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Month Long Jerk Schedule

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Do you like jerking off, is it something you do a lot? This is a One Month jerk schedule that will have you jerking off in loser mode for 30 days straight.

Every day there is a new loser or humiliating way or thing you must do while wanking. One Month of jerking off and serving Me by doing Femdom, male humiliation, JOI instruction type of things… This will drastically improve your boring sex life and give you something exciting to do for a whole month… So many loser things are waiting for you and there is going to be so much slave stroking and edging that you’re going to be transformed into a chronic dick jacking zombie who cannot stop touching himself.

16 page PDF / $75 /

jerk off encouragement joi

Black magic and booze

Friday, May 25th, 2018

9 deviant black magic ritual steps which include A LOT of drinking and mind altering stroking are given in this assignment which will open up doors and black magic portals. Portals which fill your life with exciting and very real effects which leave you a complete and total entranced jerk off junkie.

After you complete this spell, you will be hexed a forever stroke addict who cannot resist any urge to slither like a bug on the ground beneath me and wank your laughable slave penis. This will be more than usual… now you are addicted and spiritually tied to jerk off loser land… you cannot stop. you’re hexed for ever… jerking your whole life away and loving it!

$25 / 3 page PDF text file / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

cum cocktail drinking game

Friday, March 31st, 2017

This is a great assignment for when you have a night off and alone from the stresses of the world. Sit back, relax and spend some time with Goddess, your slave dick & get ready to jerk and cum.

A bottle of booze, your gross loser cum  and your loser brain are required… have fun!


cei joi intoxication fetish drinking games

3 loser highballs

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

3 loser highball recipe’s are included with specific details which will make you some VERY unique strong drinks that are sure to get you well buzzed!!!

Fetishes in the recipe’s: humiliation, jerk off, cum & cum eating. These are for losers ONLY!!

Enjoy the 3 drinks and the process you will have to do to make the drinks happen. They are very creative, some perverted and even humiliating… you will be getting buzzed for sure all while you stroke and be in servitude to Me.

These are for perverts, losers, lush puppies and freaks ONLY so if you dont like getting drunk AND humiliated at the same time then you better be careful because these will make you a buzzed dirty loser and might make you addicted to catching a buzz in perverted weird ways!

have fun! This provides possibly 2 – 3 hours of fun in preparation, jacking and drinking

$15 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

this is not a clip / these are amazing recipes with a full page of details of what to drink and how to do them all.

drunk gay cock addict CEI

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

This gay slave assignment includes: intoxication drinking orders jerk off instructions, ass fucking, about 5 graphic gay XXX pictures to help you follow the gay stroking drinking and come commands that I have inside & also a little bit of gay reprogramming through the homo stroking, drinking & visualization instructions inside.

 -There is a super exciting and hot gay story to follow with this assignment. You will be stroking & drinking on my commands.At the end I give you specific instructions on how you will comeAnd eat your come just likeThe pictures inside depict of other men using you… Which is exactly what you deserve.

This is a gay slave assignment which includes fetishes for drinking, gay ass play, Jerk off instructions & cum eating instructions with humiliation *For serious cock sluts & losers only!* Have your booze, something to fuck your ass with and jack off hand ready!

$12.99 /

Poppers, Booze, JOI Stroke Game

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Starting out with intense sniffing, wanking & boozing it up and only getting more intoxicating, crazy and exciting as it goes on…

The climax and buzzed out mind fuck intoxication details will have you stroking like crazy, sniffing poppers more than you ever have before and drinking in binge mode – Theres so many fetish elements along the way too. Mild minimal humiliation, tons of stroke/jerk off instructions, slight mind fuck and hypno effects to make you addicted to this game, cock control, tease, ass smelling, visualization, mind games and continuous sniffing, drinking and wanking guidance.

as you go from part 1 to part 5 you get MORE & MORE fucked up and MORE HORNY!!!

