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Power exchange full moon clip

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Imagine if EACH full moon you became more and more impotent, premature ejaculating, a wilted beta whos energy is DRAINED from with each full moon.. All the while *My* Power grows and grows, My beauty gets more and more beautiful, I get wealthier and wealthier, My empire expands to impressive measures… I become a powerhouse bombshell!!

Every single full moon YOU are taken from and your personal power and manhood are used as sacrifice to My perfection… You’re nothing more than a living source of fuel for My Personal satisfaction and power hahaha You’ll be stroking and using your pea brain to offer up any hope YOU ever had at being more than a beta and giving it away to Mindy land so that *I* can keep on growing and advancing.

Stroke to My magic words and give up your first offering in cum and sexual energy with a spell casting CUM COUNTDOWN you cannot resist… I pierce your cum energy with my magical dagger which locks you into the Power Exchange Moon Spell for the rest of your life!

Participate with 100s of other slaves every full moon – THIS IS REAL and I am very pleased with this ritual which will give you so much purpose and meaning to your life like never before… wait until you see how good it feels to be used like this and how amazing it feels to help grow My power at your cost!

10 minutes / $19.99 /


Intox binge mind fuck

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

This is a 4 minute intox BINGE using 3 different substances!!… grab your poppers, liqu0r and legal smoke (substitute anything with what you like) and get ready to get blasted into buzz ville hard and fast with my non stop commands…

The music is made by Me and is amazing as it ads so much to the intensity of your buzz… samples placed at the right spot which kind of mind fuck you… edits to make you even more woozy and buzzed..

Usually youre such a limp dick loser but wow look how hard your cock gets when I get you fucked up… good lush puppy.  Get fucked up for Me now!

*this is a HQ produced clip with custom HQ buzz enduing fun background music & some hot teasing visuals**

4 minutes / $75 /