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Brainwashing ABuse Hypno Trigger MP3

Product Category: Brainwashing & Hypnosis

Have your mind stolen and corrupted by my deviant, harsh and cold blooded dialogue… The brainwashing starts instantly… The deviance in my words start to pierce you – they are so mean, they are sooo hypnotic and they are taring you down… Humiliation and calculated verbal abuse, mixed in with very subtle BRAIN WAVES…

Between the soft brainwaves which are rythmic tones vibrating a frequencies similair t when youre in a sleep state… Good luck resisting this MP3; its impossible!

THEN if it wasnt bad enough I am verbally dismantling you WHILE brainwashing you – I then start to use hypnosis techniques which further own, transform and corrupt your little brain.

HEAR the greedy and sneaky triggers which I implant into your pea-brain… You will have NEW compulsions, addictions and undeniable urges to “Do Things”…

Get brainwashed, hypno-reprogramed and verbally degraded!

your mind WILL be stolen… you will end up paying me so much and watch how you lose control of your very ow mind and thoughts!!!

Over 5 Minutes Long!!! $10.00

[Brainwashing – Financial Domination – Hypno-abuse – Mind Theft With TRIGGERS!]

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