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Chastity Guided Brainwashing

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Chastity guided meditation and brainwashing makes your resistance to having your cock locked up totally disappear!! You resist chastity but only *I* deserve to control your penis and use your hardness against you and this clip will mind melt your thoughts and reprogram you into being a total chastity addict who ends up craving and giving into the cock lock and key!

This mind fuck clip has you inhaling My princess vibes and chastity vibes, holding your breath while these magic vibes disarm your thinking, and followed by guided exhales which take away all your resistance.

I jingle the keys in your face and laugh as I talk about having your keys in My hands and you being at My mercy… Watch this and end up mind fucked right into chastity!

21 minutes long / $25 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Chastity & Foot Worship Pics

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

22 beautiful chastity, and foot worship photos of me holding the device which I’m going to lock your dick up in. I’m wearing the sweetest dress and espadrille wedge peep toe heels which offer the hottest views of my toes, soles, and heels… Some photos are captioned, some have artistic editing, and others are without either. you’re going to be desperate to be locked up in chastity for Me while being an utter slave to My perfect pretty feet.

22 pictures/ $9.99 /

Loser tasks 4the ULTRA LOSER

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Loser tasks for the ULTRA LOSER!

5 loser tasks for serious losers who don’t deserve o be treated well… some are private tasks, some are sort of public, and this could take you all day long to complete which will keep you in Mindy Mode all day long, serving Me.

The fetishes are chastity, JOI, licking, public, humiliation, homewrecking, and punishment

If you really want to be a good loser slave you have to earn it through humiliation and slave duties… lower yourself even lower now and do these 5 tasks to entertain Me and your expense.

$8 / slave assignment /

Thanksgiving Fuck Over 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be turned into a popper sniffing, jerk off stroke bot, drunken worship-bot… I mean, can you think of any other better time to be grabbed by your balls and controlled all day… forget your family and friends, this Thanksgiving is all about Me, and turning your entire day into a train-wreck of stroking and popper sniffing.

You will be horny all day, stroking, spending, getting nice and buzzed while engaging on secret loser missions that you have to perform in front of people adding to your thanksgiving with humiliation and loser feelings…

just when everyone thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic… you do! Get fucked over this thanksgiving and make your boring Thanksgiving one to remember by giving your entire day to obeying My commands.

5 page slave assignment / $20 /

Fetishes: jerk off instructions, cum instructions, humiliation, poppers, intox, Goddess worship, chastity

Chastity Contract

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

lose control over your very own cock and balls by being cock locked while *I* have the keys.
Buy this Chastity Contract to see the rules and contract…#KeyHolding #cockLockUp

PDF File / $20 /

Month Long Jerk Schedule

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Do you like jerking off, is it something you do a lot? This is a One Month jerk schedule that will have you jerking off in loser mode for 30 days straight.

Every day there is a new loser or humiliating way or thing you must do while wanking. One Month of jerking off and serving Me by doing Femdom, male humiliation, JOI instruction type of things… This will drastically improve your boring sex life and give you something exciting to do for a whole month… So many loser things are waiting for you and there is going to be so much slave stroking and edging that you’re going to be transformed into a chronic dick jacking zombie who cannot stop touching himself.

16 page PDF / $75 /

jerk off encouragement joi

Chastity cum challenge

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

this is a task you chastity slaves are going to LOVE… You’ll need a chastity device and a horny cock to do this challenge and it only takes up to one hour to do.

IF you fail the chastity you will end up locked up in your chastity device for a time frame I specify in my clip… want to have some cock teasing fun in your chastity with the possibility of getting locked up by Me for a specified time frame if you fail??? This fun chastity challenge is for you!!

7 minutes long / $8.99 /

10 ways to fuck it all up

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

10 hot and super deviant tasks that are SURE to Fuck It All Up for you… Are you dumb enough, horny enough and in need enough for some serious Princess mischief? Wanna get your rocks off in 10 mini tasks which make up 1 big life changing assignment?Its creative, unique and will include edging, dick jacking, cumming, and LOTS of possible trouble if you get caught… Married? Have a gf? Well, shes going to be less than a happy woman with some of these… This will set up the stage to fuck things right up for you… fucking you right over all for the fun of being my good bitch!

I bet you are stupid enough to do this assignment… or maybe your cock is just stupid and horny and youre soo weak you cant resist these trouble making tasks? haha Its going to feel way to good when you obey my horny commands… every single one is a BAD idea… Bad ideas you and your cock just cant resist! Have fun and remember… youre doing this for me, so just ignore your better judgement and obey your dick and my words! ~ have fun! 😉 xoxox


Fetishes: MANY, including joi, humiliation, semi public, chastity and More!

Pussy Whipped Into Chastity 2

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

You WILL end up cock locked in chastity and you 100% will send me your keys, all on your own desire, after you do this guided cock exploding detailed chastity commands…

8 intense and semi artistic chastity pussy panty tease, worship and command photos are inside… so you get to follow my orders and have ZERO chance of resisting… how can you resist cumming to my photos while following hot commands which will have your dick in chastity,your balls TOTALLY drained and even experience a chastity boner while you clean up that cum!

Get pussy whipped into chastity now!!! The chastity follow along assignment which includes cei, joi, tease / worship pics, and chastity lock up guided play, panties/vagina smelling! *Chastity guaranteed! If you follow all the details, I will hold the keys to your drained and horny controlled chastity cock!



2 Months Of Chastity

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

This is assignment guides you through a hot and steamy evening which results in your being locked up in chastity and sent to mail me the keys… Firstly you get to read my awesome text which taunts and teases you into actually doing the commands inside… I make you get the biggest hard-on of your life then in that state give you chastity demands which you WILL do because you wont be thinking clearly because of the raging hard cock you have haha…

This assignment or demands and offers is a detailed piece of work with lots of awesome fetish-y and femdom text to read in addition you will experience my perverted manipulation and bratty seductions first hand… Watch how fast you end up locked up and sending Me the key!

Obeying, following and participating in this hot chastity assignment will result in the hottest dick tease, cock locked, tease and denial manipulation experience of your life… The whole process from start to finish is 2 month and even that length of time and the genius reasons of why are detailed inside!

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