Hot Girl Homewrecking Manipulation mp3

Im such an uppity, arrogant cruel little Princess in this mp3 – I sound like such a deviant vixen... I tell you how little I care about your wife/gf’s feelings and even make fun of you for having to fuck that thing! Then I tease you with my voice and talk all sex kitten like, reminding you how great and fantastic I am, with my hot body and sexy mind… I lure you in, trap you and mock you. I throw in your face how Ill never like you back but all the ways Ill have you wrapped around my finger… Then I start to encourage you to follow your heart and seek out homewrecking because in the end the truth is – you want to be home-wrecked and you’ll do anything to be free to be my bitch 24/7 with no boring wife/gf in the way! Just watch how I manipulate you into feeling the way I want you too! haha 🙂

Fall in love with my cool, sexy and in control voice and my magnetic deviant personality! you cant resist me or my voice… buy now, listen now – get hooked!

Length: 7:30

$ 7.77

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