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Pink Panties 2 his Business Meeting – BLACKMAIL

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Its only 8:40 am and Iv already had so much fun action in my day so far… Finding Myself rather amused at my most recent conquest & all the more assured in My awesomeness to be honest! haha  :handcuffs:

About an hour-ish ago I had a NiteFlirt call from an attached submissive “man” named steven… He didnt tell Me at first but I noticed he had bought My “Blackmail for married men” application. SO I asked him about it and suggested he fill it out and send it to Me while we spoke… and he agreed, rather quick and easy too!

I did My Mindy magic with his info and what do ya know – Mindy Strikes Oil Again!

So I told My new little piece of meat all the things I could do right that second if I wanted too – I was so cute about it too… laughing and mocking him… mimicking what I thought he must be like with his dick in 1 hand and chewing his nails scared as shit with the other.

I laughed some more… he stuttered and then I laughed some more. He didnt ever really resist Me at any point but I think for a second he was about to tell me of his untrue financial inability to take are of his first $200 demand. Well, Iv got the gift of the gab and I know what “no’s” or hesitation means… all it means is you havent listened to me talk enough yet.

So cut him off and began to talk in my super cute and well spoken voice and told him how bad of a girl I can be..  :cute:

“Imagine if I contact your girlfriends friends and leave anonymous tales of confessions of the perverse and dirty sex acts that you have been involved in… or perhaps Ill come forward as your secret little biracial Mistress who has been using you as my sexual degenerate in some twisted deviant fetish world. Thats right lies… dirty shocking ones… perhaps based on logic they would clearly be unbelievable. But if you prefer to play Russian roulette with your reputation and relationship… you may resist and test the hands of female emotion.

Or would you prefer if I forced you into chastity? and dont forget I can… Ill make you go on cam and put one on and send me the key. I can force you to do random cock checks because remember I can pretty much ruin you now… so your sex life is over if I want! The bottom line cupcake is, Im your Boss now!

He was STUNNED and in love… haha no really I think he thought I was fucking around? Perhaps it was the baby voice I occasionally use? or the playful way I tell my stories? or the giggling? Not too sure but after story time he realized this pretty Princess means serious fucking business.  :handcuffs:

After about an hour on the phone at $4.99 a min and $400 in tributes I allowed him to go as he had a meeting to attend. BUT not with out getting my final orders and demands in.

On his way to the meeting he was to stop at walmart or wherever and buy a pair of size small pink panties and wear them under his suit to work. Then after his meeting he is to take a picture in the washroom of him wearing the panties. Of course he is to contact Me later because his wallet fun has only just started! If he doesnt send me that picture and prove he wore his pink panties to the meeting hes going to fucking Get It in the wallet Big time! haha Oh yeah blackmail for money AND control! yeahh baby!

In closing, since I know steven will be reading this. Id like to end with an offer of a riddle…

twiddledeedumb twidledeedoo if you dont pay this it will happen to you! $200


Oh and I have ALLOT to write to fill in the gaps from this post to my last one a couple weeks ago… Im working on it… it should be posted later today or tomorrow!

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***UPDATE – he paid the $200 riddle and sent his pic of him in pink panties from work***

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By Weak SLut on July 20th, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Such sexy panties…
Where did the slave get them?


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