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Gay Ass Magnet RITUAL

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Doing this black magic ritual will result in you become extremely horny for cock in your ass, and wont let you stop seeking cock for your ass… you will be putting things in your ass while following black magic steps which will be leave you craving having your ass penetrated by anything… dick, strapons, and even random things around your house. You will cum to a black magic ritual after doing many dirty things to yourself while in the dark magic zone… Get ready to become totally gay, and have things/dicks up your ass for the rest of your life!

black magic ritual task / $25 / black magic witchcraft voodoo fetish spells

gay black magic ritual spell fetish

Enchanted Larger Penis

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

She has a very enchanting voice, you follow her and realize you’re gazing upon a mystical Female with great powers – she can even grant unworthy, lowly you wishes.
You have nothing to offer her in trade of your wish for a larger penis… not to worry you do have something she could amuse herself with after-all – your soul! How bad do you want your little problem to be fixed?
This is a femdom fantasy story told by an amazing storyteller with the most diabolical Feminine voice. This intoxicating voice is a new addition to Mindy Land and she can really spin an audio web that you will get lost in. Buy now and trade your soul for a bigger penis. *Fantasy Curse Audio*

10 minute high quality mp3 | $14.99|

Interactive Blackmagic Application

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Apply to be My next blackmagic victim with this real and powerful Blackmagic Application… You will be so hard and weak just reading the magical instructions to have you trapped in a very real curse…

This application gives you two amazing and deviant curses to pick from… you have to stroke and experiment in magic with stroking to find out which curse should be used on you. You love being a blackmagic lab rat, and having My powers focused on your while you get real physical sensations when the magic is on…

Dare to be hexed in a blackmagic spell that will leave you helpless until the spell is broken.

3 page application / $25 /

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Chronic Wank Hex

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

The dark Feminine powers of the universe are assisting Me in HEXING YOU with a jack off wank compulsion hex that will turn you into a total wank addict who cannot stop wanking his slave dick.

Head phones with this clip will give maximum effect but they are not needed… however there is magical diabolical right side audio layers that fuck with your subconscious mind while the magic sucks you into your wank hex…

Focus on the audio and even listen to this without watching… Audio only is often more powerful but visuals have been provided for those victims who need visual stimuli also…

This is REAL!!! Listening to this enchanted clip will unlock the powerful dark Female universal energies and they will turn you into a hopeless wank off addict!

4 minute clip / $12.99 / 

(mp3 audio only $8.99  )

mesmerizing powerful eyes

Monday, March 13th, 2017

using asmr head orgasm sounds and enchanted dialogue along with magical eyes to totally control you with a spell I seductively cast over your life.

I look so exotic, like a modern day Goddess. All you have to do is look in My eyes and you quickly become trapped and locked in my gaze. Theres no humiliation but I do assert my control over you and my taste for your exploitation. mmm this feels good, having you at my mercy. Then a use My femininity against you and shake my Goddess breasts with a stimulating magical top.

Quiet brain waves help to brainwash you & stroking intensifies it all… get ready to be controlled just with my eyes.

16 minutes long / $19.99 /

Feminine Witchcraft

Monday, March 13th, 2017

youre captivated by black magic and witch craft visuals right from the start… Flashing words you cant read charm and control you while my dark powers make your cock hard and mind blank…

all you can do is watch the show – the bewitching visuals that quickly put you deep under My spell Audio and visual effects along with magic that binds you in my wicked web… My nylons, panties, ass and feminine charm prick tease you while my black magic does its work… Watch me perform magic and feel its powers start to work on you…

You cant resist my magic and when I use my feminine power and tease you like an evil wicked enchanting witch, you crumble and become my slave for life!

11 minutes long / $20 /