6 hour poppers & vodka binge

Hi slave!

One thing about me is that I love to get slaves fucked up in party mode… it makes worship more intense, its fun to watch you get all woozy and extra dumb and spendy plus it makes you even more fun to take advantage of! 😉

For the next 6 hours youre going to wank, sniff, drink and binge for me… I want a total write off of your day and a totally intoxicated trip that includes a total escape from your boring conventional life! inhaling your poppers while you follow orders and drinking while wanking after a back to back sniff… just to get warmed up with… Using your cock against you to help make you lose your mind… If I get my way and you follow this to the very letter, you may not even remember everything the next morning haha

6 hours of edging and flying so high that you become addicted to the discombobulation and loss of your lucid sober mind… it feels so much better when you go hard for Princess Mindy. Get your bottles & cock ready!

Buy this now and get the full page of written details on how to sniff, drink and wank for the next 6 hours! #BingeMode


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