Mindy VS wife Manipulatrix MP3

Mindy VS. your Wife/gf Home-wrecking Manipulatrix MP3

5 minutes of me talking so great about myself, trash talking your wife/gf…humiliating her AND THEN…
I use light, genius manipulation tactics against you… I convince you that you dislike her even more then you already do… AND THEN, I point out all the bratty reasons and real reasons she sucks… then I brag some more… comparing Me to her… I make her look like shit… Im OBVIOUSLY trying to home-wreck you and Im making your bitch sound like a total flea-bag… Listen now and hear HOW MY GENIUS and bratty and so deviant mind works… hear the shocking things I DO actually dare say.. Hear now & get a GOOD sense of my style & hear just how deviant this mind can get – trust me, after hearing this… you’re one step away from being single! ***Keep THIS in your MP3 player or ipod!!!***

5 minutes long / $5.00

[light mind games, humiliation, wife humiliation, self-edification, home-wrecking, manipulation & deceit ]

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  1. victor Says:

    i love your homewrecking stuff. i am so grateful there is somebody as wonderful as you out there to completely destroy marriages.

  2. Jan Smit Says:

    it has been a very good intiating journey. Princess Mindy is so mindblowing, it is easy to stand out in any comparison!

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