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poppers, JOI, magic & findom intro

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

This popper clip uses mind fuck, stroking and magic all in one clip to introduce you to a world of loaded robot spending and stroking… SO MANY POPPER SNIFF COMMANDS – There are so many vocal and text commands to sniff and stroke so you will be getting very buzzed in this clip.
Thats when I start My manipulations and Princess magic by using enchanted money Drawing Oil for you to sniff along with the poppers. The results are you become entranced into a world of jerking off, spending and sniffing. You cannot stop spending… can’t stop sniffing.
You’re brainwashed, horny, weak and stuck in My web… there is nothing you can do besides allow My power to take over and stroke yourself into a cum countdown, popper sniffing orgasm that brainwashes you for life!
**Warning: this makes your orgasm intensify your buzz**

25 minutes long / $40 /


Thanksgiving Fuck Over 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be turned into a popper sniffing, jerk off stroke bot, drunken worship-bot… I mean, can you think of any other better time to be grabbed by your balls and controlled all day… forget your family and friends, this Thanksgiving is all about Me, and turning your entire day into a train-wreck of stroking and popper sniffing.

You will be horny all day, stroking, spending, getting nice and buzzed while engaging on secret loser missions that you have to perform in front of people adding to your thanksgiving with humiliation and loser feelings…

just when everyone thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic… you do! Get fucked over this thanksgiving and make your boring Thanksgiving one to remember by giving your entire day to obeying My commands.

5 page slave assignment / $20 /

Fetishes: jerk off instructions, cum instructions, humiliation, poppers, intox, Goddess worship, chastity

Month Long Jerk Schedule

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Do you like jerking off, is it something you do a lot? This is a One Month jerk schedule that will have you jerking off in loser mode for 30 days straight.

Every day there is a new loser or humiliating way or thing you must do while wanking. One Month of jerking off and serving Me by doing Femdom, male humiliation, JOI instruction type of things… This will drastically improve your boring sex life and give you something exciting to do for a whole month… So many loser things are waiting for you and there is going to be so much slave stroking and edging that you’re going to be transformed into a chronic dick jacking zombie who cannot stop touching himself.

16 page PDF / $75 /

jerk off encouragement joi

Poppers Titty Zombie Club 2

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018


Remember part 1 of the Titty Zombie Club? This is part 2 which includes A LOT of poppers and titty worship.

This boob worship and extreme popper sniffing club is on week two which makes you so buzzed and keeps you stroking so much that you actually turn into a real life zombie!

Theres at least 20 popper sniffs and lots of wanking to about 8 hot bouncy boob cleavage photos, and 4 pages of instructions to follow to  help make your zombie transition extra intense.

4 page PDF / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Blackmail & Poppers Application

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

This blackmail application is made to work with poppers and edging. You will be sniffing and stroking while engaging in blackmail fun with this interactive blackmail application by reading and sending off 20 blackmail questions to Me.

This is a PDF file which works on all devices which makes it quick and easy to access and get into trouble with 😉

Stroke and sniff LOTS of poppers just reading the blackmail application… and even answering requires more sniffing which means you are going to be SO BUZZED that by the time I make you hit send you won’t even realize you’re doing it because you’ll be too caught up sniffing and stroking… Full sniff and stroke instructions are provided in this 3 page PDF. This is a full real blackmail application that you should buy and fill out if you want to be blackmailed.

$49.99 / Real Blackmail Application / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

weak vulnerable man quiz

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Hi slave,

I have a fun and very accurate quiz that I would love for you to take. You see, I love having lots of slaves, it makes me feel powerful and sort of feeds this deviant side to Me. The only problem is some slaves don’t make the cut – you know, some slaves are struggling with the fact they are more submissive than not or are hanging on to the idea that maybe one day, just one day maybe they might be an Alpha man… I know, silly right?

Slaves should just go ahead and enjoy themselves even if it is on your knees with my foot in your mouth while I  wink at you and tease you while cleaning your accounts out… how can this happen if you’re still fighting with the wannabe man bits left inside you?

How about My good boy slaves who are happy to be totally obedient to Me, sometimes they need me to help them discover who they are and learn about themselves. Of course there are also other good reasons one might need this quiz and if just for fun or curiosity alone by the end of this quiz you are going to learn just how weak and vulnerable to a deceptive sexy vixen like Me who often prances all over the backs of men…

Are you weak and easy to you? A total beta or do you have a few manly fibers in your body?? Take my quiz now and find out how much of a real man you are… or are not! (this is not a clip its a quiz)


Goddess Tits Addict Training

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

1 week of extremely irresistible, perverted and brainwashing instructions that will totally reprogram you into my addicted tit zombie – Warning: this is very powerful so stroke and obey at your own risk!

Your brain will be taken control of, your cock focused on my hot cleavage while my dirty Femdom orders brainwash you into a horny spending robot… FREE 1 minute clip with spirals, brainwaves and my bratty images will impose its magic on you and you wont be able to stop what Im doing to you.

Using your dick against you while I use many fetishes to make you an even bigger moron and then BOOM, I use mind fuck and cock teasing techniques when you’re weak and completely zombify you!

& days of instructions, 7 days of brainwashing, 7 days of jacking off and being fucked with, 7 days of total fuckery – My tits, your mind – any questions???

Buy this now and be transformed into an addicted tit addict!

slave assignment training with 10 steps written out with full details, 1 free clip and 10 amazing cleavage pics

$15 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Poppers & Private Info Surrender

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Once I get you sniffing poppers and stroking, you’ll be singing like a blue-bird and giving me all kinds of private and personal information about yourself. (and who knows what Ill do with it!)

Ive laced this assignment with custom mind fuck animated graphics which make you zone out and even trigger you to sniff more and more and more… This is a deviant way to make you weak and send me TONS of your info. Ive used brainwashing, visualization, hypno control and spirals and mind fuck graphics to take control of your mind. You have no chance to resist sending it all to me.

A full page of stroking commands, sniffing commands, hot photos and even evil mind control techniques to make you become very weak and addicted.

Cum instruction included and when you cum to this fucked up assignment, you will be so buzzed out and mind controlled you wont even know what you just did… in fact the assignment doesn’t even end there… I give you more sniffing hypno commands and make you keep on serving me!

Stroke, sniff and submit Now!

$15.99 Buy from Princess-Mindy through