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Poppers, Booze, JOI Stroke Game

Starting out with intense sniffing, wanking & boozing it up and only getting more intoxicating, crazy and exciting as it goes on…

The climax and buzzed out mind fuck intoxication details will have you stroking like crazy, sniffing poppers more than you ever have before and drinking in binge mode – Theres so many fetish elements along the way too. Mild minimal humiliation, tons of stroke/jerk off instructions, slight mind fuck and hypno effects to make you addicted to this game, cock control, tease, ass smelling, visualization, mind games and continuous sniffing, drinking and wanking guidance.

as you go from part 1 to part 5 you get MORE & MORE fucked up and MORE HORNY!!!

Can you make it to Part 5 with out cumming??? – Part 5 has a guided highly intoxicated cum coundown that all perv slaves will love

$75 / includes all 5 parts /  Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

Part 1: 3 large graphics are included in part 1. They are filled with sniffing, drinking & wanking instructions. Edging, poppers sniffing, light humiliation, booze drinking instructions, masturbation & photos (go in order from part 1 to part 5 – you will miss the intense and highly stimulating rush if you skip any parts or go out of order) Buy all 5 parts to this game!

Part 2: Part 2 uses ass fetish and smelling my ass with MORE crazy drinking, shots, poppers sniffing instructions AND a interactive sniffing , stroking & drinking VIDEO!!! Watch the video and sniff & drink as instructed

Part 3: includes a 3 minute interactive hypno video to loop – when you watch the video, sniff when you see the poppers bottle appear, stroke when my picture appears and bring when the Ach.0hol photo appears. Plus 1 intox picture with MORE drink and sniff instructions are included as well. By now, youre getting so fucking wasted and your cock is rock hard, and throbbing to cum

Part 4: includes MORE sniffing, drinking & wanking instructions with a brainwashing spin on it. This will put you in edging stroke robot state with minimal thinking. You will be reprogramming yourself through stroking and intoxication… your cock will be on a adventure while your brain is being fucked with. You’re sooo loaded by now… Steps 1, 2 and 3 have put you in perfect condition for the slick and deviant instructions I have you follow in step 4. Also 1 captioned photo of me looking super bratty and deviant is included to make you adore how bratty and deviant I am. Part 4 gets you even more fucked up and brainwashes you

Part 5: Are you ready to cum HARD??? Part 5 includes a unique & super intense video which controls your stroking and leads you into the most loaded binge crazy explosive high as fuck orgasm you have ever had in your life. you will be stroking at all speeds, sniffing, drinking and then with a cum countdown and when youre so fucking trashed – the video will lead you into the hottest loaded cock explosion. Once you cum you will be left fucked up, super buzzed out, tipsy and mind fucked and loving it!!! Along with this unique interactive video which you’ve never experienced anything like this before – There is also a bratty captioned huge photo of me bragging about what I did to you & encouraging you to keep do other things while you’re fucked up. (full instructions o how to follow the video are included on one of the images)


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