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Interesting week for sure… Iv had several new Mini Mindy sissies who have joined my clique and are now officially in Mini Mindy training! FYI, for those who have missed my recent treat to he world… Mini Mindyfication is basically making ME the guide to shape and transform sissies… I want to have a whole fleet of minions… a huge clan of Mini Mindys… Anyway here’s one whos has been privileged enough to tribute me about 1k this week… As you can see this mini Mindy has a LONG way to go.. the pose is “okay”, the wig was dark but not long and its a fairly flat pictures… However this mini is a junior Mini Mindy and is doing Not-Bad for her start!

shawn is an in-love bitch who has been sending me Amazon gift certificates daily… he cant really afford to worship Me the way he wants or to spend much time with Me on Yahoo – s he has been worshiping me and chatting via e-mail… which is working out pretty damn well considering he send 50 to 100$ daily for a sentence or two from em every other day! hahaha gotta love a slave who finds a way to not just serve, but do it in a way that works best for his Princess… Though he’s only spent about 400-ish I wanted to write about this pussy slave here because… for those of you who want to serve me but cant hang with instant live chat or cam… you can still serve me on a more distant but still exciting method… E-mail!

***dont go think Ill do email domination for GCs – Princess is too smart for that so dont bother trying :twisted

a blast from the past slave from wayyy back, cage,  had the pleasure of seeing me on cam for the first time in a long time… Its interesting to see how my slaves fetishes change over time… Some are even more lame and stupid while others are totally different slaves altogether… The thing that seems to be the same is every single one of you ass munching dick holes are total wimps and pussies for my body and my still SOOOO deviant mind!

Speaking of my deviant mind… I want to share some more idiot results from the most recent batch of forms Iv done…

Lets start with jrlord, This idiot has balls which hang to the floor, hes short as hell, only 5’5… so hes pretty much a midget as far as men go hahaha and his description of his foreplay and sex was so fucking repulsive – anyone who fucks him is prob a big loser too! SO there jrlord, now everyone knows your a short tiny dick bad fuck too!

philleefan316 <<< he’s a minute with a 6 inch barely average skinny breakfast sausage… he says he barely lasts and has a hard time cuming!

Mike Blucher from Stuttgart, Germany was one of the many idiots to play russian roulette blackmail this week… I wasnt able to find anything on him, bt my Princess senses are telling me to go for the kill on this one anyway… Mike, you know, evenif *I* cant find you as easily because you’re in germany… you better hope no-one important types your name into google in a couple of months because theyre going to see this post with your name bloded above… Then they will read all this, and then they will see how I think your such a sexual pervert, and if they REALLY knew what you do behind closed doors they would be ashamed to know you… As you can see mike, you really dot even want your name here at all!!! You did want blackmail, well here t is…  you might be a dud, but I have a feeling you dont want your life to know what a disgusting pervert you are!!!

Ben Zeidenberg, same deal for you! 😈

hahahahahaha  :spank:  :handcuffs:

Here are some pics from the past week…

a super hot body suit and clutch from my bitch mark fogarty (which hes had a few nice wallet rolls… including a treat for him not even a week ago where he got to DROOL over me on cam – WHILE his stupid wife was downstairs with a girlfriend hahaha))


Me wearing the super hot body suit… I wore it with devil horns to Comicon!


About $400.00 in silver which *I* bought to go with my stash I was paid back for about $300.00 by 2 slaves and I still need another $100.00 tribute so that YOU paid for my investment, Not me… because Ishouldnt have to pay for my own future… thats why YOU’RE here!!! duh!  :money2:


5 SUPER SEXY dresses… 4 from mark fogarty and one from shawn


Super sexy bebe heels from… from some drive by!


A cute dress from shawn


2 cute dresses from ??? mark maybe?


A Mindy POV of my long animal print leg and Betsy Johnson heels…


My sexy feet after my pedi while getting new solar gel nails done!


out with my new clutch… *having a peach bellini*


New purse from Karmaloop… I dont know who from


Moi @ starbucks having a soy whip hot chocolate in my new dress and a SUPER hot pair of Givenchy pantyhose


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