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Month Long Jerk Schedule

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Do you like jerking off, is it something you do a lot? This is a One Month jerk schedule that will have you jerking off in loser mode for 30 days straight.

Every day there is a new loser or humiliating way or thing you must do while wanking. One Month of jerking off and serving Me by doing Femdom, male humiliation, JOI instruction type of things… This will drastically improve your boring sex life and give you something exciting to do for a whole month… So many loser things are waiting for you and there is going to be so much slave stroking and edging that you’re going to be transformed into a chronic dick jacking zombie who cannot stop touching himself.

16 page PDF / $75 /

jerk off encouragement joi

Cuckold Cues

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

8 deviant steps to land your wife in bed with another man… if you do all of these, before you know it, shes going to be getting laid by other men and maybe even big huge black cocks!

1 page PDF text assignment / $10 /

Homewrecked By BIG Cocks Training

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

This is a three page PDF file which gives you 4 days worth of instructions on how to submerge yourself in stroking to big cocks for the sake of ruining your relationship.
You will end up having so many gay cock sucking orgasms and doing this so much cock edging that you will find all of my instructions do a very good job at putting a huge wedge in between you and your wife or girlfriend.
If you follow all the instructions in this three page, 4 day instructional PDF you will find by the fourth or fifth day that you have absolutely zero interest in your own wife or girlfriend and you become completely focused on serving me on your knees as a dick slut.

3 page PDF / $.7.99 /

Buy the goody for instant access and the password.
((PDF files are the most popular file format used by all devices. I have upgraded my software so that I can now provide PDF files which are guaranteed to work on any device you are on– This PDF is attached in the goody as well will be downloadable from my site and you will have instant access to the password))

Date Night 01

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Date night series is an ongoing MP3 only series in which I create long and candid mp3 sessions which dupe as bad dates or dates gone wrong or dates with a terrible GF or dating your Mistress’ content.

Thats right, you cancel and ruin dates with real women in the real world and zone out on My long bratty but candid sessions which has a feel of you hanging out with me… being abused in some way hehe 😉 *BUY THIS DATE NIGHT 01 FIRST AND THEN OTHER MP3s IN THE SERIES*

So next time youre feeling lonely or you want a date or you have a date that you would like to fuck over for me… buy this and welcome to your new way to spend nights alone in your room.


Date Night 01 includes a detailed explanation on my vision for date night and then I jump into getting you naked and following my humiliating orders.

*please note this is only an mp3 and not a clip, not everything translates well with a clip. This is most effective as mp3 only.*

30 minute mp3 / $30 /

48 hour homewrecking assessment

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

This 48 hour homewrecking assessment is comprised of several things you must do and report to Me as to their outcome. To finish this assessment it will take around two days or 48 hours to get a clear result. You will know at the end of this 48 hours if you should be homewrecked or if your relationship stands a chance at all.
Good job on taking a great step towards having beautiful me, ruin it all for you. The commitment, the boringness, the same ole same ole routine the “fidelity”… all of it, ruined… and replaced by a lifetime of getting teased, used and walked all over by me!
Ive been a homewrecker for a number of years now, online. I know what to look for and its almost as if I can see which relationships are over a mile away. So Ive come up with this 48 hour assessment to decide how homewreckable you are and how close to it you actually are. (psst. These questions kind of gave Me extra amo to use against you and taunt you right out of that boring little commitment you’re locked in.
use the password in the paid attachment to enter the link below and instantly access the “48 hour homewrecking assessment”

$19.99 / text /

divorce fetish assignments

Mindys goon training – week 1

Friday, March 31st, 2017

goon: A silly or foolish person a.k.a. you.

 Ready to see what it’s like as one of my most dedicated and loyal worship bitches? See if you’ve got the nuts (or lack of) to handle the first week? Will your pathetic loser ass make the cut for week two?

This is a week filled with things you must do… 10 things to do to dominate and control your life and make you focus on Me for a whole week straight… you’re going to be suffering, sacrificing and jumping through hoops from morning until night… all for Me!!!

Ready to have slavery take over your life for a week of training??? Get on your knees and get busy!