Can you make it to Part 5 with out cumming??? – Part 5 has a guided highly intoxicated cum coundown that all perv slaves will love

$75 / includes all 5 parts /  Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Part 1: 3 large graphics are included in part 1. They are filled with sniffing, drinking & wanking instructions. Edging, poppers sniffing, light humiliation, booze drinking instructions, masturbation & photos (go in order from part 1 to part 5 – you will miss the intense and highly stimulating rush if you skip any parts or go out of order) Buy all 5 parts to this game!

Part 2: Part 2 uses ass fetish and smelling my ass with MORE crazy drinking, shots, poppers sniffing instructions AND a interactive sniffing , stroking & drinking VIDEO!!! Watch the video and sniff & drink as instructed

Part 3: includes a 3 minute interactive hypno video to loop – when you watch the video, sniff when you see the poppers bottle appear, stroke when my picture appears and bring when the Ach.0hol photo appears. Plus 1 intox picture with MORE drink and sniff instructions are included as well. By now, youre getting so fucking wasted and your cock is rock hard, and throbbing to cum

Part 4: includes MORE sniffing, drinking & wanking instructions with a brainwashing spin on it. This will put you in edging stroke robot state with minimal thinking. You will be reprogramming yourself through stroking and intoxication… your cock will be on a adventure while your brain is being fucked with. You’re sooo loaded by now… Steps 1, 2 and 3 have put you in perfect condition for the slick and deviant instructions I have you follow in step 4. Also 1 captioned photo of me looking super bratty and deviant is included to make you adore how bratty and deviant I am. Part 4 gets you even more fucked up and brainwashes you

Part 5: Are you ready to cum HARD??? Part 5 includes a unique & super intense video which controls your stroking and leads you into the most loaded binge crazy explosive high as fuck orgasm you have ever had in your life. you will be stroking at all speeds, sniffing, drinking and then with a cum countdown and when youre so fucking trashed – the video will lead you into the hottest loaded cock explosion. Once you cum you will be left fucked up, super buzzed out, tipsy and mind fucked and loving it!!! Along with this unique interactive video which you’ve never experienced anything like this before – There is also a bratty captioned huge photo of me bragging about what I did to you & encouraging you to keep do other things while you’re fucked up. (full instructions o how to follow the video are included on one of the images)

Cum Eating & Poppers Instructions

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Im taking you way into the clouds and getting you high as fuck while I make you jack off while getting higher and higher and higher at the same time.

There will be sniffing and wanking and more sniffing… never ending sniffing while you stroke and when you finally cum, you’ll be so high you wont even care that Im making you eat your own cum too!

Grab your poppers and get ready to wank to my intense hardcore popper sniffing instructions and to eat your own cum!

$10 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through





Bedroom intox binge Assignment

Friday, November 6th, 2015

you’ll be on a real binge. in your dark room, isolated with booze and poppers. edging, peaking, and chasing your peaks… the room will spin, you wont remember the whole binge and you’ll be humiliated if anyone catches you – in fact, they might have an intervention of you get caught doing this.

You’re in full addict mode and doing my detail evil hot intox orders which will have you losing track of time and reality while you escape through serious binging to a world in which sobriety and reality dont exist… just sniffing, drinking and edging for at least 8 hours!

Escape your life now and get fucked up to my bedroom intox binge for the day/night… you’ll be deliberately going full on junky style… wank sniff edge, blackout and repeat! have fun!

Have booze, poppers, lube and your kleenex ready! Say goodbye to reality 😉

$15.00 / Page of text details with photos / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

intox pervert

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Today you will be watching 5 hours of porn. Im sure you just love that idea, dont you perv?! In addition to watching 5 hours of porn and jerking off, you will also be getting wasted for Princess and becoming my entertaining drunk jack off loser 😉 Have fun!

Have hard liquor, beer and mix ready!

There are only 2 rules. 1. you must finish this assignment in full as described from start to finish with no interruptions and 2. if you cum doing this, you must keep going!

5 hours of booze and jack off instructions are inside… get ready to be a mega drunk pervert!


