Mindy Land Affirmations

Clip Description: A relaxing Femdom affirmations clip which gently reprograms, and brainwashes your mind while rewiring your mental circuits to have Mindy Land compulsions that you just cannot resist…

I encourage you to stroke, sniff, drink, or even just lay and relax… do whatever you want to get your mind even more weak and dumb…

OMG My hot shiny body suit is so sexy it totally shows off my jiggly big tits, tall Goddess body and looks so intoxicating against My perma tanned skin.

You repeat many things that make you more small and at the same time empowers Me all the more…

Stroke and say these affirmations regularly and watch what these do for your life! #MindyLand #MindyMode

14 MINUTES LONG / $17.99 /

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