Secret evil homewrecking fun

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Ready to humiliate yourself and your loser wife for the rest of the internet to laugh their asses off??? Inside is a list of five super-humiliating and secret tasks for you to put you and your girl exactly where you belong… the gutter.

 Warning: these are not nice things to do and some may seem really bratty, mean and fucked up… well, they all are but guess what?? I dont care – I’m a bratty little Bitch Goddess who gets her kicks out of humiliating & dominated you and your wife!

Homewrecking Games Pt1

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Part one of Homewrecking Games is going to RUIN your sex life with her… youre not going to even have the sex drive to give her a pity fuck or anything!

You’re going to be so busy jacking off to my homewrecking details everyday that when it comes time to be romantic with her… you simply wont be able to.

Buy this now and get wanking to my specific JOI instructions and put a nice huge wedge in between your relationship all for Me! 😉

$8 / Blog Post with captioned photos / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Its time to do more to put Me first and prove you’re a good slave who will do anything to obey his Princess. I have several tasks I want you to do for me that will put you on the fast track to Real homerecking.

Im so much hotter, fun and exciting than your wife/gf is. I deserve to have a huge army of men groveling at my feet waiting for my orders. As soon as you break up with her, your life as a slave is going to be soooo much better.

Rather just homewreck you fast and quick, Id rather draw this out and treat you like my personal ball of yarn. Im the kitten and Im going to bat you around and totally unravel you. Meaning, Im going to use HomeWrecking Games to have lots of deviant bratty fun homewrecking you slowly over time. This will be more fun, you know… watching your house of cards fall and making you not care at all. All the while using you and getting richer off you and your wife AND breaking you up at the same time.. Hot!

How I use married men

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

This is a nice long sexy and very deviant read that is sure to get any attached man’s bored cock, raging stiff rockhard… This is several pages of bratty home wrecking Princess text which includes 5 very detailed points on how I use married men and how I control them.

Also at the end I’ve included a 4 minute audio file which you can hear my devilish hot Princess banter and bratty beautiful voice bragging and giggling while I explain how I put myself above the wives and use and control married men. Here my sweet voice as I brag about allowing married men to be my wallets and how I float through life with Bliss on their dime

If you enjoy beautiful bratty princess girls who take advantage of lonely bored pathetic married man then this is for you. Your eyes are going to just love all this cold bratty, Home wrecking text and your ears and cock are going to melt over my MP3. You won’t even believe what a professional home wrecker and married man user I am! ~ Enjoy puppets:-)

$10 /




Forced Homewrecking Wanking

Monday, October 26th, 2015

you better keep jacking off to my clip or Ill tell your wife/gf what a pervert you’ve been behind her back… haha yep, thats right, now that Im used to your entertainment and cash coming in, Im not letting you stop!!!You can start jerking off right now and dont bother stopping… ever! I make you a deal, all you have to do i jack off and agree to the homewrecking masturbation and spending terms I give you in the clip & I wont tell your wife/gf what a little pervert you are behind her back… you dont want me to hurt her by telling her all about your dirty cheating ways do you? haha you better pull out that dick and follow my JOI orders in this clip then. Now!

6 minutes / $8.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Divorce Letter To Your Wife

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

This HOT and extremely mean LONG divorce letter is meant to be given to your wife!!!

Its time to get that divorce and this letter is a nasty, wifey heart and soul crushing letter that will detonate an H-bomb in your soon to be over relationship! Im so fucking mean… I tell her in explicit x rated detail how beautiful I am and how much you are under my spell… When your wife reads this letter it will be an instant end to the both of you – she will NEVER forgive you for getting mixed up with a vivacious Minxy young exotic Woman like me – OMFG her heart will be crushed because when she sees the pictures Iv attached she will know she doesn’t have a shot in hell in competing with Me!


***Free Teaser Snippet of the Divorce Letter***

The Divorce Letter To Your Wife (a free snippet)

“Hello, soon to be ex wife.

My name is Mindy and though you dont know me, I know a lot about you. Truth is, this is an email to you that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to send as your husband was going to say all of this to you and handle it for me. But, from what I understand you can be very difficult to deal with and quite irrational. Gee, lets hope your not menopausal today because this email just might make the last part of your ovaries dry up in an instant.

