you have misused the figure of speech “every dog has its day”… So not only are you angry at the wrong person but you’re also an idiot too.

Thirdly you say I am not THAT pretty… so you admit I am pretty! haha I smell jealously Amy!!!

Lastly its “you’re” not “your”

Isn’t it pathetic when a woman lets herself go and her loser man goes off to stray and then the gross gf/wife gets angry at the sexy other woman? WELL NEWS FLASH LADIES… I DO NOT want your husbands or boyfriends… theyre losers to Me! I only use them and heres another newsflash bitch… they come slithering to Dommes like Me BEGGING to cough up huge amounts of cash!

So the next time you want to point your sausage finger at a girl like Me, just remember you have 3 more of those grubby greasy sausages pointing right back at yourself! Also direct your hate at these loser men and maybe grab a little self respect and cheat on his ass, take him to court and sue him into next year… But nooo we all know what you’ll do… youre going to nag, cry, call his whole family and then suck his dick before you go to sleep!

So fuck you and fuck off! xoxox

Oh and amy if you say sorry nicely, perhaps Ill forgive you… and then maybe we can tag team your boyfriend and really teach him a good le$$on?!

~ Princess Mindy

Homewrecking Application Form

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

This HOT application is for the hottest most deviant fetish you cant resist… Me home-wrecking you – This application is FILLED
with the most perfect questions that will have your balls throbbing and your stupid noodle drooling – because you will see just how crafty I am – Everything I ask in this form will set me up to make your wife/gf think you really do have a super star hottie in your life like me and when I contact her…s hes going to fucking LOSE IT!!!! Because when you fill this form out, Im going to have you and her by the balls… Ill be the head of your household after this… Maybe Ill toy with her, maybe Ill kick her ass out of your house… maybe Ill let her know you guys are over and to lose your number… Ill do as I like! you’re Mine – I dont share and I dont play well with others… its time for that bitch to get the fuck lost… your wallet and time is All Mine! All for My gain! 🙂

$50.00 This includes the form and my homewrecking! **Tip: Purchase this even just to see the audacity and the conniving deviant, yet very smart questions for an introduction into home-wrecking**

UPDATED: This file has been updated with even MORE deviant sexy homewrecking questions! Yes the newest updated version is what you will get from paying off this page! Its NEW, its hot and its so scandalous! (sept, 2012)


homewrecking homewrecker brat princess to help break up and divorce fetish male addict slaves. PTV / PPV for sale on niteflirt! Use your fetish femdom Nite Flirt account to buy this home-wrecker slave application form

Mindys Hot Body vs. your huge wife/gf

Monday, August 6th, 2012

This super cruel but very real and valid 10 points comparison is yet another deviant, mean and accurate comparison that will all the more make you realize how badly you need me to homewreck you and make you a free slave to serve me 24/7!!!

This is for the slaves who have hefty, porky sows for wives… Not only is this totally hysterical that I compare Myself to her THIS way… but its so fucking mean hahaha if she read this she would be so mad, she would probably eat the whole fridge!!!

Read this now to have the reality of Me vs her put in the most bratty, rude and Princess bully style that will surly make your dick explode for Me and shrivel up and hide when I talk of her… Oh if you think what you think of your blubbering wife/gf is bad… just wait until you see what and how Iv compared her too… and then how I speak so highly of MY hot self!


*** Wife Humiliation ***

10 devious ways to financially fuck

Monday, August 6th, 2012

10 devious ways to fuck your family financially to tribute MistressMindy 

these are 10 ways to financially skim from your family finances, or even fuck over your finances all for the sake of tributing Me!!!

However this deviant 10 sexy points are not made by Me, but My slave “MindysWorkHorse”, yep thats right – this slave is already in the middle of being homewrecked and Iv ordered him to create this… so here are 10 very deviant and scheming ways you can be a good homewrecking puppy and start your life of servitude to Me and setting the stage for that divorce!

Ill also say, when I read through this, after it was sent to me, I laughed my ass off as well was quite impressed.. this really is devious, sneaky, crafty and surly will send you straight to instant mega slave status and make you so much more closer to your divorce!!!

This one is sneaky though and is meant for sneaky crafty ways of ripping off your family finances or wifes and not getting caught… its the thrill of it all Im sure that will have you begging for me!

This is a full page, lots of ready quality “assignment” or guide! have fun and get ready to find 10 shady, sneaky underhanded awesome ways to send Me even more cash… with ways you probably never thought of!!!


Homewrecking chris & lisa MP3

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

This EVIL 11 minute MP3 is a sick, twisted & terribly bratty Home-wrecking piece which was made for chris and his wife lisa.
Hear me talk about My beauty compared to lisa’s gross looks and chalk it up to Darwinism and survival of the fittest… Sorry bitch your hubby is mine, your divorce is set in motion & guess what rump roast? – he buys me gifts too!– This is the nice stuff I say…

Listen now and get a SHOCKING 11 minute ear full of cruel home wrecking bratty, WIFE BULLYING… AND THEN I say a few things directly to her about how shes let herself go… and then I tell her how Im in my prime with nice boobs, long legs,a nice ass and a beautiful face too… I let her know she cant compete, not even in candle light!

THIS IS REAL BY THE WAY – chris is a new slave whos bough me jewlery, spends cash and complimets me all day long while he says the WORST shit about his wife… TRUST ME slaves you WANT to hear this BRATTY COLD HOMEWRECKING MP3… its HOT!!!


