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Hey slobber puppets! :hl: Free Audio / Podcast

My “fitness journey” is finally showing SOME REAL results… I realized after weeks of bruises and not really making much effort with my stripper pole, that I needed one or two things. I absolutely needed more upper body strength for the weight I am right now… and or as well to lose weight. Well in the middle of trying to get in better shape for my stripper pole fun I realize how much better Im starting to feel working out through out the week and most times something daily…

A couple of weeks ago I first noticed something – When we were last bowling I remember the balls being SO MUCH lighter than usual, then the other day I was joking around with someone and said “yeah check out my new guns” and squeezed my arm while I flexed lol But I actually noticed my muscles felt – more full, maybe harder or bigger?! Anyway Im obvs getting results and though I havent tried any actually pole moves the past couple weeks… Im SURE when I do Ill actually be able to do some of the simple spins at least lol because before I couldnt! AT ALL! so Woohoo!

Iv bought a skipping rope and weights for the house and a new yoga mat to stretch on… All of which I expect one of you idiots or devotees to pay me back for! $120.00 should take care of it! I cant wait to get some cool new booty shorts and do skipping, stretching & yoga clip$! I cant wait to get back to the pole… One thing was obvious however, and that was that the “exotic dancing” part is NOT an issue for me! Iv been dancing since I was a baby.. it just come naturally to me! I never intended to do much more than the cute girly twirls and stuff on the pole with sort of a jazz style sexy dancing… but sheesh what a fkin job it is just trying to get to that stage lol… Props to strippers haha thats serious fitness!

One of my new sexy slave forms I made (Fetish Interrogation Exploitation Form) and sent out has caused quite a bit of attention with my niteflirt slaves so all of you other servants who are not on My nf mailing list & didnt get the mail… Here it is! Fetish Interrogation Exploitation Form

I have to say… most of the time when I send out stuff I have one thing on My mind & thats how its making me money but this time I was having so much fkin fun reading the results. I actually learned so much through this nosey fetish form hahah Because Im so smart its already resulted in sexy cash too! haha I love making you idiots pay to make me more money… I think Im a Professional Double Dipper 😉

One of my new addicts is a hypno junkie and loves when I hypnotize and mind fuck him… which I do very, very well! I had his penis up and down, throbbing, dead, and spending ALL when I commanded! His sexy $2100 hypno session was not only sexy for my purse but pretty fun too! Ohh the control over you slaves minds is such fun!

New Hypno Stuff:

20130319-091949.jpgSissyMichelle was a lucky girl this week too – she got to cough up a hot little $200 tribute as well speak with me TWICE on my Lucky 7s ($7.77 per min) line! Theres actually been several new pieces of meat that have come and lay themselves before Me the past week… Though check Me out – who could blame them! Im a sexy girl!

Take kody for example… Though he likes to refer to himself as KodyLovesDildos… this lil subbie has had all of his money he had taken from him this week all in the name of My beauty! HA! I like! :ta: He’s just one of a handful of new victims Iv exploited this week!

Its been quite an entertaining and profitable week and a half… which is odd considering it was pretty quite during my birthday… so way to go losers obviously trying to be cheap and staying away on my birthday… you guys did a good job making this year the worst birthday you guy have ever done in terms of gifts! Which is exactly why the fun photos with GFs and details are not being shared… you losers certainly do not deserve that this year!

All this week Iv had my #niteflirt main line at $7.77 per minute – and it sure seems like you little dweebs just LOVE the higher rates… which is fine by me of course 😉 Theres been a slew of my pups who have actually been kinda quite who have come slithering full speed out from under their rocks, with wallets in hands calling my $7.77 lines and tributing BEFORE I even instruct them too… like my lil boozer boy who I havent talked to for months till just last night… lilsslut, brian, baldviking and many more pervs have all fell victim to the hot lure of my lucky 7s the past week… and were double dipped with tributes too!!! Lucky 7s for me, obviously haha

Lets not forget sock sniffer who had a late night $400 sock worship cam session… lucky boi! He loves to pay xxxxxx as well which means 99% of the cash goes straight to my bank! Hot!

New Pics
A sexy days work! Almost $1800 My cut in a sexy day!


Just ran to Canadian Tire for some odds & ends for the house


Me putting my shoe in your mouth


Selfie!!! 😉


In the change room


No make up, in the morning just before a work-out!


shopping on the weekend… trying on a hat


Instructing you to get on your knees and sniff it!


My new mani pedi


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