4 Highball fuck overs

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

4 Highball Fuck overs includes 4 highly intoxicating liquor drink recipes which I’ve created to get you tipsy fast!

You will get 4 different highball drink recipes and orders on how to drink them and if you have ever done forced intoxication or any kind of intox session with Me before, you know Im trying to fuck you up fast! 😉

Have your 2 different types hard liquor, beer and mix (juice or pop) ready! This only takes maximum 2 hours to compete.

(bonus poppers instructions too – poppers are not needed but Iv included a few sniff instructions for those who have them!)


Fetishes: joi, cei, jerk off, booze abuse, Princess worship, strong drinks


Friday, March 6th, 2015

I have a mickey of Grey Goose and I’ve been so kind as to let you hang out with me like a bug on the wall and watch me make a drink… BUT THEN. I turn my attention to you and request you to get liver damage for me by making a CRAZY ass strong drink!!!

look how sexy I look walking around in Paige jeans, a Tory Burch cardigan, Frye Boots and enjoy my natural bratty confidant way about myself… Get the details on the drink I want you to drink and then drink it… if you dare!!
have your hard liquor ready when watching this clip!

4 mins / $7.99 /

10 hour intox Fuck Over

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Welcome to your 10 hour intox fuck over that will leave you highly intoxicated on more than just booze (have hard liquor & another intox option ready)! You will have 10 hours of instructions for each hour that will include worship, mind fuck, humiliation and TOTALLY LUSH MODE BINGING!!!

Plus, Iv included one intox mind fuck loop which you will listen to which will cause an uncontrollable urge to obey and last the 10 whole hours of getting wasted and intoxicated! There will be fun, moments of memory lapses, humiliation, pleasure, stupidity and LOTS of boozing it up for Princess…

Life is boring with out Me… so buy this, do it and get fucked up on a 10 hour very doable booze bender!

$17.50 / 10 hours of details, plus an audio loop /

Horny 4 The Holidays

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

I want you to spend this holiday season serving and focusing on Me, so Iv created this wonderful Christmas schedule which will consist of non stop compulsive holiday wanking. I know youre a pervert slave who cant keep his hands off his inferior willy and the compulsion to jerk and worship is greater than your desire for conventional sex… Dont worry, you wont be bored to tears this xmas season… you’ll be too busy wacking off and serving Me!

Ill be using your cock against you, to make you weak, mind fuck you, tease and taunt, trap you and perused you… and most of all, to use you! You will be distracted from family, friends and your festivities will constantly be interrupted by your slave wanking duties… 5 days filled with holiday cock pulling and dick schedules!

… have fun wanking and cuming to my very detailed holiday wank assignment details… 5 days of submissive and undeserved slave wank pleasure!


Fetishes: masturbation, jerk off instructions, CEI, Light Alcohol with eggnog, worship, mind fuck

6 hour poppers & vodka binge

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Hi slave!

One thing about me is that I love to get slaves fucked up in party mode… it makes worship more intense, its fun to watch you get all woozy and extra dumb and spendy plus it makes you even more fun to take advantage of! 😉

For the next 6 hours youre going to wank, sniff, drink and binge for me… I want a total write off of your day and a totally intoxicated trip that includes a total escape from your boring conventional life! inhaling your poppers while you follow orders and drinking while wanking after a back to back sniff… just to get warmed up with… Using your cock against you to help make you lose your mind… If I get my way and you follow this to the very letter, you may not even remember everything the next morning haha

6 hours of edging and flying so high that you become addicted to the discombobulation and loss of your lucid sober mind… it feels so much better when you go hard for Princess Mindy. Get your bottles & cock ready!

Buy this now and get the full page of written details on how to sniff, drink and wank for the next 6 hours! #BingeMode


Public Diaper Pub Crawl

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

My very first diaper assignment… its a public diaper mixed with “forced intoxication”/Booze assignment which will send you off on a pub crawl to 3 different pubs!

Full details in the assignment which will have you at least tipsy and possibly face public humiliation! Its a fun assignment that will keep you busy serving in your diaper for several hours… dont be bored and useless… buy this now and have some loser diaper booze fun!

Fetishes: diaper play, light public humiliation, alcohol fun, joi,cum