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Moonlight Masturbation addict spell

Friday, March 13th, 2020

This powerful magic spell has a penis stroking ritual that will leave you totally addicted to jerking off for the rest of your life.
All you have to do is stroke your penis to these magical instructions and take part in the JOI ritual and watch how My magic has you totally addicted to masturbation with black magic!

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5 tips to cum faster like a loser

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Imagine if you were only able to jerk off or have sex for SECONDS at most – you would be SO HUMILIATED and jerk off sessions would make you feel like an even more pathetic loser than you already feel!
Well, I have 5 amazing tips which are like training techniques to make your ability to penetrate and pump a woman or even your own hand get reduced to mere minutes or even seconds… you won’t even have a sex life after doing this for a few months…

Do this loser training now and watch your ability to jack off get ruined by your premature ejaculation problem that turns into a sex life ruining humiliation! hahaha enjoy loser!


Divorce Letter To Your Wife

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

This HOT and extremely mean LONG divorce letter is meant to be given to your wife!!!

Its time to get that divorce and this letter is a nasty, wifey heart and soul crushing letter that will detonate an H-bomb in your soon to be over relationship! Im so fucking mean… I tell her in explicit x rated detail how beautiful I am and how much you are under my spell… When your wife reads this letter it will be an instant end to the both of you – she will NEVER forgive you for getting mixed up with a vivacious Minxy young exotic Woman like me – OMFG her heart will be crushed because when she sees the pictures Iv attached she will know she doesn’t have a shot in hell in competing with Me!


***Free Teaser Snippet of the Divorce Letter***

The Divorce Letter To Your Wife (a free snippet)

“Hello, soon to be ex wife.

My name is Mindy and though you dont know me, I know a lot about you. Truth is, this is an email to you that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to send as your husband was going to say all of this to you and handle it for me. But, from what I understand you can be very difficult to deal with and quite irrational. Gee, lets hope your not menopausal today because this email just might make the last part of your ovaries dry up in an instant.

Ill try to be kind.

First let me tell you a little bit about the kind of young Woman I am and who I am to you, your husband and your family.

Im a young woman in her peak. My breasts are full, round and they bounce all over the place… men, including your husband cant resist them. They either want to touch and suck them, worship them or they’re trying to get these huge future milk machines to walk down the isle with them. Because Im a biracial girl, I have a yearly tanned body with the sexiest perfectly coloured small nipples. My ass is irresistible as its the perfect mix of both worlds… not too big and not too small and a shape thats right in between the two ethnicities.

Admittedly even thought I knew your husband was not single, I did tease him a little in my provocative and expensive stylish clothes… you understand why I did that though, right? I must have been ovulating and I cant help the things I do when my body is making my young fertile pussy wet. It makes me be a bad girl and prey on weak husbands for fun and bratty thrills. Sure, you’re nearly dried up and have never been half as physically appealing as I am, but you can understand, cant you?!

So, naturally your husband couldn’t resist and began to peruse me in a very respectful and submissive way. I know, this part might sting for you as I know he doesn’t put any effort in when it comes to you. (I dont understand this, dont you have any self respect? you think you might go get a real new life with someone who doesn’t act like your invisible?)”

… buy the letter to read the rest. Its a LONG bratty nasty letter & your cock is going to LOVE it! Your wife, not so much 😉

Miss Mangina 2014

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Miss Mangina 2014 – The vagina comp 4 gays, sissies, losers and cross dressers! Get your pussy NOW & show it off!

This is a contest where slaves will send me their mangina pics… they’ll be posted to my blog and twitter to show my recent submissions. Then Ill save the photo in my Miss Mangina 2014 folder and at the end of the year the best mangina will win the title Miss Mangina 2014!

I did a 1 week mangina competition before and it was way too short, especially from how much fun actually came from it! So this one is a year long and you’ll also get to see it on my blog and view others comments after you send your pic in too and get some pretty unique training as well!

Included are all the details you’ll need to compete (anyone who sends a pic with out the password Iv provided in the details will just be deleted with out even being viewed! You must purchase this to have Miss Mangina 2014 fun!)

