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Miss Mangina 2014

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Miss Mangina 2014 – The vagina comp 4 gays, sissies, losers and cross dressers! Get your pussy NOW & show it off!

This is a contest where slaves will send me their mangina pics… they’ll be posted to my blog and twitter to show my recent submissions. Then Ill save the photo in my Miss Mangina 2014 folder and at the end of the year the best mangina will win the title Miss Mangina 2014!

I did a 1 week mangina competition before and it was way too short, especially from how much fun actually came from it! So this one is a year long and you’ll also get to see it on my blog and view others comments after you send your pic in too and get some pretty unique training as well!

Included are all the details you’ll need to compete (anyone who sends a pic with out the password Iv provided in the details will just be deleted with out even being viewed! You must purchase this to have Miss Mangina 2014 fun!)

Also special instructions on how to make your mangina look as real as possible!!! After reading this and trying the techniques and suggestions your dick will be Long Gone… and you will actually literally find you have a pussy! Imagine being able to turn your dick into a pussy for your next sissy or loser pics! I had some entertaining picture submissions last year… lets see what you Lady boys can do!

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5000 Gay Sucks

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

This is a highly gay and very homo pervert thing to do – so consider this a warning, you must LOVE sucking cock, gay assignments and even gay cumming to do this dick jacking assignment! OMFG 5000 gay sucks will be made with your mouth and potentially 5000 gay dick stokes with specific gay instructions that will lead you down to a small dirty countdown which gives you a small window of opportunity to cum… it will be an ulltra pleasurable gay cum which you will be anticipating the whole way through!

I give specific details on how you’ll fulfill the dirty homo tasks and in the end theres even a gay compassion chart.. how gay are you? what do the results show for you?! Have fun jacking off while sucking all the way to 5000 and end in oe dirty gay cum fest which then will tell you & I just how much of a gay cock muncher you really are!

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Extreme Sissy Repair

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Extreme Sissy Repair Assignment

you look worse than bad daytime drag and its disgusting! You need this intense sissy clit hardening repair assignment to save you!!! this crazy and very extreme sissy assignment will make you look the best you have ever looked… this is so intense Ill be sending you out on Real feminization and sissyfication experiences which will leave you changed, transformed and convert your physical appearance for all to see!

If you want to take your sissy life or feminization to the next level you need this invasive gender transforming assignment because you suck right now and all you have to do is follow this assignment to the very last girlie letter and you WILL become a more visibly femme sissy!

obviously Im not giving away the details of what you’ll be doing inside but I will say that this is quite sexy, hot and very extreme… this is probably all your hottest sissy fantasies you’ve ever wanted to do and more – being ordered on you! Take the plunge… become a real femme sissy now! (style instructions included!)

***this is not your typical sissy assignment… you WILL be femme, extremely sissyfied and pretty much a girl after this!!! Guaranteed!***

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Guidette Feminization Task

Monday, October 8th, 2012

have you ever wanted to be a jersyshore sissy? Well now you can with my guidette feminization lessons assignment! Take this awesome feminization assignment now and learn how to become one of the jersey girls and probably end up getting used by some beefy guido too! woohoo lucky you! Ill have you with out panties, drunk and so much more – you wont be allowed ot have any self respect but you will definitely have a good time.

This is a feminization assignment guidette style so if you want to take your sissyness, feminization or action to a whole new level then become a jersy skank sissy and do this assignment! Right now you just look stupid but Ill help transform you into someone who looks stupid and slutty and not just your average cock hungry loser… you’ll be a tipsy slut who makes men want to use you.

some of these feminization demands/orders/tips are going to require you to have some “balls”… others will turn you femme instantly… others will public… the end result is the same… you’re guidette feminized sissy and you’ll probably end up with lots of real life, real time dick in your orange lip stick mouth!

This assignment is lengthy one and may take up to 6 months to complete. This is real and this could keep you busy half of the week for the next 6 months with a very real and clear goal… This is for the real sissies and the serious femme slaves… not only does it include hot 3 days a week vibrator action but it also demands dedication and the “sac” to do some of the dirty and needed steps!

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Fetishes: Feminization, Sissy training, sissy humiliation, slave assignments, slave training, guidette femme training

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Gay Outing Roulette Game

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Doing this AWESOME, super risky yet deviant fun and semi safe “Gay Outing Roulette Game” is the perfect way to have the rush and thrill of being exposed, with a good
chance you wont be… ONLY this roulette gay homo outing will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for and exactly what you need.

you’ll be slightly teased with my gay questions and one cock hardening easy demand which will make you face just how gay you REALLY are… disclose a number of personal things to me, secrets, REAL info and a few other things. Not too much but a little – The idea is you give me only SOME of the information I would want and need to expose you and have my fun in what ever way I wanted – YET a lot of the info I need and want is NOT asked, which means Myself as well you have a 50/50 chance at being the winner!!!

Will you get exposed? will this turn into a huge gay session? will you end up humiliated and mocked? Or will you get the THRILL of a lifetime while your gay-ness stays private and you dont get exposed? Will you discover that you’re More Gay than you even thought?!?! Will I some how MAKE you more gay and end up “dicking you around”? hahaha

*** Sit back and twiddle those gay thumbs bitch because this is an experience which will surely give you the hottest gay experience with all the idiot feelings you love best… like suspense, a Princess doing as she pleases and maybe even a bit of gay exposure fear… all at the hands of a hot Princess who may or may not track you down and EXPOSE YOU!


Iv only made the cost of this $20.00 as all my Roulette forms are easy and more than fun for me to do while possibly causing a little ruckus  in your life! Usually interaction like this would cost $100.00 just to start! However considering this is Roulette and I dont have to talk to your boring ass and I may get some hilarious content out of you for my blog during your gay outing… I make more giving this away for an inexpensive price! haha So please do treat yourself to this “heck of a deal”… bite the bait homo, you know you cant resist 🙂

Fair warning… if you get caught.. Im doing what ever the F I want to out you for My personal fun and giggles! 😈