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Greedy Niteflirt Princess Blog Post

Product Category: Financial Domination, Home-wrecking


a random comment I made in my blog has this weird thing going on right now. ukcock whore and my workhorse I think are in the middle of being “forced” to have webcam cyber sex with each other and then theres a couple random losers I have on yahoo who “offer their help” in being part of this filthy dirty homo sexual transaction… So it seems theres some sort of hot fetish in here. forcing slaves to fuck other slaves – you perverts just never stop amazing Me…I think somehow I should be able to profit from this idea somehow. So if any of you have any good ideas contact me and let me know how you think I can profit from “forcing” you idiots to have webcam sexy with each other?! like, guided sessions? or ???

ANyway ukcock whore has been a good little skank this week. he’s been very entertaining with his wallet and his pathetic ass kissing text. I do have to give it to him. his ass kissing has gotten very good lately!

My worskhorse continues his saga with his quest for My use & abuse. His relationship seemingly dangles by mere threads… but only if this bitch would get a fucking clue, get some self respect and just get the fuck out!!! lol He says shes watching him like a hawk… well watch harder bitch because he’s still buying Me stuff.. like about $250/$300 in new Chanel makeup, more David Lerner lamb leather blend tights, expensive flatware and his most recent $600 tribute. Today we were discussing how to get her to cheat on him. Then she gets ZERO hahaha!

jew boy hasnt been mentioned before but hes someone whos been calling me on niteflirt. When he first called Me and I told him to go tribute Me, he made a comment which I then replied “dont be a jew” haha he loves when I make cheap jew references to him… Today I ordered him to schlep My 200$ tribute button to the check out and pay up! that really got his jewish noodle going… funny one that jew is!

Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

Heres a few pics…

Me out in lamb leather, sheer, TIGHTS and steve madden moccasins.


woohoo… my favourite moccasins YET!!! I cant remember which slave purchased these but well done!


Me wearing them out…


Me wearing them again! 🙂


My new David Lerner lamb leather blend skirt. fits amazing as always but Im actually shocked at the only “okay” quality of the skirt… not the leather. Its still nice though, just not the usual great quality.


Another pair of moccasins off my amazon wishlist




Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

So… Last night I was talking to my addicted puppy and stumbled on this great idea… Im quit excited to start on this idea today… stay tuned!  :heellick:


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