Also special instructions on how to make your mangina look as real as possible!!! After reading this and trying the techniques and suggestions your dick will be Long Gone… and you will actually literally find you have a pussy! Imagine being able to turn your dick into a pussy for your next sissy or loser pics! I had some entertaining picture submissions last year… lets see what you Lady boys can do!

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24 hour wanker addict assignment

Monday, November 4th, 2013

This 24 hour jack off wank-a-thon assignment is full of slave details of how you will spend your 24 hours! Obviously you will be on a dick jacking assignment which lasts 24 hours but you WILL want and need the details which you must purchase to do…

Cuming will be allowed but ONLY if you can wank to my cum rules and cum the way I say and exactly when I say…

Do you like masturbating and jerking your pecker off? Endure 24 hours of jacking that dick with tease, torture, worship and more… then have your addict cock wanked (if you can) to try and meet the cum goals…

Of course this is all to be in servitude to Me… knowing that I know you’re cock will be put through the test, jacked off to the point of agony which makes me giggle and smile! Jacking off to my orders, rules and guidelines feeds my power trip and objectifies you all at the same stroke & time!

The effects of this assignment will be felt for many many days after hahaha!

Buy this now & get the details to the craziest 24 hours of your life! Serious jack off slaves only!


Your Wifes Sex Quiz : quiz

Friday, July 19th, 2013

This is a SNEAKY sex quiz your wife/gf will take and unknowingly send YOU ALL the results! Find out what kind of man she REALLY wants, does she secretly want a big black dick? Is she an in the closet vag licker or has she already cheated on you or does she want to?

I give rules and the How To’s to attempt a sneak and risk free way to get your wife to take this deviant sex quiz and send you all the results… she wont have any idea! You;re probably itching to know how this could possibly happen, but you’re going to have to pay for this crafty idea… and if you’ve ever wanted your wife to cuckold you then you better buy this right now!

This quiz is just for your wife or gf and asks a series of questions that are asked quiz style… she wont have any idea its all staged. Want to have a hotter fetish sex life with your wife? then take this quiz and learn what really makes her panties wet and if someone else is getting them wet for her right now!


The Love sick Spell

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

The Love sick & addicted Spell

This is a real actual magical powerful love spell, which WILL own your ass & make you hooked, in love & sickly addicted to Me!!! – While doing this spell you wont be able to stop or doubt anything because you’ll be too busy being rendered MINDLESS and intoxicated while you become more andmore smitten with Me… with each stroke and chant, you lose control and fall deeper! After doing this spell you will be owned & enchanted!!!

Watch how doing this spell actually makes you feel tingly and you ACTUALLY feel burning magic in your balls while pulses and vibrations go through your body as my powers and the spell take over you!

Theres steps you must do to complete this spell & of course Im not going to give the spell away here for free but I will say it is interactive and will require you to jerk off and cum in a very ritualistic detailed way!!! Even though you know this is real and you will be hopelessly addicted and in love with Me and tributing Me when this is done – you wont even be able to stop half way through this – because you’ll be too busy getting addicted to that mystical siren energy thats making your body actually physically weak while giving you vibrations… which just means its working. After doing THIS spell – you’re going to be chasing a whole new kind of femdom fetish high!

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Extreme Sissy Repair

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Extreme Sissy Repair Assignment

you look worse than bad daytime drag and its disgusting! You need this intense sissy clit hardening repair assignment to save you!!! this crazy and very extreme sissy assignment will make you look the best you have ever looked… this is so intense Ill be sending you out on Real feminization and sissyfication experiences which will leave you changed, transformed and convert your physical appearance for all to see!

If you want to take your sissy life or feminization to the next level you need this invasive gender transforming assignment because you suck right now and all you have to do is follow this assignment to the very last girlie letter and you WILL become a more visibly femme sissy!

obviously Im not giving away the details of what you’ll be doing inside but I will say that this is quite sexy, hot and very extreme… this is probably all your hottest sissy fantasies you’ve ever wanted to do and more – being ordered on you! Take the plunge… become a real femme sissy now! (style instructions included!)

***this is not your typical sissy assignment… you WILL be femme, extremely sissyfied and pretty much a girl after this!!! Guaranteed!***

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