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Blackmail Motivational Tease

This taunting, tempting and teasing blackmail mp3 is a motivational mp3. Just like those normal relaxation or motivational mp3’s mine will relax you and motivate and tease you into wanting and being unable to resist blackmail. I use soft subtle effects along with my sexy voice to lead you into a state of surrender. You’ll be so teased by my suggestions and lured by by vixen bratty tease voice… the quality relaxation track which softly plays in the background will just add to your mindlessness… you float away and follow my words… words which guide you into stupidity, horniness and the thirst for real blackmail. Watch how your mind go to mush while your dick gets hard for the blackmail… watch how you will be sending me your info shortly after listening to this! 🙂

if you need  little sexy push or a slight mind tease and blackmail motivational tease then this is it! (Play it on loop while you sleep!)

Length: 7:18

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Let all your blackmail inhibitions float away as you drift off and have your mind manipulated and toyed with by my soft spoken sexy Blackmail motivational MP3 tease… This is like light hypnosis mixed with relaxation all to motivate and stimulate you into blackmail… its deviant seduction, its manipulation and its 100% going to lead you by your own balls right into blackmail.

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Customer Reviews

I listened to Blackmail Motivational Tease over and over while viewing a her sexy photo; what an effect!! My mind turned to mush and my cock really throbbed uncontrollably for her Blackmail!! I can’t resist her!! I’ll listen to it again to help me as I fill out her Blackmail contract!


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