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Pervert 4 Mindys Toes

Friday, September 25th, 2015

youre a pervert for my toes.. in fact, why dont you put smell my feet and Ill take pictures of you acting like a foot pervert.making you sniff my toes while I take cell phone pics of you with your face under my feetadore my sweet feet and pretty toes… featuring a brand new pedicure which looks so hot on my pretty feet

3 minutes / $5 /

Cute Mani Pedi Worship

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

I got an Easter themed manicure/pedicure and it had the cutest results you could imagine… The colours look so amazing on my skin and it just makes you fall harder for my pretty feet!
adore LOTS of toes, soles, pretty feet, pretty toes, toe fanning & spreading, wrinkled soles and bratty beauty!
Fetishes: foot fetish, toes, hand fetish, bratty, financial domination

6 mins / $8.50 /

French Tip Oiled Feet

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

16 inanely hot photos of my highly oiled up feet with a sexy french pink pedi and matching mani… You’ll fall in love with cow classy, trendy and expensive my feet look… with a sexy gram of gold seashell toe ring on my toe, my beautiful $75 sexual energy East Indian anklette, hot Gucci on one wrist and a stylish Kathy Flesch cuff on the other…

These are large pov stye foot fetish photos which showcase OILY toes, feet and legs with a very hot mani/pedi

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Beautiful POV Feet Photos

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

10 sexy and large POV style foot fetish pictures. These give the feel of you being “Right There” with me, on your knees in worship and servitude.

adore my perfect toes and beautiful expensive pink french pedi and matching mani…

10 large photos / (Fetish:feet,toes,panties,legs)

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