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Date Night 01

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Date night series is an ongoing MP3 only series in which I create long and candid mp3 sessions which dupe as bad dates or dates gone wrong or dates with a terrible GF or dating your Mistress’ content.

Thats right, you cancel and ruin dates with real women in the real world and zone out on My long bratty but candid sessions which has a feel of you hanging out with me… being abused in some way hehe 😉 *BUY THIS DATE NIGHT 01 FIRST AND THEN OTHER MP3s IN THE SERIES*

So next time youre feeling lonely or you want a date or you have a date that you would like to fuck over for me… buy this and welcome to your new way to spend nights alone in your room.


Date Night 01 includes a detailed explanation on my vision for date night and then I jump into getting you naked and following my humiliating orders.

*please note this is only an mp3 and not a clip, not everything translates well with a clip. This is most effective as mp3 only.*

30 minute mp3 / $30 /

Psychological Princess MP3

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

This 10 minute psychological mp3 is filled with the slickest manipulations you’ve ever heard… psychological mind games and slightly suggestive dialogue which all dances in and out of your addictions being carelessly mocked at you! Ha ha… I giggle and playfully spin webs around your mind as I descriptively brag about my body and mind in ways that make your mind weak and agreeable.

My perfect sexy voice and its enchanting sound will not only make your dick hard while simultaneously numbing your mind… you will also be subject to more psychological head games and deviant manipulations as I encourage you to leave the real world behind and take a binge-cation in Mindy Land!

I slowly describe your battle as an addict and do it in a mocking and mimicking way haha what a brat! “aww and you try So Hard to stay away haha but you never can!” In a playful voice, while Im totally squeezing your nuts!

Do you enjoy being toyed with, manipulation, teased, giggled at, mocked and mimicked, listening to braggadocious & greedy girls exude their power over you or psychological mind play in a Princess-y way? then buy this now and have your dick and mind take over!

10 minute mp3


(ignore the spelling error on the image. woopsie! -I dont feel like fixing it!)

Uranus Space Travel mp3

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Uranus Space Travel mp3 : Intergalactic ASStronaut

you’re about to take a journey deep in to your anus as an intergalactic ASStronaut  – but before you make it deep in your anus you must endure the G3 force in your own personal deep abyss of your black hole… you can feel the pressure with in you – Oh no, you’ve left HERths atmosphere and now you have no voice and your gay moans dont even exist… Dont fuck up your mission… you;re instructed to put your prob deep within your anus… hurry, data is needed!

Quick while you’re still deep in your anus, fuck yourself hard… quick before you;re consumed by the sea of methane! Hurry you must prob Uranus fast and hard… hurry you’re needed on planet stupider next!

This genuineness, HIGHLY entertaining and super brilliant space MP3 both educates you while violating your man hole… be sure to have your fingers or dildo ready as you listen…

runtime: 4:21 / high quality MP3


Fetishes: Space Fetish, Gay, Ass fucking, Humiliation, Implied gay science speech.

Free Preview : listen now

Disgusting Gay Surprise

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

This is not for the weak or hetero types because this repulsive and highly gay and very gross assignment will make you gay if you’re not already
! Guaranteed! This is a surprise audio assignment, Im not telling you anything about this assignment… all you need to know is when you listen to this assignment you should be at a specified location. The specified location is told to you, you go there and what happens at your specified location, will not be told to you until you’re there and its time to “Do It!”

Theres a 5:39 minute MP3 attached which tells you wehere to go and then it tells you all the details you must do. The idea is you dont get to decide if you want to do this assignment… youre not being given details till you’re at “the spot” – you’ll have no time to think or talk yourself out of it and since you’re already there… you may as well go try!

Next thing you know – you’re gay, been humiliated and turned into a disgusted perverted gay boy!

Audio Assignment Length: 5:39


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A snotty SPH mp3

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

This awesome small penis humiliation MP3 doesnt just humiliate, ridicule and emasculate all men with small cocks (which it does very well haha), (more…)