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Loser tasks 4the ULTRA LOSER

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Loser tasks for the ULTRA LOSER!

5 loser tasks for serious losers who don’t deserve o be treated well… some are private tasks, some are sort of public, and this could take you all day long to complete which will keep you in Mindy Mode all day long, serving Me.

The fetishes are chastity, JOI, licking, public, humiliation, homewrecking, and punishment

If you really want to be a good loser slave you have to earn it through humiliation and slave duties… lower yourself even lower now and do these 5 tasks to entertain Me and your expense.

$8 / slave assignment /

Thanksgiving Fuck Over 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be turned into a popper sniffing, jerk off stroke bot, drunken worship-bot… I mean, can you think of any other better time to be grabbed by your balls and controlled all day… forget your family and friends, this Thanksgiving is all about Me, and turning your entire day into a train-wreck of stroking and popper sniffing.

You will be horny all day, stroking, spending, getting nice and buzzed while engaging on secret loser missions that you have to perform in front of people adding to your thanksgiving with humiliation and loser feelings…

just when everyone thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic… you do! Get fucked over this thanksgiving and make your boring Thanksgiving one to remember by giving your entire day to obeying My commands.

5 page slave assignment / $20 /

Fetishes: jerk off instructions, cum instructions, humiliation, poppers, intox, Goddess worship, chastity

Month Long Jerk Schedule

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Do you like jerking off, is it something you do a lot? This is a One Month jerk schedule that will have you jerking off in loser mode for 30 days straight.

Every day there is a new loser or humiliating way or thing you must do while wanking. One Month of jerking off and serving Me by doing Femdom, male humiliation, JOI instruction type of things… This will drastically improve your boring sex life and give you something exciting to do for a whole month… So many loser things are waiting for you and there is going to be so much slave stroking and edging that you’re going to be transformed into a chronic dick jacking zombie who cannot stop touching himself.

16 page PDF / $75 /

jerk off encouragement joi

7 day jerk off schedule

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

I have created a 7 day stroke schedule for you losers and betas to follow. You will be jerking off in various loser ways and following my instructions.

Included is a 7 day calendar you can print off and keep with you. The 7 day schedule and calendar includes stroking, no cuming, stroking with cuming, cum eating, humiliation, humping and worship.

5 page PDF / $25 /


Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Hi, wallet. some of you are reprogrammed ATM machines while others need a little training to fully embrace your life as a spend bot, so I have created a 5 part school for Financial Training.

This is class 1. The findom training gets more intense and expensive as you move through them. 1. is for beginners.

3 page pdf / $4.99 /


Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

FINANCIAL TRAINING: CLASS 101 The Basics of Tributing

Hi, wallet. some of you are reprogrammed ATM machines while others need a little training to fully embrace your life as a spend bot, so I have created a 5 part school for Financial Training.

This is class 1. The findom training gets more intense and expensive as you move through them. 1. is for beginners.

1 page pdf / $1.99 /

Mindys titty zombie club

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Do you consider yourself a true bouncy boobs fanatic? A slave who would do anything for my perfect and holy jiggly breasts? Well Goddess Mindy’s TITTY ZOMBIE Club is now open and accepting applicants!

Follow these steps outlined in the initiation process (alongside 5 perfect pics of my even perfecter Goddess tits) to earn your beginner’s badge and start your journey even deeper down the titty-drone well. Good luck and happy trails Titty Zombies!

2 page PDF text file with pics / $20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Thursday, May 17th, 2018

This summer your slave life is being turned into a source of fun, spending and entertainment all for ME! You’re whole life is changing… cheap food, etc. Im going to have an amazing summer while you’re converted into a doormat.

Read this page of greedy self serving Mindy text to learn the 7 new changes you must implemented into your life and spend your summer in slave fun, being My wallet! *includes a short 1 minute video of Me out spending your money*

$1.99 / 1 page text page /



Build a Shrine to God Mindy

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Learn how to build a serious beta fan shrine to worship in true Femdom junkie fashion…

I give you all the steps needed so that you have ti engage and be active in this by getting supplies from in public and also the chance of looking stupid in public too. As well how to spend your life worshipping at the Shrine of God Mindy


weak vulnerable man quiz

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Hi slave,

I have a fun and very accurate quiz that I would love for you to take. You see, I love having lots of slaves, it makes me feel powerful and sort of feeds this deviant side to Me. The only problem is some slaves don’t make the cut – you know, some slaves are struggling with the fact they are more submissive than not or are hanging on to the idea that maybe one day, just one day maybe they might be an Alpha man… I know, silly right?

Slaves should just go ahead and enjoy themselves even if it is on your knees with my foot in your mouth while I  wink at you and tease you while cleaning your accounts out… how can this happen if you’re still fighting with the wannabe man bits left inside you?