***chris paid $200.00 to listen to it and here is his feedback***

chris s: “Omg that’s out of this world &  Amazing. You sooo are….an evil one at that”

*** 11 Minutes of WIFE HELL & HOT WOMEWRECKING & its real!!!***


HOT Findom Captioned Pics

Monday, June 25th, 2012

HOT Findom Captioned Picture – TWO Versions!

This Hi-res large picture is a STUNNING, beautiful, CLASSY yet tease and slightly revealing photo.
of course this exposing panty wedge picture was an accident BUT the fact that Im sitting in over $3000 in 20 and 50 dollar bills, with fishnets and beautiful Jessica Simpson pumps on – the photo is PURE Financial Pornographic Art!

Version #1 is a captioned photo which ANY slave who loves to have his cash drained by me will love… it has a simple greedy bratty caption and a VERY hot view as I mentioned above!!! BUY NOW $5.00 

Version #2 WIFE HUMILIATION & HOME-WRECKING! – version 2 is a caption which Iv written JUST for your wife/gf – I do encourage you to accidentally leave this Captioned Picture for her to find… it says enough to make her so made shes burst and froth at the mouth as well become INSANELY JEALOUS… Buy Now $5.00

Panty worship, semi revealing upskirt/panty wedge, financial domination, Goddess Worship

Am I A man hater Or?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Am I A man hater Or Do I Just like To Abuse men?

So I got several messages in my inbox today from this bitch named wayne… One of the messages contained this snippet

“Do you mind me asking if you dislike or hate men, or just enjoy being in charge and using men and controlling them?”

So, I just had to do a little mini blog about it!

First of all, I LOVE men… I think maybe some might be surprised to know how much of a perverse lil bad girl I can be… point is, I like men and I like them allot! Add to that, I am most certainly not a lesbian or even bi sexual, nor curious. I am absolutely all about Men and 100% straight! Now this doesnt mean Iv never had a few too many vodkas and experimented once, or twice, or a few times or so…  :mrgreen:

So, no, Im not a man hating lesbian… even though if I was it would be perfectly fine too…

financial dominationIm going to give the long version answer to the question…

Pretty much right after high school I made one of my first websites… it had a blog section, a photo gallery, and one separate photo gallery dedicated specifically to my socks! ***keep in mind at this time I didnt know anything about any of this… I was just a girl with a website and was expressing myself for my friends and I*** It also had a section I titled “the dirties”, which referred to My ex boyfriends. “the Dirties” was a page where I would trash my ex boyfriends… I had a page full of the fuckers too!

I would have their picture off to the left, and then I would give them ratings… 1 to 10 for their looks, cock size, how good they were in bed,over all how good of a BF they were and a couple of sentences of what ever else I wanted to say… The page was a fucking HIT! it almost kinda went viral in my social circle… My girlfriends would show their boyfriends what I said about my ex who was one of their friends… Because how fucking raw and brutal my section on my ex’s was… people were sharing that link!!!

bratty cash princesAnyway people would ALWAYS ask Me, #1why am I so mean to my Ex’s and #2why do they keep coming back and stay my friends even?

and they would always come back… even after I flame them in my blog, post their naked pics, insult them… they would still come back…

This brings me to my point… of why? and am I a man hater or do I  just enjoy being in charge and using men?

Its simple, it turns me on, and the guys keep coming back because they LOVE it! obviously I date, and have always dated guys who were suckers for being mistreated by their gf’s…

Yes I love controlling men and I like using them, I like playing head games, I like teasing them I like making them feel stupid for trying to nibble at the carrot I dangled… I LOVE when they’ve had enough and they are gone, for sure!… Yeah, then I get the drunk phone call later that night begging to meet up and talk, through what Im sure most times is a hint of sniffling hahaha… I love it!

… My girlfriends have always, always said… “how do you get away with saying the stuff you do and they act like its funny or kind of cute?” – I make my boyfriends drive me around like they’re my personal chauffeur… and I expect and insist on door to door service. Theres no parking in the parking lot and walking to the doors, no… you drive me to the door and then go find parking and walk by yourself.

I personally think its that “cute and innocent” look that many people think Iv always had… mixed with me having a spicy and playful personality… when a girl has big huge boobs, looks cute and innocent but says something kind of crude towards you… its not something most guys know how to respond to… especially with my playful personality & the fact that I exude sexuality… most guys are just consumed in this exotic, sexy little spicy minx who clearly has “Black widow syndrome’

When guys (and they always do) become lost, horny and enamored with Me… its when I strike… slave/bf/guy toy is falling for me and Im conning, scheming, swindling, cheating and using them for whatever I want and as much of it… until there is either, nothing left and Iv become bored…

… and of course when it comes to some of you slaves, you just get treated like a disposable object, used and abused!

Iv used allot of comparison with boyfriends of my past and my slaves… Lots of times you develop “relationships” with your slaves.. some hardly, or not so great ones… and others much deeper. Both types, personally with BFs & online with slaves… give me satisfaction to have them groveling over me, giving me what I want and bending over backwards to get my attention… I use my physical advantages along with my obvious high intelligence, to dick with, tease and exploit men. on and off line… bottom line… I enjoy being a hot, sexy young Princess who has it so good, that Im a spoiled rotten brat & Im actually thanked for being ungrateful!

Men = toys… and I love to play!