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Greedy Spoiled Greedy Princess Blog

Product Category: Financial Domination, Home-wrecking

So it turns out My worskhorse went quiet because he had sent Me and email about how hes going broke and he needs a couple months break to get his finances back on track as hes put himself in a position after giving me all his bill money, extra money and some of his wifes money for months! haha! I read that yesterday and deleted it and never thought of him again… UNTIL
– I was updating My wishlist and seen this David Lerner skirt I really wanted… (I really like David Lerner… he has amazing lamb leather blend items with amazing quality) The skirt was down from $248 to only $128.00… and thats when I thought of My worskhorse again lol as soon as I wanted something, as soon as I wanted to use him for something else. Totally disregarding his financial position and attempts to go lick his wounds, I messaged him on yahoo messenger and let him know… I want something else and said to “make it happen”

xxxx: Have ordered the skirt Mistress despite my email – it seems I want to be destroyed

BOSSY BRAt: haha woohoo~


xxxx: You do it every time – have just asked wife to transfer last of savings

BOSSY BRAt: that skirt os going to look so fkin HOT on me!

BOSSY BRAt: haha!

BOSSY BRAt: last of savings on Me! nice

xxxx: Well your worth it Totally Mistress

So hes been privileged to hand over $600 earlier in the week and then proclaims he needs to recover from months of my greedy fun, he then cant resist still and buys me a sexy $128 skirt! Looks like I win some more! If you ask Me… he isn’t going anywhere for long, if at all!  :spank:

haha I got a very interesting blackmail application in a few days ago from a Finnish ass admirer and bi curious. I went on my Princess P.I work and discovered that the Finnish pup had a world of info just sitting there for me… Cha Ching! I sent him a $200 tribute link to click and within minutes it was sent… I followed with several other $200 tribute links which he took care of very fast. Next thing you know his wallet had been relieved of $1500 in tributes and another $200 on amazon! :money2:

The very next morning I decided he was ready for round two… :handcuffs: So I sent him a very sweet email reminding him of the things I sort of threatened him with the night before and what do you know? haha he had that $200 tribute sent lickity split! I knew what that meant… The gravy train was rolling through again!
We had so much fun… I threatened to tell his family he wants to fuck people he shouldnt and hes actually already a full fledged gay guy deeply in the closet and doesnt know how to come out. As you can see to the left, I even have proof of it all… just look at his sweet little gay picture. I made him pay $400 to look at that picture… in which he replied back laughing his ass off and sending a $999. tribute to Me! He had the un-blurred version but Iv blurred it out for obvious reasons! What was funny is, after awhile he would say things like “no one is going to believe that!” Because Id threaten to tell some pretty outlandish and shocking lies about him… hahaha As if I cared if one or many believed Me, at first 🙂 This weird shit isn’t the kind of shit you want floating around out there… Id say its safe to say he got the bang for his buck when he bought, filled out and sent to me his Russian Roulette Blackmail form! haha At the end of that little session which was no more than an hour, my new bitch had been privileged enough to have coughed up $2300 in tributes and some amazon as well. Over 4k in two mornings, about 2 hours in total… I like mornings like that!  :money2:

UK Cockwhore had the privilege of paying to watch my socks on cam!!! haha seriously I have to say – he is such a lucky slave to have been able to give Me his hard earned money to look at MY socks!

Oh and speaking ukcockwhore… My workhorse sent me a Yahoo message about my last blog post and said if UkCockwhore wants to fuck him that he has to pay Me for that! lol Okay I think this is a new fetish… Home-wreck men and then turn them into gay prostitutes! haha Finally my tableware from the UK arrives!!! Holy shit that was a long wait for that delivery and when My workhorse said the box was heavy I didnt think he actually meant THAT heavy! no wonder it cost him so much to ship it haha


a dress and sweater from one of my fav amazon sellers… they threw in that box of hair repair stuff lol


6 ounces of pure silver


Jessica Simpson *steel toe boots* boots the Finnish boy bought Me


More expensive Chanel make-up from My workhorse


Finally! My new cutlery from the UK


Getting my nails done


Having a Canadian at a pub




guess its time to sell these VERY worn tights!!! (contact Me for purchase $200)


woke up to a big bang… one of my shoe racks fell over!



Okay thats enough for now… Im off to go have a bubble bath and get ready for my Sunday!

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