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Blackmail Situations

Product Category: Blackmail & Slave Apps

blackmail-situationsBlackmail Situations MP3s

These informational & deep look into specific situations that happen during blackmail are all about you getting a feel, taste and close-up look of what real blackmail could be like…

If you have wanted to know more about blackmail… not just the typical newbi-slave questions, but some of the more personal situations you could get in, and how you will be treated or how I usually respond to different situations with blackmail.

These MP3s give you idiots into blackmail almost like a “dry run” or “peek” into what could lay ahead for you… making you more aware of just how much this will turn your idiot crank, and just how awesome it can hurt…

Buy ALL these & my up-coming blackmail situations MP3s for a deeper blackmail preperation, or blackmail info

This is almost like Blackmail Preperation or Informational School… Get ready, to get fucked over!!!

Why Get Blackmailed? MP3 (Blackmail Situations)

Listen to this to hear me tell you why anyone/you would even want to get blackmailed… Theres so many dynamics & ways to have fun & get fucked over or royally controlled with blackmail… Buy this now and learn what the big sexy deal with blackmail is… from my eyes! (4 minutes long)

Trying To Run Away MP3 (Blackmail Situtions)

Hear what happens when my silly subjects try to run away from blackmail… Not very often but sometimes slaves will just try and disapear, or run away thinking if they “lay low” or be quiet that its a cheap easy way out!!! Is it? What do I do when slaves do these things? Well listen to this to see how I might deal with you if you decide to take the pussy way out and try to run away 😀 (4 minutes long)

Resist Me Not MP3 (Blackmail Situations)

Listen to this MP3 about you resisting me… either for play, because youre becoming addicted, or you got yourself in a little situation that makes you resist… Hear what I think about resistance, what I think of it AND how I deal with diferent types of resistance you might have… haha Resist me not – its not like you can anyway… Listen Now! (4:05 minutes long)

More Than Threats MP3 (Blackmail Situations)

Is blackmail more then just threats and money demands? Of course it is… but listen to this MP3 to hear me tell you what other ways you will be serving me, and how you will be serving me while youre also being blackmailed by me… Also find out how MY style of blackmail works with threats and demands and what I have you do in-between the “threats & money demands” (4:05 minutes long

Ill Tell Your Wife MP3 (Blackmail Situations)

Hear what might happen with Me & your wife during blackmail if you start to use her as an excuse, or if you fuck around… Its not just that Ill tell her… you need to hear what bratty deviant things I would tell her… Listen to this 4 minute MP3 if you have a wife or GF and want to know what kinds of things Iv said to wives/gf’s in the past and what conniving things, true or not.. I might tell your wife to get you in shit! haha

Forget Me Not MP3 (Blackmail Situations)

What happens if you forget an appointment, or date, or anything you had with me when you’re under my blackmail control??? Are you “ripped a new one”? Yelled at? Financially punished? Or what??? Listen to this mp3 to have a taste of what blackmail is like in the everyday… One day you’re going to fuck up… you’re a simple idiot male so its bound to happen… but HOW are you treated and what happens when you forget anything while being blackmailed? You wanna talk about control? Listen to this & get a taste of what happens when You Forget! (3:36 minutes)

Blackmail Humiliation MP3 (Blackmail Situations)

This “Blackmail Situations” MP3 is about the humiliation factor when you’re being blackmailed… Listen to this to hear HOW I use humiliation in blackmail & HOW I incorperate it to further fuck you over!… Hear how its more then just threats & demands… Its FUN, on your expense hahaha… Listen now & find out HOW I humiliate my blackmail bitches in the midst of blackmail! (4:48 mins long)

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