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Identity Theft & Assassination

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Identity Theft & Assassination Application Contract

Most people fear this, but here you are with a  hard cock & looking to get Mindy abused in the newest most deviant fucked up and truly diabolically-horny piece of devils work!!! This is Blackmail on STEROIDS,(its not even blackmail – its so much more)
its so much more invasive and shocking then even my Slave Profiling & Information Harvesting Form – THIS is SHEER Bratty Trouble… Iv been SO CRUEL that half way in this very detailed and shocking form Iv left a photo which will make it hard for you NOT to touch yourself, yet I command you to stare at it for a few minutes… after that knowing your dick will be hard as a rock and throbbing, THEN I ask you more questions and carry on with the form knowing Iv just taken the rest of the blood from your head and sent it to your dick… NOW I have you answering questions with a hard cock and Iv drained your logic to your cock… Ahh yes puppy, thats how magical I am – Iv got you filling out my form with your dick and you dont even know it!  $25.00

THIS entitles me the ability to virtually do what ever I want and you wont be able to stop Me… If *I* want I could, slowly or quickly drain your money from various accounts – at my will… I could ruin your image, become you just for shits and giggles and leave a bratty trail of a mess for you to try and clean up… Who knows – maybe Ill find something about you intriguing and decide you should be My toy 100% alone and homewreck you for my own personal Greed!

IDENTITY THEFT & ASSASSINATION FETISH – It is an umbrella for allot of deviant bratty, line crossing fun! Think about it… Filling this out and sending it off makes you a sitting duck in my pretty sparkling pink Princess pond of Deviance! ***after you fill it out in full & send it to me – you just wait for me to contact you as I will shortly after!***

The possibilities are endless… it just depends on the combinations of success I have with what I do and what you submit – blackmail, cloning, financial draining, financial abuse, humiliation, credit destruction, home-wrecking, And More!)