How about My good boy slaves who are happy to be totally obedient to Me, sometimes they need me to help them discover who they are and learn about themselves. Of course there are also other good reasons one might need this quiz and if just for fun or curiosity alone by the end of this quiz you are going to learn just how weak and vulnerable to a deceptive sexy vixen like Me who often prances all over the backs of men…

Are you weak and easy to you? A total beta or do you have a few manly fibers in your body?? Take my quiz now and find out how much of a real man you are… or are not! (this is not a clip its a quiz)


Mindys goon training – week 1

Friday, March 31st, 2017

goon: A silly or foolish person a.k.a. you.

 Ready to see what it’s like as one of my most dedicated and loyal worship bitches? See if you’ve got the nuts (or lack of) to handle the first week? Will your pathetic loser ass make the cut for week two?

This is a week filled with things you must do… 10 things to do to dominate and control your life and make you focus on Me for a whole week straight… you’re going to be suffering, sacrificing and jumping through hoops from morning until night… all for Me!!!

Ready to have slavery take over your life for a week of training??? Get on your knees and get busy!


Goddess Tits Addict Training

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

1 week of extremely irresistible, perverted and brainwashing instructions that will totally reprogram you into my addicted tit zombie – Warning: this is very powerful so stroke and obey at your own risk!

Your brain will be taken control of, your cock focused on my hot cleavage while my dirty Femdom orders brainwash you into a horny spending robot… FREE 1 minute clip with spirals, brainwaves and my bratty images will impose its magic on you and you wont be able to stop what Im doing to you.

Using your dick against you while I use many fetishes to make you an even bigger moron and then BOOM, I use mind fuck and cock teasing techniques when you’re weak and completely zombify you!

& days of instructions, 7 days of brainwashing, 7 days of jacking off and being fucked with, 7 days of total fuckery – My tits, your mind – any questions???

Buy this now and be transformed into an addicted tit addict!

slave assignment training with 10 steps written out with full details, 1 free clip and 10 amazing cleavage pics

$15 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Money making machine slave

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

if you were making more money you would be so much more interesting & useful. You spend so much time sleeping and eating that if you cut that in half and lived like a money making machine, you would be a lot more useful. I dont think you really need that much sleep anyway, in my opinion you should work for me 24 hours a day. *this might actually make you tons more money*

So, now that you understand youre just a bank machine for me I think you should starting making me 5 times the amount of money you make now… Im going to help you turn into a cash making workaholic

I have some valuable business advice for you and after you read this 3 page post & see the captioned findom pics, you’re going to turn into a cash-bot slave… Watch how you will turn into a more efficient ATM machine with even new ideas on how to take on even more work so you can make even more money for me – if you like financial domination, being used and viewed as a pay slave, greedy Princess talk  & get off on my bratty business ideas, This IS For You!!!

Buy this now and have me motivate you to work more, take stimulants and pull all nighters working, quit socializing and get another job and other amazing ways to turn you into a hardcore cash making robot. The MP3 included will make you rock hard and ready to work more and more and more! 

$20 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

fetishes: financial domination, edging, sex control, food and sleep control, reprogramming, addiction creating, money fetishes, Goddess worship, greedy, bratty business advice

Vibrational money slave alignment

Monday, August 24th, 2015

This is way more powerful than hypnosis and if you listen to this with an open mind, it will have a powerful effect on you.

I use your emotions and the law of vibrations to co-create with you through my very deliberate, skillful and powerful use of my words, a reality will happen to you. I will use your emotions to reprogram you and make you love spending and unable to resist your urges to do so. You will fall hard when you realize my understanding of your mind allows me to take you on road in which you can actually feel your emotions and body responding to the things I say.

This video will do two things.

1.manipulate and mind fuck you with a very charming and magical 6 minute dialogue which will harness your emotions and steer you into a one way world of being a full time money slave!!!

2. Seemingly magically transform you into a real actual money slave that will result in you doing more spending than you ever planned!

I make becoming a money slave seem so easy, like its the right thing to do and you will feel Sooo good after you hear what I have to say. In fact, you’re going to feel so good that you’ll be spending for your own pleasure! 😉

Fetishes: co-creation, brainwashing, vibration money slave alignment, law of vibration, emotional manipulation, reprogramming, financial domination

6 minutes / $6 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Blackmail Application Contract 2015

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

This is the main blackmail application – This is  a revised version of many of my other blackmail applications with a a few fun twists. Use this as the base application and then buy others customized to your situations, like married or gay and then add that info with this. OR, Use this alone to submit your info to me.

This blackmail application contract has bad ideas to help you get stupid enough to Hit Send… It has 3 groups of questions which range from mandatory, some and optional, which means this application is even more exciting to fill out and look at. How dumb will you be? Oh Yeah, and just to help you be extra stupid, Ive included some captioned photos to help you fill it all out and Hit Send! 😉

Have Fun! 😉 Think Less/Obey More