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Friday, May 11th, 2018

I treat you like fking SH*T, talking down to you and making you feel unwanted… If you like it mean, this is for you!! wow Im such a mean girl princess!!

I’m on the phone with My gf and I keep noticing you looking at Me so I tell her about the loser idiot who’s looking at Me, you… Omg you’re so dumb wtf are you looking at?

Want to feel like a big loser who gets made fun of by hot Women? this pure 100% mean bitch humiliation clip is for you!

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super mean verbal abuse

Monday, January 25th, 2016

aww loser, too bad youre such a loser… because maybe then you might be my friend, get some pussy or not have a life that totally sucks… SUPER MEAN VERBAL ABUSE & HUMILIATION!!!

I call you all kinds of mean names and humiliate you through out the clip, treating you like total crap and a huge moron loser the whole time

giggling while I tell you youre a moron, idiot, stupid weird fucking loser and allll kinds of other bratty stuff!
warning: this is only for losers who like it when pretty girls are mean to them!

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