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Homewrecking Application Form

This HOT application is for the hottest most deviant fetish you cant resist… Me home-wrecking you – This application is FILLED
with the most perfect questions that will have your balls throbbing and your stupid noodle drooling – because you will see just how crafty I am – Everything I ask in this form will set me up to make your wife/gf think you really do have a super star hottie in your life like me and when I contact her…s hes going to fucking LOSE IT!!!! Because when you fill this form out, Im going to have you and her by the balls… Ill be the head of your household after this… Maybe Ill toy with her, maybe Ill kick her ass out of your house… maybe Ill let her know you guys are over and to lose your number… Ill do as I like! you’re Mine – I dont share and I dont play well with others… its time for that bitch to get the fuck lost… your wallet and time is All Mine! All for My gain! 🙂

$50.00 This includes the form and my homewrecking! **Tip: Purchase this even just to see the audacity and the conniving deviant, yet very smart questions for an introduction into home-wrecking**

UPDATED: This file has been updated with even MORE deviant sexy homewrecking questions! Yes the newest updated version is what you will get from paying off this page! Its NEW, its hot and its so scandalous! (sept, 2012)


homewrecking homewrecker brat princess to help break up and divorce fetish male addict slaves. PTV / PPV for sale on niteflirt! Use your fetish femdom Nite Flirt account to buy this home-wrecker slave application form


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