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Blackmail Voodoo Spell

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

This magical and real voodoo blackmail magic spell comes with detailed reading plus a voodoo image with details for you to load on your phone as well.

This blackmail voodoo spell takes several hours to finish so you will be busy stroking in ritual to blackmail for hours… when its all done you will have released and sent me your info to very diabolical black magic way.

This is real blackmail and real black magic as well.. You can’t resist, buy/stroke now!

Blackmail Instructions / $50

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Blackmailed by nylon boot feet JOI

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Using my dirty nylon feet in over the knee, kitten heel black boots to TRAP you into REAL blackmail!! Stroke and cum to a blackmail description so real and a guided blackmail visualization that feels so good that you might accidentally actually follow the visualization commands and do it… This is JUST a guided JOI & cum countdown blackmail visualization so no matter how tempting it is or how blurred the lines are just stroke but, don’t actually send me the info and hit send on your application… if you can help it 😉

11 minutes / $16.99 /


Drunk real blackmail confessional

Monday, March 19th, 2018

oops I had too many glasses of wine while having fun filming clips and ended up drunk. Now Im ready to spill the beans on the huge blackmail scandal from about 4 or 5 years ago when the US Army guy got dishonorably discharged after SOMEONE leaked the photos of him jerking off to his flatmates underwear and sent them to his Army sargent

The last time I heard from this looser he couldn’t even get a decent job after he was ruined and was now cleaning toilets as a janitor for a cheap motel. OMG who did that to the poor underwear sniffing wanker? that poor pervert… haha

This is a REAL blackmail confessional and if you like watching ice cold Women whose mannerisms reflect a mean little devil, then this clip is for you!!

Watch me snack on vegan chips and a bota box while I confess some crazy ass stuff!

6 minutes / $24.99 /


Magical Blackmail Coaxing

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

I use a skillful arrangement of words along with the tone of my voice which leaves you floating in bliss… Time seems to stop, it seems you become transported away from your real life – Only my words and voice exist.

I guide and lead you away while making blackmail seem like its only positive and your emotions surrounding blackmail magically change and you find yourself horny and ready to submit.

You get both coaxed into hitting send while experiencing my amazing hypnosis like mental play which literally as the ability to make you physically feel my cues and surrender to sending me all your info.*This is like magic and it works!*

10 minute audio MP3 / $19.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

fetishes: blackmail, guided press send, mind fuck, mental play

Blackmail Mind Control

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

This is a very dangerous MP3 as it’s focused around blackmail and controlling you, putting a spell on you, using black magic and the powers of my voice, words and your impressionable Enchanted mind to weaken you and make you succumb to hitting that send button.

Listen to this while you have a blackmail application open and use this MP3 to fill out the information and to hit send. But I’m warning you now, if you listen to this you are going to hit send so be very careful because this MP3 gets in your brain, it gets in your mind and controls you. I will be reprogramming you and controlling you from within your mind and you won’t be able to do anything other than to fill out the blackmail application and hit send.

$17.99 / Length: 5:35 /

blackmail mind control


Watch, The First Spell before doing this.

Homewrecking $$ Control

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Homewrecking Financial Control MP3

This ultra cute & mega bratty, deviant MP3 is in Princess conversation style while I explain why I have to keep calling your house and justifying forcing you to send me cash… I mean, you did sign my contracts, so, what did you expect? haha

Listen to me, with the hottest brat devil voice in a matter of fact but super deviant way explain this world of  homewrecking, financial control… I dont like the word “blackmail” but I certainly put your balls in the grinder and exude forceful financial control over you… or I could always tell your wife how much you love me!

Fetishes: Homewreking, wife humiliation, Princess voice, financial control (blackmail), slave contacts

Length: 8:15 / MP3 / $5 /

Info Extraction Brainwashing

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Info Extraction Manipulation Brainwashing MP3

So you’ve purchased a diabolical and super deviant application form from me but you cant get quite weak or stupid enough to submit all that hot powerful information to me… Well get a load of THIS MP3 because if you think I was going to let you NOT surrender it all to me haha you were mistaken! 😉

This hypnosis or brainwashing mp3 is filled with hypnotic manipulations, trickery dialogue and pure devilish talent as I make your mind dumb, cock hard and implant your need to surrender to me! Watch how your mind is stolen and as I lead you down the road of mindless hypnotic manipulation, how you actually feel extra horny, excited WHILE the feeling of stupidity and mindlessness actually take over!

Then I lead you into a mindless dick jerking frenzie all while you’re mindlessly sending your info… Your info is mine now… this is JUST what you need to push you over the edge. If you buy this, you’re getting hypnotically manipulated & *I* Win! Fair warning is given!

Length: 8 minutes

Quality: Near Pro

Price: $9.99

Fetishes: Hypnosis, brainwashing, manipulation, mental weakness, JOI, mind controlled physical feelings, total surrender, information surrender

~ you’ll also want to buy this too

Blackmail Motivational Tease

Monday, October 8th, 2012

This taunting, tempting and teasing blackmail mp3 is a motivational mp3. Just like those normal relaxation or motivational mp3’s mine will relax you and motivate and tease you into wanting and being unable to resist blackmail. I use soft subtle effects along with my sexy voice to lead you into a state of surrender. You’ll be so teased by my suggestions and lured by by vixen bratty tease voice… the quality relaxation track which softly plays in the background will just add to your mindlessness… you float away and follow my words… words which guide you into stupidity, horniness and the thirst for real blackmail. Watch how your mind go to mush while your dick gets hard for the blackmail… watch how you will be sending me your info shortly after listening to this! 🙂

if you need  little sexy push or a slight mind tease and blackmail motivational tease then this is it! (Play it on loop while you sleep!)

Length: 7:18

$10.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Let all your blackmail inhibitions float away as you drift off and have your mind manipulated and toyed with by my soft spoken sexy Blackmail motivational MP3 tease… This is like light hypnosis mixed with relaxation all to motivate and stimulate you into blackmail… its deviant seduction, its manipulation and its 100% going to lead you by your own balls right into blackmail.

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Blackmail Truth MP3

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

!!!OMFG!!! The Truth About Blackmail MP3! HOT & EXTREME

This 7 minute MP3 will make you say “OMFG!” in absolute cock-hardening SHOCK! Hear not only the truth about my blackmail, but hear extreme situation which are humiliating & devistating about how far Id go blackmailing you!!!

Listen as I talk down to you, humiliate you & give you jaw dropping details on what could happen to you in REAL blackmail & EXTREME financial domination! My dialogue in this MP3 is AWESOME, its more like a mini-phone session where you get to hear what Ill do to you & how blackmail works! Fuck fantasy – Listen to this bitch! AWESOME blackmail MP3, teaser & harsh-hot details!

Not for the faint hearted, or the losers who like light play… If you are and want to try your loserness at something a little more hard-hitting… Buckle up bitch, This is a wild REAL MP3 and it could be YOU!

Length: 7:58 Minutes

Price: $15.99

Buy Now

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