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Home wrecking “L” & maybe a divorce!

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Meet a married but not so happy couple… A couple Im pretty sure is soon to hit the divorce lines. “L” was not happy with his wife and their relationship long before I came around…All Iv done is provide a little soothing to his throbbing vacancy, deep with in his unwanted carcass… a huge fucking void that his boring wife and his boring life cant fill… Im doing charity work really!  :handcuffs: HaaHaa, okay so I taunt him, I tease him, I ridicule his wife, make him tell me how awesome I am and how much better than her I am… Then I reward him by making him buy my stuff and worshiping me… He’s been staying up late, ignoring her & spending all of his extra, and more… on me. Hes not doing very well saving to buy her that nice birthday gift she wants… Uh Oh!  :spank1:


He tells me all kinds of shit about her… bad shit. She would lose her marbles if she ever knew he was basically having an emotional affair with a hottie brat like Me… and if she knew all the dirt I know on him… One of his secrets is pretty bad…and although its legal… its still really bad! Im really inside their life, and she has no idea… I have her cash, her mans pecker, money and mind… I predict a divorce!

~ He has also paid $150.00 for a custom clip… I intended to unfurl a diabolical plan on “L”‘s horny little pea-brain through this clip… it will be interesting to see how much more I take from him and if his need of my hotness and attention will take him to New Realms!  :heellick: (check out how happy he looks in his picture *NOT!*… Id say whatever I do to him is a treat and a half for him!)

Homewrecking JOI & Sex Assignment (HOT, DEVIANT & A Wank / Sex Challenge of the year

Homewrecking Sex AssignmentThis exciting & deviant assignment will have you both jerking off & cumming) and possibly having sex…I cant give too many details away here for obvious reasons BUT if you want to have a little Home wrecking, Piss Off Wifey/GF and JOI (jerk off instructions) All at once for a mega fun wank filled bratty home wrecking assignment that you can easily do from home… DO THIS! Your wife/gf will end up PISSED, you will end up so sexually drained and well on your way to being home-wrecked… all at the same time! *Must Buy!* Buy Now $15.99


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