Ill try to be kind.

First let me tell you a little bit about the kind of young Woman I am and who I am to you, your husband and your family.

Im a young woman in her peak. My breasts are full, round and they bounce all over the place… men, including your husband cant resist them. They either want to touch and suck them, worship them or they’re trying to get these huge future milk machines to walk down the isle with them. Because Im a biracial girl, I have a yearly tanned body with the sexiest perfectly coloured small nipples. My ass is irresistible as its the perfect mix of both worlds… not too big and not too small and a shape thats right in between the two ethnicities.

Admittedly even thought I knew your husband was not single, I did tease him a little in my provocative and expensive stylish clothes… you understand why I did that though, right? I must have been ovulating and I cant help the things I do when my body is making my young fertile pussy wet. It makes me be a bad girl and prey on weak husbands for fun and bratty thrills. Sure, you’re nearly dried up and have never been half as physically appealing as I am, but you can understand, cant you?!

So, naturally your husband couldn’t resist and began to peruse me in a very respectful and submissive way. I know, this part might sting for you as I know he doesn’t put any effort in when it comes to you. (I dont understand this, dont you have any self respect? you think you might go get a real new life with someone who doesn’t act like your invisible?)”

… buy the letter to read the rest. Its a LONG bratty nasty letter & your cock is going to LOVE it! Your wife, not so much 😉

The slave divorce quiz

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

This homewrecking quiz will help you determine if you are ready to be ruined and homewrecked with a divorce or breakup and even help show you how much more you would rather worship me than be with your wife!

Taking this quiz will make your cock hard and then Ill use it against you so that while you are answering my hot homewreking questions, you have no choice but to let your cock do the talking!

Take the quiz now and find out if you should be or are ready to be homewrecked!


Homewrecking $$ Control

Sissy Homewrecker VM

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

This is a realistic voice-mail style mp3 you should leave on your home voice mail/answering machine for your wife/gf to find and listen to… Its devilishly genius… It starts out sounding like you had an affair – A cute and sexy voice, eluding to something sexual. She will be PISSED in the first part of this voice mail… she will be so hurt as Im obviously a sexy young Minx! My voice sure sounds like someone she should be jealous of. The things I say will make her want to cry with jealously… BUT THEN, near he end of the voice mail, it takes a turn in another direction that will leave your wifey/gf totally MIND FUCKED!!!!

What she thinks is a HUGE mistake on your part in having another hot woman, leaving a “I had a good time message on the wrong number// turns into some sick and perverted mind fuck that will leave her baffled as to what kind of weird pug you might be?!?! Mind fuck your wife/gf now with a hilarious, bratty homewrecking voice mail that just might cause a massive blowout in your relationship!

Buy this NOW & let it play on your home voice mail!

$5 /

Homewrecking $$ Control

Cheating Wife Lessons

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

This will help you use real tactics to get your wife/gf to cheat on you… Using your cock, her pussy and both your tiny minds to work as one in my deviant and genius method to get attached women to cheat!!!

Maybe you want to be her cuckold & lick some real mans cum out of her? Or you just want her to find someone else so you can be free of her, or maybe you’re just a pervert loser who wants to be homewrecked?! Taking & doing these lessons of mine will result in your wife sucking & fucking cock thats NOT yours!

Buy this now & before you know it, you’re wife/gf will be cheating on you


Sexual Humiliation 4 Attached

Homewrecking $$ Control

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Homewrecking Financial Control MP3

This ultra cute & mega bratty, deviant MP3 is in Princess conversation style while I explain why I have to keep calling your house and justifying forcing you to send me cash… I mean, you did sign my contracts, so, what did you expect? haha

Listen to me, with the hottest brat devil voice in a matter of fact but super deviant way explain this world of  homewrecking, financial control… I dont like the word “blackmail” but I certainly put your balls in the grinder and exude forceful financial control over you… or I could always tell your wife how much you love me!

Fetishes: Homewreking, wife humiliation, Princess voice, financial control (blackmail), slave contacts

Length: 8:15 / MP3 / $5 /